Friday, October 23, 2020

he slaughter of protesting Nigerian youths by members of the security forces is another gruesome reminder of the cesspit Nigeria has become under Buhari.

It is the latest act of impunity and barbarism by a government that has lost all regards for the people who suffer the consequences of is misgovernment.

This is another evidence that the presidency of Buhari has been a monumental disaster for Nigeria.

Buhari has added another dark and regrettable chapter in the descent of Nigeria to anarchy.

The murder of these innocent youths is an unforgivable and indefensible crime by the government against the people.

It is unimaginable for a government to turn against its citizen in this way in a democracy and no people who allow such crimes to go unpunished can claim to be civilised.

The least an honest and responsible government would do under the circumstance to end this slaughter of the innocent, is to set up public commission of inquiry into policing in Nigeria, arrest the security personnels responsible for these murders and other crimes and, bring them to justice and, pay generous compensation to the families of the victims.

Sending armed soldiers against peaceful protesters is declaration of war on the people.

It is something that should never happen in a democracy. The Nigerian military should be very ashamed of itself. It is only a ‘shit hole’ army that shoots at unarmed civilians.

The irony is that Buhari supports the shooting of unarmed protesters, But pardons Boko Haram members and Fulani terrorists.

Buhari declared IPOB a terrorist group, but allows Fulani terrorists armed with AK47 to kill, cleanse villages and kidnap.

Buhari uses Nigeria resources to settle Fulanis from other African countries in Nigeria, while giving no assistance to jobless Nigerian youth and when they protest, support soldiers who murder them in cold blood.

This protest is a lost opportunity for Buhari to demonstrate the kind of human being and leader he is. Buhari cannot continue to hide behind vacuous speech while Nigeria burn.

Buhari offers no understanding of the problems.

Buhari offers no solutions

Buhari offers no hope.

Buhari has only confirmed that he has learnt nothing and that he thinks he is a dictator, who can converts every problem into a target, which must be destroyed.

Buhari knows only one solution shooting at a problem and bullying those who disagree with him.

I have respect for the office of the president, but when it is occupied by someone who is not fit, that individual would not have my respect.

Today, many Americans respect the office of the president, but openly call Trump a racist and a white supremacist.

Buhari has been pursing a sectarian policy and absorbing Boko Haram members into the army and police force, while Ignoring the cries of those paying the blood price of Fulani terrorism.

Buhari has saturated South Nigeria with soldiers and police who extort the people.

Buhari has simply demonstrated that he is a fulani supremacist, who has never gotten anything on merit.

He has a huge sense of entitlement and a very prejudiced religious and ethnic mindset. I am disappointed.

To the protesting youth, I would like to say that protest alone does not bring about change.

Whatever anybody thinks, there has to be politicians who are committed to bringing about what the protesters want.

It is politicians that would enact the relevant legislations, which will bring about the new order the people demand.

For this protest to succeed, it must be given a political arrow head, by way of a political party, which would produce a manifestoe that would embody the will and aspirations of the people.

Alternatively, the pressure on the present government to make the necessary changes must continue peacefully, politically, legally and economically.

However, Nigerians must know that the Nigerian government has become a monster, which is capable of any evil. It will get worse before it gets better.

At most, this protest would be when Nigerians said no to impunity, recklessness and oppression.

Nigerians must understand that the system is incapable of reforming itself. The struggle just began and must continue. Nigeria is far too important to leave it to Buhari.