Saturday, October 20, 2018

t is election time in Nigeria and it seems to come too soon. As I watch politicians scheming to gain or retain power, I wonder if democracy is really what it is claims.

When One looks at the stability the communist party gave to China to develop, one wonders if disruption of election is one reason why no democratic country in modern time has achieved what China and UAE have.

The question is, should Nigeria tweak its democracy to build in stability and accountability, which are the very important ingredients it currently lacks?

It does not seem to help that elections in Nigeria mirrors Shakespearean tragedy. It promises the earth and hope at the beginning and everyone looks forward to a better future, only for the politicians to abuse their powers for their own selfish interests and it ends in tears, suffering and death for the people, time after time.

Brutus and Cassius thought it was a good idea to assassinate Caesar, and bring about a better Roman Republic, only for it to end in a civil war. An eternal lesson for those who believe that revolution is the answer and the end justifies the means.

In 1966, Nzogwu and co thought it was a good idea to kill off a few corrupt leaders, only for it to end in a civil war.

Three or so years ago, Buhari was marketed as the Messiah, who will end PDP corruption, arrogance, and abuse of power, but he has taken nepotism to a new height, supervised the unjustifiable slaughter by Fulani herdsmen, made incompetence into an act and redefined corruption.

Now, the same people who sold Nigerians, Obasanjo, Jonathan and Buhari as saviours, have picked Atiku as the miracle worker. My mother would ask, how many times will something happen to you before you learn?

I wonder what they would say, when Atiku empties Nigeria into his sokoto pocket and covers it with his agbada.

I suppose Nigerians need to have an honest conversation about the reason why Nigerians keep picking from the worse of us for the highest offices and then wonder why nothing changes.

No country can evolve into an honest and vibrant democracy, when candidates see running for political offices as investment, which they must abuse their office to recuperate. Has anybody wondered who will finally pay for the billions Atiku will spend, if and when he wins as many people are praying. Will Atiku pay for it in any way different from how Buhari paid for his’?

How can any people elect as president a man who the man he served under as Vice President described thus in his book ‘what I do not know, which came out glaringly later, was his parental background which was somewhat shadowy. His propensity to corruption. His tendency to disloyalty. His inability to say and stick to the truth all the time. A propensity to poor judgement. His belief and reliance on marabouts. His lack of transparency. His trust in money to buy his way out on all issues and his readiness to sacrifice morality, integrity, propriety and national interest for self and selfish interest’ OBJ My watch vol 2 page 31-32

Nigerians need to think hard about the Hobson’s choices we face. 4 more years of Buhari , and then maybe 8 years of Osibanjo or 8 more years of Atiku and the , another 8 years of Saraki, or any of the turncoats in waiting. Is there really a choice between APC and PDP?

The problem with the current crop of Nigerian politicians is that they are not men who are interested in laying the foundation for a fair and honest society, which cares for the people and hold leaders to account.

They are men who desire and defend the unearned and put their greed and personal interests and prejudices over and above common good. This is probably why none of them is interested in addressing the excessive, disproportionate, unsustainable and unfair remuneration of politicians, corruption and the corrosive influence of money in Nigerian politics.

Is it really, Buhari or Atiku? Whatever happened to people taking their future into their own hand, by refusing to choose from the options offered by those who have brought Nigeria to her knees?