Thursday, October 15, 2020

t was the making of a monster. A police unit mainly staffed by ill trained ethnically biased officers, armed to do whatever they wanted, in the name of fighting armed robbery.

To be honest, Nigeria have always had a very bad and corrupt police force. When I was living in Nigeria, more than 20 years, the culprit was the Mobile police, MOPOL called ‘kill and go’. They were doing exactly what SARS are doing today. They were a lawless unit, whose main function was extortion and extrajudicial killings.

Nigeria indeed has the worst police in the world. No country can have peace when they have criminals in police uniform, who think their main function is using their position to extort from the public.

SARS is the end product of a police force that abandoned merit and professionalism for nepotism, greed and sectarianism.

‘Repentant’ Bokoo Haram members, Fulanis from other African countries and unqualified northerners, who could not demonstrate ability to learn were recruited into the army and police in the mad desire of the north to dominate.

They did the same thing in the customs, judiciary, NNPC, and all federal establishments and institutions. The result is that people who cannot do the job they were given because they are not qualified are in charge in Nigeria.

It is the north mad desire to dominate and impose Islam that has destroyed Nigeria.

The result is that Nigerian federal institutions have become a dumping ground for northerners, who are no bordered to take education and learning seriously because they know they do not need to be qualified to get the job and it is very sad.

It is the desire of the north to stop those who know from progressing. What is evolving in Nigeria is the natural consequences of the decisions by past Nigerian leaders, who have valued ethnicity and religion over and above merit and qualifications over the years. Talk of the chicken coming home to roost.

The Nigerian government has handed guns to criminals in police uniform to terrorise the people. SARS have behaved like bandits in uniform. Their behaviour and conduct are criminal, unconscionable and should shame the Nigerian government.

The cure is simple, but would the patient Take the medicine? The sad result would be that Nigeria, the patient would die.

Fixing the problem is easy.

Make police men accountable for their action and charge and prosecute those who break the law.

In addition, reorganise the police and create three independent regional police, which would look at merit and qualification when recruiting and an independent regional police service complaint commission, with power to dismiss corrupt police officers.

In order words, restore the rule of law and hold those who exercise power accountable. It is not rocket science.