Wednesday, October 2, 2019

he treatment of Sowore by the Buhari dministration is another disheartening evidence of the rise of autocracy in Nigeria. It is to say the least, a disgrace and effrontery, which flies in the face of the rule of law, respect for fundamental human rights and decency.

Why in the world should Buhari think it is ok to abuse his power by locking people up simply because of what he thinks? Who does he think he is, a Democratic President elected to uphold the constitution as it exists at the time he came to power or a tin-pot dictator?

Since he came to power, Buhari has ridden rough shoulder over the rule of law. From ignoring federal character, characterising IPOB as terrorist group, while sponsoring Miyetti Allah and Fulani terrorism to ignoring court judgement on Sambo Dasuki El-Zakyzaky and now locking up Sowore, Buhari has demonstrated a flagrant disregard and contempt for the rule of law, justice as fairness and fundamental human rights.

At the same time, Buhari has continued to demonstrate an unbending resolve to impose armed Fulani communities all over Nigeria to control water resources and vast space of arable lands that belong to indigenous communities.

Buhari behaviour should worry anybody who believes in one Nigeria, rule of law, fundamental human rights and right of people over their land and natural resources.

Buhari behaviour says one thing, Nigeria has ceased to be a serious country, where the rule of law and justice as fairness means anything and Nigeriaís sham justice system which enables this abuse, is a disgrace It is now a constant feature of Nigerian government to abuse the judiciary to suppress opposition to its abuses.

Right from the first encroachment of the army into Nigerian politics through the infamous decree 4 to the present government use of trump up charged to cage opponents, Nigeria leaders have seen the judiciary not as an arm of government, but a tool in its Machination to rule without accountability.

Buhari continues to demonstrate that the Leopard cannot change its spots and his continued detention of his opponents irrespective of what the courts say, is incontrovertible evidence of his autocracy.

Buhariís administration has continued to disregard the judgements of the courts and uses the courts only as a tool.

Sadly, Nigeria judiciary does nothing to enforce its authority and carries out the nefarious wishes of the government without honour.

From the bail condition concocted by Binta Iyanko to keep Nnamdi Kanu in jail to the continued detention of Dasuki and many others to the present Saddam Hussien justice being matted our to Sowore, Nigerians continue to witness sinister abuse of democratic institutions, system, and process to advance autocracy.

One cannot, but conclude that Nigeria is now, a country, where the Fulanis are out to subdue and occupy.

Anybody who does not yet know this, is a Jonah sleeping, while a storm rages and may end up not in the stomach of a fish, but under perpetual enslavement by Fulanis.

Under Buharís watch, the Fulanis have been allowed to raise an army in Nigeria with which they are using to terrorise and intimidate the people to take over their land.

It is a two prong approach where the government pretends to go after the terrorist, while using their crime to put pressure on Nigerian ethnic communities to cede their land to Fulanis from many west African countries.

At the same time, no honest and sincere attempt is being made to address Fulani terrorism nor bring arrested Fulani terrorists to justice and there is no transparency in how they are dealt with.

An honest government, in addition to empowering the police and army to go after the terrorists, will set up a special court for their prosecution and open the process up for scrutiny.

This is not the case with the Buhari governmentís approach to Fulani terrorism and kidnapping.

The uncomfortable fact is that , Buhari a Fulani who shares the ambition to establish Fulani colonies all over Nigeria, runs a government of the few(Fulani) by the few(Fulani)and for the few(Fulani). A government which sees governance as lording it over the people and controlling all aspect of their resources and lives.

A government that decides what rights the people should have and what they should say. A government that is exploiting democracy to pursue a toxic extremist ethnic agenda by foisting Fulani colonies all over the country. This is the sad and sorry state of Nigeria as a democracy.

The result is that Nigeria has become cess pit of incompetence, injustice, abuse of power corruption, sectarianism, violence, lawlessness, toxic ethnic nationalism and impunity.

It is the natural result of years of corruption, nepotism, contempt for merit and excellence and failed leadership that has seen the leaders; without exemption, vandalise the treasury in a stealing orgy to grow rich, while the country they were supposed to lead withered, decay and on now thither on precipice.

Nigeria today is at a critical stage. It is like a patient devastated by a deadly disease because the doctors for reasons best known to them have failed to administer the right medicine.

As the country begs for visionary and honest leadership that values the rule of law, equality and justice, its political leaders grow richer and greedier, while the so called progressives agitating for revolution or independence use it as opportunity to get rich.

The evidence is there in the highway of the struggle for emancipation of Nigeria, which is littered with millionaire revolutionaries, and dishonest politicians who made money instead of a better society.

In Nigeria, the military and police chiefs became millionaires and impoverished the army and police. Billions budgets for defence, police education and health ended in the pockets of politicians. Governors embezzled money for roads, schools and infrastructure development, only to end up as senators who make the law.

The other politicians simply steal the budget for salaries and pensions and the economy and society deteriorated. Their corruption became the knife that cut what holds Nigeria together.

Today, one can presumably say that corruption and ethnic nationalism have killed Nigeria, the failed a generation that has now come of age and found that they have no future.

Democracy is being abused, battered and undermined by those, who see power as opportunity to corruptly enrich themselves and pursue selfish and sectarian interests. These men occupy state houses, head ministries as ministers, sit in the senate and occupy many political positions.

From Buhari through governors to the senators, Nigeria is in the hands of, psychopathic ethnic nationalists, religious extremists and kleptocrats, who see power as a means to their self-serving ends. How I wish that Nigerians will understand that they have only one enemy, corrupt, selfish and sectarian minded politicians. I am outraged.