E O EkeTuesday, September 30, 2014




f The Nigerian Army is now winning the war against Boko Haram, why does the government need to borrow 1 billion dollars to prosecute the war? Is it a ploy to get money to fight a 'do or die' election in 2015?

  1. If the government is serious about corruption, how come the courts almost always acquits corrupt politicians?

  2. If we want to build a united country, why are we creating more states and splitting the country along ethnic and religious fault lines?

  3. If Nigerian leaders are sincere about the future of the country, why are they not cutting the cost of government by starting with bringing their pay in line with the realities of life on Nigeria?

  4. Why does the president need 10 aircrafts in his fleet?

  5. Why does the president and governors need so many ministers, commissioners and special advisers?

  6. Why does Nigeria not have an open and verifiable voters register?

  7. How can a country be united, if one region is under sharia and the rest under secular laws?

I suppose is time for Nigeria to answer some of these difficult questions so that those who are more interested in going to paradise via Islam can get the degree of autonomy they need to practice the way of life they want, so that those who do not believe that boko is haram can continue their march to civilisation.

Boko Haram and Biko Hapum need to have a serious and honest discussion about their marriage. Nigeria needs a system that is firmy anchored on voters choice, where the ballot box is truly the arbiter by making electoral malpractice and corruption serious offences with penalties, which includes the banning of the perpetrators from politics and public life.

What is happening in Iraq should be an object lesson to corrupt and unscrupulous Nigerian leaders, of what happens, when a country is led by sectarian minded and morally bankrupt leaders, who put their selfish and sectarian interest over and above the interest of the generality of the people.

We cannot postpone the evil days for ever, it is already upon us. We cannot continue to have as leaders, people who get into office to steal from us to build multiple rooms mansions on hills at home and abroad, private, hospitals, schools and universities, become obscenely rich through corruption and refuse to leave the political scenes.

Every good and viable democratic political system ensures that people play their part and leave the scene. The Nigerian system has created dinosaurs who refuse to leave scene, but unable to do the job.

All over the developed world, no one hears of retired millionaire army general, ex president and governors, who build empires from what they stole from office and leaders who allow ex convicts in the corridors of powers. Sadly all these anomalies are the prominent future of the Nigerian democracy.

It is clear that Nigeria cannot developed, until she addresses the moral bankruptcy at the Heart of her politics and the criminal intentions of those who seek power for selfish ends.

It should not be difficulty to make the judiciary sufficiently independent to dispense justice that would see those who undermine the country through corruption and various abuses of power and office fairly punished.

It should not be problematic to allow the rule of law to reign and for all those who break the law to be brought to justice.

2015, is another opportunity for Nigerians to play a part in bringing about the kind of country and society we want.

Every Nigeria must find a role to play to make Nigeria better. Evil success because good men and women have good excuses to do nothing.