E O EkeFriday, September 16, 2016




'Never can true reconcilement grow where wounds of deadly hate have pierced so deep.' Satan, in John Milton's Paradise lost.

'As relationship expires , affection decrease. The cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf and we ought to be equally on our guard against both'. Thomas Paine, rights of man and common sense

he opposition of Mr Aminu Tambuwal, governor of Sokoto state and former speaker of the House of representative, to the restructure of Nigeria is not surprising. It is consistent with the views of some northerners, with sense of entitlement.

To justify his selfish and sectarian position he confuses Nigerian unity with restructuring. Nigerian's unity and restructuring are two different, but related concepts.

He repeats the mantra that Nigerian unity is non negotiable, without demonstrating conceptual understanding of unity as a non negotiable construct.

He claims that restructuring would undermine Nigerian unity, when in fact it is the most intelligent way to preserve it.

He is oblivious that many Nigerians now understand the way people like him, who dominate Nigeria and ruin her, justify the status quo.

The fact is that the status quo is unsustainable and restructuring is the only way to preserve the unity of Nigeria. In any case, the idea of a unity that is non negotiable is anachronistic as no diverse people can achieve unity without negotiation.

The feudal north appears unaware that restructuring is an attempt to preserve Nigerian unity and it does not threaten it. It fears losing the strangling hold it has on Nigeria, unaware that the people, who threaten Nigerian unity are those who are against restructuring it to ensure justice, equality, rule of law and liberty. The only thing wrong with these values is that they are not accepted by extreme Islam.

Restructuring Nigeria is about ensuring justice and freedom for regions to develop at their pace to end the domination of the country by one ethnic group.

As a matter of fact, the north has already unilaterally restructured by declaring Shari in its region and taking its people in the direction of Boko Haram. Their opposition to restructuring is tantamount to denying the rest of Nigeria, what it is already enjoying. Nothing can do more than restructuring to preserve Nigerian unity.

However, people like Tambuwal have either falsely assumed or chosen to obfuscate that restructuring equals division and therefore, a threat to Nigerian unity. He and many like him should be educated and told that Boko is not Haram.

The utterances of people like Tambuwal and conduct and attitudes of political Islamic North, its intransigence and the arrogance and, sectarian attitude of the Buhari government; are evidence that Nigeria is far past the rubicon and its existence as a United country run from Abuja for the interest of the the feudal north and criminal minded elites, is over.

It seems inevitable that Nigeria cannot continue in its present form and every attempt must be made to make transition to the new Nigeria amicable.

Nigeria, today, is like an abusive relationship, where the abused spouse is being prevented from taking step to end the abuse.

In the west, the effect of abuse is now being understood. In a recent radio drama, in BBC, the jury acquitted a woman, who killed her husband because he has been abusive to her in their relationship. People who have interest in human behaviour and observe the way societies change, know the significance and the message the drama wishes to send.

It is impossible to have a meaningful relationship with a person who must abuse, exploit, and discriminate against you. There can be no alternative to restructuring Nigeria and it must continue.

I also would say that it would be very naive of those agitating for restructure to believe that the north, with Buhari in power, will yield power on a plater.

Buhari,s plan is to find convenient excuse to lay waste to Niger Delta and Igbo land before he agrees to any restructure. It is just who he is, a vindictive prejudiced Islamist, who believe in ethnic and religious domination and superiority. Buhari cannot treat anybody who is not Fulani and a Muslim as his equal or without discrimination.

Recently he told Igbo youth coppers posted to his state to tell their friends to give up Biafra. No intelligent president of a nation would make such a statement for the simple reason that it is both prejudices and stereotypical and would reveal too much of how leader thinks and his deep seated bigotry.

Buhari would do to East Nigeria, what Assad of Syria has done to Aleppo and Saudi Arabia is doing to Yemen, if he finds an excuse and he is busy looking for one. Obama and any democratic candidate that would succeed him may not do anything.

The strategic thinking of America and Europe on freedom in the developing world, has changed. After Libya and Iraq, they believe that it is in their interest to support a brutal dictator, who will preserve security and stop refugees from coming to their countries.

It is not really a new position, but confirmation that their normal attitude, which they tried to change in both countries is the right one for them. They have always supported dictatorships in developing countries, which is why Patrick Lumuba and many other progressives failed.

The west do not really care about those who fight for freedom because they understand that they are they are their intellectual equals.

This is why I believe, the struggle to restructure Nigeria should be pursued aggressively through deplomatic, legal and political routes.

In that wise, an international ambassador should be appointed, a team of lawyer assembled and a political organisation whose aim includes to ensure restructuring of Nigeria formed.

The ambassador would start lobbying the international community, the lawyers would bring action in Nigerian courts against the federal government for all the breaches of the constitution, discriminations and human right abused of the army and police against individuals, regions and communities and the political organisation would mobilise the people to vote at elections only for candidates who share the position to restructure Nigeria and will commit to use their mandate to pursue restructuring of Nigeria.

It is not going to be easy because the feudal north will employ its resources by using people from the south and the military to stop it.

Make no mistake against it, 'north Nigeria' see the restructure of Nigeria as an existential threat. However, nothing can stop an idea, whose time has come. Therefore, those who have voices should speak up now or forever hold their peace.