E O EkeFriday, September 2, 2016
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ow and then, a country throws up a politician, who seeks power and support by appealing to popular desire and prejudices, rather than using rational arguments.

German had Adolf Hitler, Italy, Benito Mussolini and Iraq, Saddam Hussein. In Nigeria, we seem to only produce them, which may be one of the reasons, why the country appears to be in perpetual reverse gear.

Demagogues wear a variety of cloaks from religious extremism to ethnic nationalism or both. They often come highly recommended.

Hitler rode on the back of Germans frustration and sense of humiliation following the reparations of the First World War to gain power, in exactly the same Buhari rode the wave of Nigerians frustration with political corruption.

In 1933, Aldof Hitler, asked the German Parliament to do exactly the same thing Buhari is asking Nigerian Legislators to do, grant him autocratic power to become a dictator. The Germans did and the rest is history.

Both Hitler and Buhari have military backgrounds. Both appeal to ethnic nationalism. Both have reputation for being clean and moral. Hitler was a vegetarian, who never drank nor smoked, and he loved animals. Yet, behind the facade was a murderous psychopathic hateful sectarian mind.

Psychologist are still trying to understand how a man can love animals and hate other human beings the way Hitler hated Jews, Africans, and anybody without white Skin and blue eyes.

Buhari is an Islamist, who does not drink alcohol and makes his religion the centre of his life. He has sworn that he will implement sharia through out Nigeria and shows a stubborn unforgiving and vengeful streak and mind that bends only to his own will. Once he finds a reason to kill, he loses all regards, respect and value for human life.

Both are extremists, who are driven by conviction, beliefs and prejudices. Both wants to change the world. Messiah complex.

Demagogues are dangerous. They always leave in their wake, deaths of many peoples because they always find good reasons to punish and kill enmass.

Already, just within one year, the death in Nigeria, as a result of government activities, including extrajudicial, religiously and ethnically motivated killings, excluding those as a result of fighting Boko Haram is running in their thousands.

At the moment, Buhari sits in Aso Rock, while his foot soldiers Fulani herdsmen and Islamic Nigeria army does the killing for him. He turns a blind eye to the atrocities of Fulani herdsmen and extrajudicial killings by the military. Buhari wants the world to believe that an army that can bomb villages in Nigeria delta, cannot bomb zambisa forest to destroy Boko Haram or disarm Fulani herdsmen.

What Buhari thinks and believes about God , would seem to be the most important thing in his life. Yet, he sees nothing wrong in excluding a part of the country from development, even though he was elected to govern for all.

He has no qualms valuing cows more than the lives of farmers being murdered by his kinsmen, Fulani herdsmen.

He claims to be poor, but can afford the life style of millionaires for his family. Behind this supposedly vitreous man is a vengeful hard hearted sectarian and hateful mind.

His contempt for the rule of law and discriminatory treatment of politicians, when he took power in 1983 is well documented and people like Sambo Dasuki, Nnamdi Kanu etc., are current examples.

Buhari has contempt for due process and believes that only what he thinks is right is good for all.

People should look at Buhari's records and see how he treats non Muslims and southerners. He does not trust them, holds them in contempt and practices tokenism.

Buhari should know that marshal Josip Broz Tito did more to keep Yugoslavia one than he is doing to prevent the restructure of Nigeria. After the death Tito, Yugoslavia unraveled.

No one can hold back the tide of time or prevent the birth of a new nation, whose time has come. It is a new Nigeria or no Nigeria.

Those who want Islam should restrict it to their regions. God has not asked anybody to force people to accept him. God is not a blood thirsty tyrant, who hates individual liberty and freedom of choice. Keep hope alive, a new Nigeria will be born.