E O EkeFriday, August 31, 2012
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trong conviction about water does not change its nature. Strong conviction about something does not change the nature or make it true or false. Truth often exist independent of our convictions. It is only objective evidence that can validate convictions. Our convictions about God does not alter His nature or affect whether he exists or not and what he wants or will do. It is just our belief, abstract ideas in our mind which only determined what we may or may not do, support, justify, condemn; and our morality. indeed, God is a burden we lay on our conscience to enable us know and do right and sometimes to condemn and justify evil.


If only all religious people recognise this, they would be more humble and magnanimous in disagreement, less aggressive and violent to those who they are convinced are lost and in the wrong because they live in sin or do not share the same convictions. They would be masters and not prisoners of their certainties.

They would be more tolerant of contrary beliefs and differences, less sanctimonious and more loving. They would realise that beliefs which do not enable us extend love, kindness and justice to all human beings, and enhance peace irrespective of who or what they are, or believe; cannot be acceptable to a God of love who they claim to believe in.

The question is: what does it mean to believe in God? Is it to accept the writings of either the Bible or Quran, or to accept the virtues these ancient books ascribe to God? Is it to practice the rituals they teach, or learn to judge one's actions by the values of they propose, or the fruits of the spirit? If people would gain a clearer understanding of what believing in God really means, involves and demands; there would be less evil perpetrated in his name. Men would no longer see the necessity to stone adulterers, nail thieves to the cross, kill blasphemers, declare war on infidels, hate their neighbours, discriminate on the basis of beliefs, ethnicity or tribe, race, colour of the skin, social class, sexual orientations or believe that a God of love would torture his disobedient children in hell fire. We will begin to see others as the God we claim to believe in, sees them. As lost souls in need of guidance and redemption, and then work like Jesus, to find the lost, heal the sick, relieve the heavy burdens, help the guilty find forgiveness, make peace between people and guide all into the path of righteousness the way he did it.

We will have no need for an army and will harbour no hatred against others that would enable us to justify war against them. We will feel no need to exploit others in any form or shape or necessity to narrowly define our identity on the basis of ethnicity, tribe, colour of skin or religious beliefs. Indeed, our love will be without dissimulation and our 'yes, will be yes, and no, will be no. We will be able to do all the good we are capable of and would feel no inclination to do wrong and would avoid situations that may compel us to do wrong. We will realise that indeed, men should treat older women as mothers and young women as sisters. We will know that God does not see human beings as Catholics, protestsnts. Sunni Muslims, Shite Muslims, Hindu, penticostsls Evengical, Jews, Gentiles, Buddists, etc., but simply as his sons and daughters in need of wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. That of a truth, God sees human beings as lost children in need of salvation. May God help us to see men as He sees them and still love them as they are.

Dear Lord, give me a mind that would enable me see my fellow men the way they are and still love and care for them the way Jesus did when he lived amongst men on earth.


E O Eke is qualified in medicine. At various times he has been a General medical practitioner, Medical missionary, Medical Director and senior medical officer of health in Nigeria. He specializes in child, Adolescent and adult psychiatry and lives in England with his family. His interest is in health, religion philosophy and politics. He cares for body and mind.