E O EkeMonday, August 25, 2014




hen men stop thinking, they accept that there is justification for evil. When they are blinded by ethnic and religious bigotry, they see the good in the evil, which they and those they support perpetrate. They actually believe in the concept of just war, instead of bemoaning the necessity that compelled them to do a greater evil in the use war to fight evil.

Such is the plasticity of the human mind, that ten people can see the same thing and come to ten different conclusions, or read the same book and come away with ten different understandings. If you doubt this, how can you explain the many religious sets, even when they claim to believe the same 'holy book'?

Therefore, in the face of evil, it is not uncommon for some to believe that their motive changes the intrinsic nature of their actions and misconstrue the justification for the evil, as sufficient for others not to see evil in its true light. This is the game we play with our mind and believe that it alters reality and truth. Fortunately, truth is a constant and cannot be altered by our motives or conscience.

No, there is no justification for evil of the monstrosity that ISIS is UNLEASHING on people in the Middle East, Boko Haram in North Nigeria or El Shabab in East Africa. It is Ironic that at the dawn of the 21st century, religion and ethnicity continue to provide the ignorant mind dumbing orthodoxies and prejudices that fuel most of the conflicts in the world, and many still feel that these potentially lethal constructs, should continue to have prominent role in our existence. They cite morality, as if ethics and morality are the exclusive preserve of religion and turn a blind eye to the way it can alter human minds and imbue it with disdain for reason and hatred for those who are different.

Islam has been showing its true colour in the Middle East for many years, in the persecution of Christians. After Judaism ended its persecution of Christianity, Islam became the greatest danger to Christianity, independence of thought and liberal values, and it is making Christianity extinct in the Middle East, the birth place of Christianity. All Abrahamic religions divide families and people and set people against one another because of ideas they hold to be true about an unknown part of our existence.

In many Islamic countries, it is illegal to build churches or convert from Islam to another religion. They preach death to infidel and use blasphemy laws to persecute Christians in exactly the same way Judaism used it against christians.

Orthodox Jews still proclaim death to Jews who marry non Jews and believe in the dichotomous concept of Jews and Gentiles, and Christianity still preaches do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers and wonder why Intolerance, inequality, disunity and discrimination are still the hall mark of of all the Abrahamic religions. Islam is just the most intolerant, barbaric and hateful of the three.

The fact is that Christianity has done the most to address the intolerance, inequality, discriminations and prejudices, which religion can induce in the mind, while Judaism remains dormant, but often find expression in the struggle between Israel and Palestinians. These are the religions which gave the world an 'eye for and eye', and still wonder why many people are blind or have one eye.

ISIS is what happens, when men cannot make distinction between what they believe to be wrong and the wrong doer, are taught that they are right about God, while others are wrong, that God wants them to fight evil by killing human beings, who they believe are doing evil, that anybody who do not believe like them, will go to hell and that Prophet Mohammed spoke directly with God and instituted child marriage, discrimination and subjugation of women and instructed men to marry a maximum of four wives and that 72 virgins are waiting in paradise for those who kill innocent children , helpless women and the elderly. They preach all these and never pause for one moment to ask how women and underage girls feel about the doctrine.

When vulnerable people who cannot think for itself are indoctrinated with these ideas, based on dichotomous dualism of good and evil, or God and Satan, there is often no understanding in such minds of tolerance, equality, and justice. They see the world in black and white, us and them, and find no reason to regard others as deserving of the same consideration as them. They grow up to disparage what others believe and do, and dehumanise them in names like infidels, Gentiles and unbelievers. The stage is set for hateful coexistence, which often results in the annihilation of those who are different.

All concepts on which peaceful coexistence rests mean nothing to such minds, only what they believe God wants or had written in the Talmud, Bible or Quran. In this way, criminals, psychopaths and monsters, who believe that they are saints are created.

They kill innocent men and women, while believing that they are doing God a favour. They exploit the gullible in the name of God, while reenforcing wisdom forged in ignorance and frozen in time. The killers of Jesus, Persecutors of Christians and Islamic terrorists fall into this group. They call upon God, while continuing in evils, which God Himself, cannot bear to look upon.

The world has a serious problem in its hand because many believers; religious people who strongly believe that their holy books contain the words of God ; are in denial about the true effect of religion on the humans mind and the fact that more evil than good, are committed by the religious in the name of God.

Therefore, they tend to minimise the atrocities committed by extremist in their fold by disowning them and claiming that they do not represent their religion, instead of acknowledging that indeed, their religion is a dangerous cocktail, which can cause madness in some people, when internalised in a distorted form and applied in self-serving way.

We have ISIS, A'Qeada, El Shabab, Boko Haram and many others reading the Quran, before committing unspeakable atrocities, and yet, many 'moderate Muslims' find the reason to continue to defend a religion that has sectarianism, hatred, discrimination and death to its opponents at its centre.

Every Friday in many Mosques in Malaysia, Middle East and many other countries, ignorant hate preachers fill the minds of gullible young people with hateful diatribe and nonsensical exegesis, which sow the seeds of what manifest in ISISI, Boko Haram, El Shabab and many other extremist groups who see in violence, a legitimate means to achieving their psychotic and murderous world views.

If we cannot go to North Nigeria or Iraq to fight terrorism, we can at least start by teaching children that God did not write any book and that all books are written by men and, if read and understood in the wrong way can turn people into monsters who believe that they are saints.