E O EkeWednesday, August 24, 2016




he recent visit of John Kerry to Nigeria, raises may worrying questions about the understanding of America of what is evolving in Nigeria and what her true intentions are. It would seem that it is the foundation of a another blunder.

America seems determined to do what it has always done, engage in a country, without deep understanding of its history nature, politics and culture.

This is the same thing that has resulted in her failure in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc.

For some years, North Nigeria has been a hot bed of extreme Islam, and has pursued a policy of islamisation.

The head of Muslims in Nigeria is the Sultan of Sokoto, who says one thing in public and another in private to the faithfuls in the principle of Taqiyya.

In the period, the people John Kerry is praising for their tolerance, have imposed sharia law in their region, even though Nigeria is a secular democracy.

The result has been a resurgence of religious intolerance, burning of churches, killing of Christians and Boko Haram.

America pretends that it is unaware that a jihad, spearheaded by Sultan of Sokoto, which has seen all major positions in Nigeria occupied by Muslims, is going on.

What does America do, align itself with the very people, who have sworn to deep the Quran in Atlantic Ocean.

The very people responsible for religious intolerance and extremism in Nigeria.

I watched Kerry praise the Sultan of Sokoto for his effort towards religious tolerance and my stomach churned.

What is wrong with this current crop of American leaders, that they are determined to get everything wrong with their eyes open.

America under Obama, does not really care about Christians. It would seem that it wants to do in Nigeria what its is doing in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Syria.

By his visit, and what John Kerry said, America is strengthening the hands of extremists and not caring about those who pay the price of their greed, intolerance, violence and delusions.

The visit of John Kerry will only undermine Nigeria's unity, as the north would be emboldened in pursuit of its sectarian objectives in Nigeria, which is the singular factor holding Nigeria back.

America, under Obama, would seem to prefer to engage with the people, who imposed sharia laws all over north Nigeria, implement blasphemy laws, cut the hands of thieves, stone adulterers, deny equality of women, publicly flog people who drink alcohol and ban the building of churches.

America should know that should Nigeria unravel, that her support of Islamic north, would be one of the reasons.

God help Nigeria.