E O EkeTuesday, August 16, 2016




s president Buhari continues to reveal his true colour by delivering the change he promised, it is pertinent to remind Nigerians of where people like Buhari have taken their countries.

When I see young people with behaviour problems, I often tell them a person will end where the road he is travelling ends, irrespective of what he thinks or believes. I say it to enable them realise that outcomes are often determined by the choice people make, irrespective of intention and determination.

This is usually one of the most difficult things for young people to grasp. They find it difficult to understand why making a wrong choice may determine outcome irrespective intention, sincerity and what they believe. They rely on convictions and beliefs, positions, which are often reached in ignorance.

When a man is heading in the wrong direction and believes that it will take him to his destination, his belief no matter how sincere and strong will never take him to his destination, I often repeat. A man who chooses to believe that a fable is a true story will build his life on a lie, irrespective of his sincerity. Nothing can make up for taking the wrong turn.

No doubt, President Muhammadu Buhari is leading Nigeria on a road be believes would lead to paradise. Fortunately, not everybody share his belief because they know that the road Buhari has taken Nigeria is a road that leads to perdition.

With president Buhari's vindictive, sectarian, intolerant, authoritarian and discriminatory attitude, alienation of opponents and polarisation of positions are the predictable outcomes, no matter what the president and his team believe. Nigerians must now fasten their seat belts for a very, very bumpy ride and crash landing.

Buhari does not seem to realise that his misguided dream to deliver paradise for the Fulani north with an Islamist team, operating on a 5% , 95% policies, where middle belt and southern states will be grazing grounds for his Fulani herdsmen brothers and NonSunni Muslims and all southerners and Christians second class citizens will be a nightmare.

The president does not seem to realise that no matter what He believes his team of Islamists will help him achieve, they will lead Nigeria to where Islamists have taken their countries. To suffering, intractable sectarian conflict, great inequality in form of poverty of the majority, discrimination in form of harsh inhuman treatment of nonMuslims by the law enforcement agencies enforcing of Sharia laws, subjugation of women, devalued human lives and wide spread denial and abuse of human rights.

The problem is that it would be worse, for Nigeria, because Islamists now control the army, the police, the judiciary, the Customs, the education sector and every other important part, and arm of government. Buhari, has got Nigeria, exactly, where he always wanted. Back to the past, hut he seems to have forgotten, the caution, be careful what you wish for.

Anybody who still thinks, Buhari will bring anything good to Nigeria, in spite of his orchestrated war against corruption that spares his friends, relatives and party members, should please make an appointment to see a psychiatrist.

Nigeria is now firmly in the hands of a man, who is an arch ethnic nationalist and only listens to prophet Mohammed. Unfortunately, prophet Mohammed does not always tell those who listen to him, what enables a county achieve free and fair democracy, where the rule of law is sacrosanct and fundamental human rights and differences respected.

Which is why Buhari has ensured that the appointments he makes must be people who also listen only to prophet Mohammed, or do not have awareness of its implications. By so doing, Buhari made sure that only those, who will tell him what he wants to hear will get his ears.

Today, by all indexes, Nigeria is an Islamic dictatorship, under a blood thirsty Islamist Jihadist, who has no value for human rights or lives, except those of his children, Fulanis, Sunni Muslims and his friends. A president, who keeps quiet, when non Fulanis and non Sunni Muslins are victims of terror and injustice. He was the first person Boko Haram nominated to represent them.

I must add that history, which sadly, is no longer taught in Nigerian schools will not be kind to all who choose to keep quiet at this dark period in the history of Nigeria.

Buhari is a human being. He can only drag Nigeria into the abyss, if Nigerians do nothing. This is time to resist tyranny in any way people can, for history teaches that that resistance overcomes tyranny.

Not violent resistance, but resistance with the choices we make daily by finding the courage to speak out and acting in ways that deny legitimacy to tyranny and abuse of power, and show respect for the rule of law, justice as fairness and equality.

In this resistance, no one needs to be shot by the police, only peaceful quite protest against evil, which is one thing people like Buhari cannot overcome.

I am glad that I have played a little part over the years to raise awareness of what is happening in Nigeria and hope that Nigerians will continue to find the courage to speak truth to power. We have no choice but to speak out for those who cannot coherently speak for themselves.

With those who think that budget padding is not a crime, having two different exchange rates for the Naira not corruption, judges who give criminals injunctions to stop police from bringing them to justice, legislators who pass laws to protect themselves from what they stole and plan to steal, a military that serves only the wishes of the president and others who take their orders directly from Prophet Mohammed firmly in charge; it may seem as if there is no reason to have hope. Nigerian criminal political class has no plan to change soon.

Nigerian is teetering on a precipice of political anarchy and only political restructuring that delivers a true federation with significant regional autonomy will give her a chance.

Buhari can play the ostrich, but his outdated and retrogressive ideas and philosophy will continue to expose his paucity of the intellect and vision. No one can give what he does not have.

Nigeria and all those who seek for freedom and justice, will survive Buhari and his northern and Islamic agenda. Soon, Buhari will be history and everything good, which he is destroying now, will flourish again and, all those he has imprisoned unlawfully will be free. Keep hope alive. Nigeria shall be free.