Monday, August 12, 2019

s Britain grapples with the reality of voting to leave the European Union, it is becoming apparent that Brexit is a dream that is turning into a nightmare.

Brexit appears to have become an existential threat to the Conservative party, and of United Kingdom as we know it today.

With Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland First Minister fanning the flame of Scottish nationalism and independence and Northern Ireland unable to re-establish self-rule, it is not inconceivable that Brexit may just be the oxygen nationalists in Northern Ireland and Scotland need to gain independence from Britain.

The tragedy of Brexit is that it was quite unnecessary. Britain was in a good position to abstain from further political integration with Europe and continue to reap the economic and international political benefit of belonging to the the EU.

There was no need for the conservative Party to infect the country with Tory euroskeptism by offering the country a referendum, when the Conservative party had not reached a position on Europe.

Eurosceptics in the Conservative party failed to recognise that their idea of Brexit is at odds with what majority of people in the country want and that Pursuing hard Brexit may lead to the death of the Union. Blinded by narrow nationalism, they have risked the continuing existence of the country and their party.

Unfortunately, the Conservative euroskeptics have failed to refocus on what is in the best interest of the country and have continue to embrace a very narrow definition of sovereignty. The result is the current democratic quagmire.

To end the Brexit impasse, Britain should now approach the EU, as a friend, who is trying to solve a very difficult problem with a friend and not a belligerent partner, who is seeking divorce for solely personal and selfish reasons.

Europe must rethink its hardline position on the backstop and UK must compromise on freedom of movement and continue to align itself to European standards, whatever it means. This separation must be as amicable as possible to prevent it causing irreparable damage to the United Kingdom as we know it today.

The current attempt to force a second vote because some people do not like the result of the referendum, is a betrayal of democracy and shows contempt for plebiscite. In a democracy, no group has a right to demand for rerun of election, simply because they lost.

What remainers should do is accept the result of the referendum and work with the Prime Minister to deliver a Brexit that does not threaten the integrity of the United Kingdom, preserves economic progress and ensures a good working relationship with EU. Britain is part of Europe. Then, they should join a party that offers second referendum to re-enter the EU on the terms UK left in the next election.

Theresa May’s deal needs some adjustments. First her backstop threatens the integrity of the country. Second, it hands EU the key to the Brexit door, which no sovereign nation would accept under the circumstance.

A reasonable Brexit would reassure UDP, SNP and Plaid Cymru. It is irresponsible to ignore them in arriving at deliverable Brexit.

Tories who believe in hard Brexit and cannot accept a solution that involves Compromise on both sides should leave the Conservative party.

The idea that Britain is disadvantaged by belonging to the EU is simply not true. The Conservative party has no future as a nationalistic party. All said, now, I believe Britain is better off remaining in the European Union.