Thursday, August 9, 2018

n 2015, I was among those who warned about the danger Buhari posed to democracy, rule of law, justice as fairness and fundamental human rights. I argued that people like Buhari, with sectarian mind-set, should not be in positions, where they can have power to oppress those they do not agree with them.

Many of those who supported him then, but oppose him today, said that he was the saintly messiah with the miracle cure for Nigerian corruption.

Buhari came into office with a toxic sectarian agenda that have left Shia Muslims oppressed, hundreds killed and thousands displaced from their villages, and ancestral homes by Fulani herdsmen terrorists and their lands now occupied by Fulanis from different African countries.

This is one of the most painful injustices of our time. Yet, as the political parties gear up for election, no political party is confronting these monstrosity of injustices and crime against humanity.

Buhari keeps quite after each killings and has said nothing about justice for the victims. There is no plan to resettle the people displaced from their villages in southern Kaduna and the Middle belt in their villages, which are currently occupied by the Fulanis who displaced them. There has been no attempt to bring the soldiers who massacred Shia Muslims to justice. Buhari’s aim is to establish cattle colonies all over Nigeria, which will inhabited by armed Fulani militias, who would be free to kill those who protest the grazing of cattle on their farms. His aim appears to be to preserve the future of cows at the expense of human beings.

Buhari declared that his administration will work on 95% vs 5% formula and appointed mainly people who share the same ethnicity or religion with him into strategic positions in contravention of the constitutional provision on federal character, the opposition party jostling to unseat him could not muster a civil protest, nor take a principled stand.

The president has consistently ignored courts orders and places his personal judgement over and above the rule of law. He has continue to detain Sambo Dasuki, in spite of court orders to release him. He ignored a number of court orders to release Nnamdi Kanu, before he instigated a bail condition he believed could not be met. When that did not achieve what he wanted, he sent it the army and Nnamdi Kanu and his parents disappeared. These are things that should never happen in a democracy.

These are the most visible of his autocratic traits and such men are eternal danger to liberty, freedom of thought and rule of law. In spite of these, many people find reason to support him and see him as the future.

Craftily, Buhari hides behind war against corruption, which so far, has been fought without regard to the rule law and in a selective and vindictive manner without necessary institutional reforms that would address the root causes of corruption. He chooses which court order to violate and which judge to use to legitimise his injustices.

Buhari is dishonest about his qualifications. He currently doubles as petroleum Minister and controls what happens in the oil industry under his watch without transparency.

Nobody, but Buhari and the general manager he appointed knows what is really happening in the oil industry under his watch.

He uses Government facilities for his political party activities. In any civil democracy, this is unlawful. He uses the army and policy to intimidate opponents and pursue his political objectives.

Government money continues to be siphoned into his political party coffers through padded budgets and inflated contracts. In Nigeria, the cost of projects executed by the government is often up to seven times the cost of the same project in countries with accountable and transparent democracy.

There is yet no transparency in the way government contracts are awarded. Army and police chiefs continue to embezzle defence and police budgets and the Nigerian army and police remain ill trained, poorly treated and instruments of suppression and oppression in the hands of the government. There is no accountability on how Nigerian defence budget has been spent in the last 30 years. If these are not corruption, I do not know what corruption means.

Why would anybody with understanding of civil society, justice as fairness and the rule of law, want Nigeria or any other country for that matter , to be governed by a man like Buhari , who places his personal judgement over above the rule of law and equity and brazenly displays that he places loyalty to his ethnicity and religion over and above his responsibilities to all Nigerians? He is neither detribalised nor dissociated in his religious beliefs. He is unfit to exercise power over those who disagree with him as he cannot resist prevailing by force.

After 3 years of pursuing sectarian policies, disregard of court orders and contempt for the rule of law, allowing fulani herdsmen to continue their ethnic cleansing for land grab, enhancing Fulani domination agenda, slaughter and letting the blood of ‘baboons’ to flow, many of those who once supported Buhari have woken up and want to abandon him, but they did not know that he locked the door, when they entered.

It was the same people leaving APC, who defected from PDP to APC that made the election of Buhari possible. These are not principled politicians, but self- serving turncoats. Those who supported Buhari, but are now against him, are like kettles calling pot black.

They are now leaving APC for PDP because things have not turned out for them the way they envisaged. They have not issued a clear principled statement condemning the policies of Buhari they disagree with and have nothing to show that they opposed them.

They are not offering Nigerians restructure and a new constitution, but seeking mandate to continue to exploit Nigeria under the present enslaving constitution that gives the president and governors unaccountable and dictatorial powers which they abuse

Why should anybody trust them? They are political prostitutes, who will join anybody to gain power. Where are their principles and vision for Nigeria?

They serve themselves and themselves alone. Their loyalty is to their greed. They kept quiet, when Buhari was undermining the same institutions, they are now crying to, to defend their rights and save them from Buhari. Are there no other political party in Nigeria with people who see politics as opportunity to serve?

APC AND PDP are one and the same thing. they are associations of professional looters, APL. Choosing between APC and PDP is like choosing between bad and worse. The only problem is that it is difficult to decide, which is worse. Why should any reasonable person get involve in the squabble between criminals? Are there no other political party in Nigeria with people who see politics as opportunity to serve?

I cannot consider bad or worse, when there is a better alternative. When Nigerians find the will to choose right, unencumbered by ethnicity and or religion, Nigerians will make the right choice. Our future is in our hands. APC and PDP have failed. They are the real problem of Nigeria and rejecting APC and PDP, will be the best thing Nigerians can to for a better tomorrow.