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t is reported that Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara state has vowed that his government “will deal decisively” with anyone caught desecrating the Qur’an in the state and Buhari has continued with his Islamisation agenda by appointing mainly Muslims to strategic positions in Nigeria.

I have followed the rise of Abdulaziz Yari the governor of Zamfara State, and the way he has used and continue to use religion to further his political career. In a world that is struggling to contain hatred, violence and terror, which have their origin in religious orthodoxies, his behaviour is unacceptable and unconscionable and, can no longer be tolerated.

Every time there is a terrorist act committed by Muslims, the world rally, to condemn the act and many exonerate Islam and Muslims. Nevertheless, there are Muslims like Governor Abdulaziz, who fan the flame of religious intolerance and bigotry and, sow the seeds of, terror and Buhari who seek Muslim domination and islamisation of a multiethnic democratic country.

I suppose it is time to tell ourselves the inconvenient truth about terror. There is no doubt that all Muslims are not terrorists and, it is wrong to stigmatise and label someone as terrorist, simply because he is a Muslim.

What is also true is that many terrorists committing the acts that has made the world a more dangerous place, are Muslims.

Therefore, it is logical to look for the cause of terror in the things they share in common, Islam.

This is where the world has failed, and people like governor Abdulaziz Yari and president Mohammadu Buhari have flourished unchallenged.

The behaviour and utterances, of governor Yari and behaviour of people like Predident Mihamnadu Buhari provide , yet, another clear evidence that Islam provides the narrative for terror and that it is in Islamic orthodoxies that the radicalising ingredients reside.

It is a fact that a significant percentage of fundamentalist Muslims like Governor Abdulaziz, and president Buhari become radicalised by Islam and go to become a danger to all, who do not share their vision of the world and reality.

Islamic orthodoxy is therefore the elephant in the room in the war against terror, which people like President Obama, obsessed with political correctness, have refused to address or even mention. They close their eyes with both hands in their face and claim that they do not see what stares them in the face.

Yes, while no right minded and Objective person, would blame all Muslims, for the current terror being committed by radicals in their midst, to deny the role of Islamic orthodoxies in providing the narratives, which give reason and justification for the use of violence as a means of serving and pleasing a loving and kind God, is self deception and unforgivable.

Islam advocates ideas of heaven, where men, who commit unspeakable violence against their fellow men would be admitted and allowed sexual pleasures with 72 virgins.

It preaches a God, who finds justification for deceit, mass killings, and bigotry. It tells its adheres that God does not value anybody who is not a Muslim and that non Muslims are not entitled to the same rights as Muslims.

These and more, are the seeds of bigotry and terror and, People like Abdulaziz Yari and Mohammadu Buhari believe them. They are the ingredient, which when consumed by impressionable minds and vulnerable and ignorant people transform them into terrorists, people who kill in the name of blasphemy and find justification for cruel and barbaric punishment for crimes. These are what must be addressed in the war against terror and it must start by confronting people like Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara state and president Mohamnadu Buhari.

There ideas of God, formed in antiquity and ignorance must be challenged. There is need to tell governor Yari, and president Buhari that 'Boko is not Haram' and that God has not directed any human being to punish anybody they claim insults Him, the almighty or create a world, where all are forced to become Muslims at the risk of discrimination, oppression or death.

They needs to be reeducate that their ideas about God, formed in ignorance is poisonous, intolerant and conceited and has no place in a secular democracy, like Nigeria.

The falsity of the orthodoxies that inform their thinking must be exposed. Those at the risk of the poisonous ideas they believe, in the name of Islam must be told that there is no paradise, where suicide bombers, those that stone adulterers, cut the hands of thieves, engage in child sexual abuse in the name of child marriages and hate other human beings because of who they are, go.

They must be told that God does not sanction discrimination and subjugation of women. It must be said loud and clear that God does not need any human being, no matter what he believes to pass blasphemy laws and, that all God wants, is for people to treat others irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, sex, gender or orientation the way they would like to be treated.

Many people may not know that religious people can hold their beliefs and process religious information in exactly the same way patients with psychotic illnesses like schizophrenia, hold their delusions and process some information.

Psychotic patients hold their beliefs firmly, in ways that makes it impervious to reason and are often unable to explained beyond their source, the reason for their beliefs.

Rational thought and evidence seems to play very little part in the way they come to conclusion and, when they employ them, they misuse them to sustain their beliefs and fail to consider every fact that would appeal to rational minds about the irrationality of their position, attitude and beliefs.

Like religious minds, psychotic minds first believe something and then find reason to justify it. The religious mind first believes something written in a book and then go to the same book to find justification for the beliefs. They, then, developed a system to protect and justify their beliefs, leaving believers with a conviction that they are right about God and others are wrong.

In a way, religion rigs the election and goes ahead to use the rigged result to attempt to prove it won the election. It writes a book and uses the book to prove the truthfulness of its dogmas contained in the same book. Here in lies its illogicality and dishonesty.

Religion, of the type practised by people like Governor Yari, and President Buhari, refuses to accept any criticism of the evidence on which it bases its orthodoxy. This is why it is very difficult to help people question the fixed and false religious beliefs, which underpin their world view and attitude to others who are different.

For instance, the religion of Islam tell its adherents that some people are infidels, who are under the wrath of God and therefore underserving of their respect.

It tells them that unbelievers will end up in hell because they do not follow the ways of Allah. It teaches its followers to value the life of believers and extols the virtue of doing good to those who follow Islamic teachings like avoiding eating pork, praying five times a day etc.

By doing this, it creates the impression in the mind of those who believe its teaching that by the virtue of what they believe that God loves and accepts them and some how, values less those who do not share their beliefs.

It urges them that by virtue of their beliefs and practices, God accepts them and rejects others who are different. In a way, accepting Islam makes them superior children of God, who He loves above all, who do not see and interpreted the world with their degree of ignorance fixed beliefs and prejudice.

This rejection of moral pluralism and refusal to accept a culture of competing moral traditions is what is wrong with radical Islam, of the type Governor Yari, President Buhari and other extremists advocate and, it is what is at the centre of its discriminations, terror and intolerance of whatever it does not approve.

Islam teaches her adherents that:

  1. Allah wants everybody to be a Muslim

  2. That the Quran was written by God.

  3. That Muslims have a right to kill anybody, who they believe insults Islam, prophet Mohammed or do not share their beliefs or world view, if they find justification like accusing the person of blasphemy.

Their clerics then arrogate to themselves power to determine who lives by issuing fatwas.

These are some of the basic assumptions that underline the beliefs of Muslims, which convince some of them that in pursuit of their religious and political objectives, whatever they do in the name of Allah, including the killing of people who do not meet their expectations or hold views that they consider unacceptable, is justified.

Currently, it has become politically correct to absolve Islam as cause of terrorism, even though the terrorists claim they are fighting a jihad.

When terrorists strike, people like president Obama go out of their way to absolve Islam as the cause terror. They repeat the mantra, that Islam is a peaceful religion. What they fail to recognise is that what these terrorists activities provide, is not opportunity to condemn, absolve Islam of responsibility or exclude Muslims. Rather, it presents opportunity to challenge the Islamic and any religious orthodoxies and narratives that provide religious justification for the use of terror, discrimination against people because of who they are and inhuman and barbaric punishments for offences. These apologists waste the opportunity to Challenge and condemn the the idea that religious leaders have right or justification to issue a fatwa or decides who should die.

It is not enough for moderate and informed Muslims to say that Islam is a religion of peace, when it has in its holy book, texts that are used to justify beheading human beings, cutting of the hands of people, stoning people to death, justifying inequality on the basis of sex, gender or sexual preferences, subterfuge, and intolerance of differences, just to mention the above.

In a recent interview in a Norway Television, a so called moderate Islamic leader Mullah Krekar in response to a questions about Muslim violence against non-Muslims, tells Norwegian TV that not only is it okay for Muslims to kill non-Muslims, it’s actually required by Qu’ranic law.

Further the imam says that “Muslims have the right to Kill anyone who does not respect Islam.” What an arrant nonsense, bigotry, intolerance and irrationality. Read more at https://www.zubbyblog.com/muslim-leader-declares-muslims-right-kill-anyone-not-respect-islam/

These are the kind of mindset and primitive and barbarous thinking that should have no place in any Morden progressive society with civil values.

In my view, the only reason why such people are not classified as mentally ill, is because we discovered religious beliefs and normalised its irrationality, long before we understood what constitutes mental illness.

While many Muslims can justifiably say that terrorism of the type perpetrated by ISIS, Boko Haram, A Queada, El Shabab etc., is not in their name, they cannot deny the responsibility of Islam as a religion for providing the ideology and orthodoxy that justifies violence, barbaric punishments for offences and discriminatory treatment of people in the name of God.

If religion is a tumour and Islam, a type of the tumour, which turns malignant at the rate Muslims become terrorist, that tumour would be declared a malignant tumour, until proven otherwise.

A religion that prescribes death for those it holds in contempt, cannot honestly claim to be surprised, when it is cited as the basis for the intolerance, evil and barbarism of those who claim to be inspired by it.

A religion whose clerics engage in hate preaching in the name of God, cannot deny its role in the hateful behaviours of those, who hold a literary understanding of its scriptures.

A religion that can convince some people that western education, which produced everything that sustain their lives is sin, has a lot to answer for the ignorance and prejudice of some of its followers.

Religious intolerance of the type that drives the Taliban, Aqeada, IS, El Shaba, Boko Haram and many people, whose religious convictions give them reason for violence and terror is not piety. It is a murderous obsession in those with over valued and ignorant ideas of the transcendent, whom difference means oddity and a convenient excuse for hate crimes.

Knowing God and his will cannot be compatible with terror of the kind that targets innocent men, women and children because of who they are, differences in beliefs, values, world views, and, what they choose to believe about the Unknown.

Being Godly is incompatible with heartless criminal justice that advocate death for exercising right to free speech and body mutilations and crude death as punishment for offences and crimes that often have their origins in the way societies are structured and inequality of opportunities.

No religion, which provides either a justification or narrative for terror, discrimination and inequality on the basis of sex, race or sex orientation or any injustice, can claim it is not responsible for what it inspires and is done in its name.

The evidence would not suggest that Islam is a religion of peace. No non-Muslim is at peace or free in countries, where Muslims are in the majority or under the Sharia and those who seek to exonerate and excuse the culpability of Islam in terror of the type that now threaten the free world, are dishonest and cowards.

It is time to reexamine Islamic orthodoxies, and chart the path of peaceful coexistence, on the basis of justice, knowledge and equality of all under the law.

No one has a right to kill another human being, who is not directly threatening to kill him. No one has a right or justification to kill in the name of God or attempt to punish others because of their religious beliefs. Any religion that find excuse for murder and violent treatment of offenders is inhuman and can inspire terror.

Governor Yari and president Buhari, must now stop, before they permanently destroy Nigeria in the name of Islam.