E O EkeWednesday, July 30, 2014




or more than a month, Nigerian doctors have been on strike and the people have suffered. While the government hospitals are closed, they are making a killing in their private practices. No government should tolerate such a system.

As a doctor, I know that doctors do not take the decision to go on strike lightly. Also I do believe that a doctor should never find good reason to withhold life saving services because he or she had not been paid, when it is in his or her power to go so.

Anybody, who is not ready to always act to save life, when he has the ability, power and means, should not become a doctor. Medicine is a noble profession. It is for men and women who have the rare human quality of empathy and sacrificial spirit , which is why it is a calling and not a trade.

The humanitarian nature of medical practice and the inestimable value of life, makes it difficult to properly value the true worth of the service doctors render. Anybody who wants to be rich should not study medicine.

Training to be a good doctor and practicing good medicine does not make people rich. It is a sacrificial vocation. This is why in developed countries the governments take what doctors do very seriously and respects them by paying them good wages and offering reasonable working conditions, which is really what Nigerian doctors are fighting for.

Sadly in Nigeria, it is the politicians that get paid the way Doctors, health workers, engineers and many other people who do the that are really determinant for our existence should be paid.

Men and women, who did not distinguish themselves at the time if academic anaphase, lack high IQ, gravitate to politics and reck havoc on the country have destroyed Nigeria and force the real people who do the work that matter to look like fools.

This is why in the end, there is sympathy to Nigerian doctors who have been forced to do what many of them, would never have wanted to do, to get the basic condition they need to practice their profession.

In reality, the services Doctors perform are invaluable. Therefore a good society makes effort to pay doctors good wage and provide them with what they need to practice, research, and improve themselves by way if professional development.

This is what lacking in the Nigerian society. Doctors are part of Nigeria and the decay in the system is also affecting medicine, hence the justification for the strike.

The Nigerian government should meet all the reasonable demands of doctors to enable them go back to work. Many innocent Nigerians are dying needlessly. The politicians whose mismanagement make the strike necessary do not need Nigerian hospitals and service of Nigerian doctors because they have stolen enough to go to America. Europe or India for their medical treatment.

Nigerian doctors are not asking the earth. What the government should do is grant the doctors demand and the make sure that they do not continue to abuse the system by using government hours for private practice. Nigeria needs rebuilding from the bottom up and only those who have experienced a civil society can lead in this task.

In addition, the government should start modernisation of the health care service with the view to putting the patients at its centre. Without these, Nigeria will continue to evolve into a jungle, where the rich live and the poor die and a society where the strong oppress the weak, the police , politicians and soldiers abuse their power and rape the people.