E O EkeFriday, July 1, 2016




his is a critical time for Nigerian democracy and history. Sadly, not enough voices are being raised against the dark forces masquerading as agents of change, which have taken over Nigeria.

Today, democracy and the rule of law are on trial in Nigeria, thanks to president Buhari, General Brutari the army chief and heads of the other security agencies. Within one year, Buhari's government has imploded and rolled back the democratic gains Nigeria has made, returning Nigeria to the path of autocracy and perfidy.

There are certain things democracy should never do, like fostering division, pandering to sectarianism, sponsoring terror, enabling criminals escape justice and frustrating due process.

Democracy, which anchors its sovereignty on the will of the people, should not enable a president to intimidate those, who hold contrary views from him or remove those who he does not like from their post.

Democracy should not allow those, who forge certificates and those who do not have certificates, but lie about it to gain power to benefit from their deceit and crimes.

Democracy is at its best, when the rule of law is sacrosanct, the law uncompromising in the defence of fundamental human rights, different opinions find voices and the people enabled to choose after informed debate.

Democracy begets peace, when government is honest, respects the rule of law, transparent and ensure equality of opportunities. These are currently lacking in the Nigerian democracy, under president Mohammadu Buhari's government.

Under the circumstance, Nigeria has no choice, but to restructure structurally, philosophically, morally and financially. There is no other way. Maintaining 36 states executives, 36 state house of Assemblies and 36 state judiciaries is madness under the present economic circumstance.

Reducing the states to about 3 regions and giving those in the boundary areas the choice to choose, which region to join, would be a right step in the direction.

Failure to restructure Nigeria, would unleash a tsunami of revolt, which would destroy what we have today as Nigeria and, no amount of intimidation and extrajudicial killing by the army and police murder squad, now operating mainly in the south East will stop what will follow,

Under the guise of fighting corruption, Buhari has wiped out the democratic gains Nigeria has made in the last 40 years and Brutari is committing crimes against humanity by extrajudicial killings of civilians.

Nigeria has become the only democracy, where the army is put on war footing against the civilians in peace time.

It would seem that Buhari declared a jihad against non Muslims and Shia Muslims and so far, nearly two thousand Igbos and Shia Muslims have been killed by the army and Fulani herdsmen who are under his control.

By appointing only Muslims from the north to strategic positions, Buhari has elevated nepotism to a national policy and destroyed whatever interethnic trust and goodwill that existed in Nigeria, leaving the country fractured along ethnic and religious fault lines.

Brutari is leading the slaughter of those Buhari considers enemies and trying to explain how a soldier with two wives, can afford a 130 million Naira house in Dubai. Some Nigerian leaders are indeed, not only exceptionally corrupt, but also perverse, diabolical and beneath contempt for lack of stronger words.

Last week, Britain deliver another masterclass on how democracy should be practised and power exercised. After a campaign in which both sides put across their case in civil manner, the outcome was decided in s referendum. The Prime Minister immediately resigned because the people rejected his vision for the country.

As I arrived in the early hours of the morning of 23 June 2016, to cast my vote on the referendum, I saw only three people at the polling station, two ladies and one man. One of the ladies confirmed my name and address in the voters register and the other issued me voting paper and within one minute, I had voted.

As I walked out of the polling station, I asked myself, why can't Nigeria or any country ruled by black people be like this? What is wrong with black people and power? Why can't black leaders see power for what it is, an ephemera construct, which gives those who have it opportunity to do great good and create better societies.

Why has both Islam and Christianity turned black people into human beings that exercises power without the fear of 'God' and love of their follow men and, work for the good of all in honesty?

Why do many things black leaders touch, express themselves in perverse and sinister ways? What is wrong with the black mind? Give a black leader democracy, he will turn it into a dictatorship. Give him state utilities, he will convert them to private companies.

It is clear to me that Nigeria needs a leader, who will implement the rule of law and justice without favouritism. A leader, who is prepared to put Nigeria over and above his ethnic group and religion.

A leader, who sees the whole Nigeria as his constituency and does not define himself by neither his religion nor ethnicity.

Sadly, so far, Buhari has proved that he is not that leader. Getting such a leaders is not difficult, but so far, Nigeria has not had a leader with such high moral and ethical standards that he values the law and justice the way they should, without. If, and or buts.

Buhari ran as an honest man only to reveal that he is an Islamist, who has no regard for justice as fairness and individual liberty. A man who hold very little regard for human lives and freedom, unless of course, they are those of northern Sunni Muslims or Fulanis.

Since his election, he has concentrated on killing those who protest the injustice of Nigeria and sacking those he cannot kill and replacing them with his Sunni Islamic brothers and sisters. Nigeria has become an Islamic state under Buhari.

Buhari cannot rely on his good intentions and clear conscience, when crimes against humanity are taking place in his watch and at the same time practicing the worst kind of nepotism Nigeria has seen. No one can claim to be an honest man, when he shows neither regard nor understanding of justice as fairness and lack respect for the life of all.

Nevertheless, the fault is not all in Buhari, it is also in people like Obasanjo, who out of greed, personal prejudice and be vendetta, repackaged an expired production to take Nigeria to the future. Election of Buhari as president is looking like buying a new car and fitting it with old engine and worn out tyres and then wonder, why the car is not performing

The fault is in the Nigerian political class and their criminal minded godfathers, who lack vision and a sense of purpose and, only act in the interest their selfish personal interests.

Can anyone honestly say that fault is in the gullible Voters, who allowed themselves to be seduced, bribed and deceived, when their existence has been reduced to a question of survival?

Therefore, when some people say Nigeria is fantastically corrupt. I say no, Nigerians are not corrupt, they are a hard working and kind hearted people, who are brutalised and abused by those they trust with their sovereignty. The people who are fantastically corrupt are the politicians, the military chiefs and some traditional rulers.

Buhari may believe that he is honest, because of his religious beliefs and convictions, but he is incompetent and only knows that he has to pander to the interest of the north and Islam to survive. He is a soldier, who solves problem by shooting them and is desperate to create a war in Nigeria.

By the way, I wonder if Nigerians are aware of the food crisis in Middle East. While Israel has attempted to solve her food crisis by transforming desert, the Gulf states plan to address it by acquiring land in sub Saharan Africa.

At the moment, the Gulf states have acquired land in Sudan, Ethiopia and Pakistan.

It may be important to realise that there may be more to the grazing ground bill than meets the naked eyes.

Nigeria needs a leader who will take her far into the 21st century, not one who is guided by the ignorant convictions of the dark ages. Buhari and Brutari, must realise that democrats government govern for the best interest of the people and that their power should be used for good and not to destroy the rule of law and commit crimes against humanity.