Friday, July 17, 2020

Dr Joy Nunieh

he sad and chilling details of the allegations by Dr Joy Nunieh, Acting Managing Director NNDC, against Chief Godswill Akpabio, Minister for Niger Delta Affairs, is another sad episode in non ending drama, in the corruption ridden administration of Mohammadu Buhari.

Last week the thief catcher, EFCC Acting head, Ibrahim Magu, was arrested for possible corruption. Rumour has it that he has been busy relooting the recovered loot.

From embezzlement of fund for internally displaced people, through padding of budgets, to the siphoning of the money for Covid-19 palliative, it is obvious that Nigerian is indeed, a cesspit of corruption.

The saddest part of this shameful drama is that not a single person accused of corruption have been convicted after due process. The practice has been what some people now call harass shake and go HSG.

What the allegations of Dr Joy Nunieh expose is that there is a rapacious dishonesty and soullessness clique at the centre of the Buhari Administration.

Chief Akpabio has been a governor and senator and said to harbour a presidential ambition. In a normal society, he should be a man of integrity with high sense of responsibility and service to the people and, deep understanding of probity in public life.

However, from the details provided by Dr Nunieh, Akpabio has indeed, been a wolf in charge of sheep, until he met a lion in sheep clothing in the person of courageous and irrepressible Joy Nunieh, God bless her soul.

How can Akpabio be without conscience, without morals and without scruples?

How does a man get to the point where he fears neither God nor the law and devote his life to stealing from the people?

How does a man become impervious to what is right? How does a man lose his soul to avarice and hubris and commit himself to serving greed?

How do people like Akpabio, Magu and co sleep, when all they wants is to empty the budget they have been given to make life better for others into their pocket?

Akpabio, from Dr Nunieh account, wants to empty NNDC budget into his pocket without any of the things which NNDC was set up being done?

It is really frightening that the Nigerian ruling class is worse than anybody can imagine. How in the world do leaders degenerate to the point, where the most important thing they want to achieve is stealing public fund and leaving the work undone?

If what Dr Joy Nunieh has said are true, Akpabio has no redeeming quality. His kleptomania knows no bound.

Akpabio would be yet another very ugly and sinister face of the Nigerian corruption that have kept the country back and must be given exemplary treatment.

The real problem is that many Nigerian leaders are like Akpabio. Many in the senate would not blink an eye lid. They would gladly welcome him to their fold even, if he is convicted for fraud.

In fact, many of the senators will come out defending him because he is one of them. Their loyalty is not to civil values and the law, but to themselves. This is the sad reality of Nigeria.

The leaders have no interest in getting anything done. They do not care that millions of young people do not have access to education, health and employment.

They do not care that the are no investment in the future if the youth.

They do not care that Fulani terrorists are terrorising, kidnappings and extorting Nigerians daily.

All they care is to appropriate all the resources to themselves and their family and then shamelessly display their ill gotten and obscene wealth. This is pathological greed.

What we are witnessing in Nigeria is what happens when men go mad with greed and selfishness.

It is what happens, when the leaders fail. It says one thing loudly, Nigeria is a failed state. It is a state, where the law has no power except that loaned to it by those it should compel. It says, Nigeria is under the rule of men.

What Nigerian leaders have become is the worst human beings can become. It is what men become, when they lose their soul and turn into monsters.

It is the tragedy of tragedies, that people like Akpabio, Magu and co came to power in Nigeria.

Akpabio seems to have forgotten how tenacious women can be and the words ofWilliam Congreve in his play the morning bride, ‘ hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ No one is angrier than a woman who has been hurt.

I weep for Nigeria, but as long as there women like Joy Nunieh, who are prepared to say no to corruption, there is hope. I stand with Dr Joy Nunieh. What about you?