Thursday, July 12, 2018

From Middle: The National President of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) flanked by the National Secretary, Alhaji Baba Ngelzarma, and other members of the association at a press briefing on the position of the association to stem farmers-herdsmen clashes in Abuja.

t is increasingly difficult to find the right words to described the imploding ethnic cleansing in Nigeria being supervised by Mohammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria.

The latest killings in Taraba state and the last killings, where the government denied the victims dignified burial by forcefully burying them in a mass grave, marks a new low in insensitivity, callousness and contempt, which the government has approached this problem.

When I wrote in April 2016, that Buhari Has blood in his hand, https://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/eke/042616.html little did I know that the worst is yet to come.

Since then, what started as a trickle has grown into a flood. Thousands of innocent Nigerians have been murder by Fulani herdsmen terrorists and the government of Nigeria, headed by Mohammadu Buhari, a Fulani has been defending, protecting and justifying the crime of the terrorists.

Buhari has not declared the killer Fulani herdsmen terrorists. Rather, he told the world that they are armed men displaced from Libya.

In spite of this, he wants Nigeria to reward the terrorists by giving them cattle colonies from where they can continue their killings, in their quest to carve out a Fulani empire in Nigeria. What kind of mind, has such dark view of justice as fairness, coexistence and the rights of others?

Nobody should be in doubt about what Buhari wants to achieve. He wants a Nigeria where armed Fulani terrorist exist side by side with Nigerian army and police and able to kill anybody or ethnically cleanse any community they want to convert to grazing ground.

This is the cold, gruesome and sad reality, which Buhari in power represents.

The danger the vision Buhari has for Nigeria is very clear, a country which is administered for the benefit of Fulanis and their cows. A country, where Fulanis from all over Africa, can sack any community in Nigeria, rename it and take it over with their cattle and appoint an Emir to rule it.

A country, where Fulani herdsmen are free to take their cattle any where and graze them on any farm of their choice.

A country where all Fulanis are armed to the teeth, while the rest of the people are unarmed.

Nigerians need to wake up to the danger an armed ethnic group with territorial ambition, which has the support of the government, posses to their existence.

What is surprising is that the problem is not even featuring in the electioneering campaign.

No political party is promising inquiry into Fulani terrorism. No political party is promising to disarm Fulani terrorists. No political party is promising justice to displaced people and victims of Fulani herdsmen terrorism. No political party is promising to end Fulani herdsmen carrying arms. No political party is promising to help Nigerians defend themselves, since the police and army have failed to defend them. No Nigerian political party is promising to reform thr army and police and insulate them from party politics and end their misuse by politicians to pursue selfish political objectives. What kind of democracy ignore ethnic cleansing, a crime against humanity and a complicit government?

Why would anybody want a president that supports a terrorist group, which is killing thousands of people and ethnically cleansing them from their communities to continue in power?

I suppose these are the questions , Nigeria should be asking APC and all those who think that Buhari is the best thing that has happened to Nigeria. Of course he is, if you are a Fulani terrorist, who wants to ethnically cleanse some part of Nigeria for Fulanis and cattle.

The other question is, if Buhari is example of what a die hard Fulani supremacist and Islamist can do with power, how safe are other ethnic groups in Nigeria, with a Fulani in charge? No wonder Rtd Major General T Y Danjuma cried out.

Nigeria is indeed living in a season of anomia brought about by the election of Mohammadu Buhari, a Fulani supremacist and arch Islamist as president. His presidency has opened a very dark, fearful and painful chapter in the history of Nigeria.

For the very first time in our history, Nigeria has a president, who unashamedly places his loyalty to his ethnic group and religion over and above his loyalty to Nigeria and Nigerians.

He has demonstrated this by his attitude to terrorism and crimes against humanity being committed, by terrorists from his ethnic group that he does not value non Fulani lives and existence as he values those of Fulanis.

He has enabled the slaughter of the innocents by Fulani terrorists by seeking to legitimise the outrageous, supremacist and conceited demand of the Miyetti Allah, an organisation he happen to be a patron and once led.

By retiring army officers from other ethnic groups and filling most senior positions in his administration with Fulanis and those who share the same religion with him, he has achieved a Fulani take over of Nigerian government thereby acting the script of those who treat Nigeria as a conquered territory.

The Miyetti Allah, Fulani herdsmen terrorists and Mohammadu Buhari are therefor committing treason against Nigeria.

Miyetti Allah by arming and enabling Fulani terrorists, Fulani terrorists my possessing arms and killing Nigerian citizens and Buhari by failing to respond the way an honest president, would under the circumstances.

Nigeria needs a judicial commission of inquiry into the role of Miyetti Allah, the presidency and security agencies in the on going Fulani herdsmen ethnic cleansing.

The commission should find out who is behind the misinformation about Fulani terrorists coming from Libya, sponsoring the terrorists, how the terrorists are supplied and provided for, how they get their arms and why the military has been unable to respond the way a professional military should under the circumstance.

No democratic country should tolerate a president, who supports an ethnic terrorist group conducting ethnic cleansing for land grab.

The plan should be to drag Buhari to court for complicity in the crime against humanity being committed by his kinsmen under his watch. No country deserves someone like Mohammadu Buhari as president

  1. By not challenging Buhari on his nepotistic appointments and selective fight against corruption, Nigerians are complicit in this evolving Night mare

  2. By continuing to consume cow meat, Nigerians are funding terrorism.

  3. By not mounting informed, honest and democratic opposition to this government, the PDP is complicit

  4. By failing to enforce their rights, those arrested or detained unlawful are weakening the rule of law

  5. By leaving investment pattern unchanged, Nigerians are failing to give a clear warning that the status quo is unacceptable.

  6. By failing to arm like the Fulanis, other ethnic group tell the Fulanis that they are stupid.

There are now a lot of Nigerian youth from the south in Libya. Buhari is not interested in bringing them home. Rather the Buhari government is more interested in facilitating the settling of Fulanis from all over Africa in Nigerian communities cleansed of their indigenous population.

Nigeria is in deed in a season of anomia. I am outraged.