Thursday, July 2, 2020

have often disagreed with the modus oparabdi of IPOB. However, this has not distracted me from the valid point they often make.

I condemn the insults and rudeness Nnamdi Kanu dishes out, but as our people say, where a child is crying and pointing at must be explored because you may find either the childís mother or father there.

I suppose it is time to look at the threat the Fulani caliphate poses to the way of life of many communities in Nigeria.

I am writing this because Buhari has returned a bill to the legislature for the federal government to take over water ways and acres of land around it.

In essence, he wants to secure all land around rivers in Nigeria for his Fulani kinsmen to live and breed their cattle. A move that would strip many communities of their right to the farm lands.

These are ancestoral lands that belong to indigenous communities. This will displace many communities from their land and their land would be occupied by Fulanis and their cattle.

This is a kind of ethnic cleansing to reward Fulani terrorists who have been terrorising many communities.

This bill must not succeed. It is a sectarian minded bill. It is an evil bill and must be thrown out.

Nigeria is a community of many nations. This attempt by Fulanis to claim it as home land is a declaration of war and Nigerian ethnic communities must now rise up to defend their land and way of life.

Anybody who does not know that the Grazing land or water bill is more than about grasses for cows is either ignorant or naive

At the first reading of the first attempt to pass this bill, three Emirs attend the public hearing. The federal government is using public fund to bribe legislators and senators to pass this bill. Any senator of legislator from the south, who votes for this bill must be ostracised and dealt with by the public. The struggle must now be given some teeth.

This bill is a smart move by the Fulani caliphate to confuse the whole Nigeria. If Igbos agree to grazing right bill or waterway right bill , the Fulanis will do to NdiIgbo, what they did to Hausas in the north and Yorubas in Ilorin.

Fulanis are in Nigeria to exploit it. There are very few Fulani nationalists in Nigeria, who would put the interest of Nigeria over and above the parochial interests of the Fulanis, the way Herbert Macaulay, Nnamdi AZikiwe and Adeniran Ogunsaya did.

What Buhari, Sultan of Sokoto and all members of the northern oligarchy, who have dominated and exploited Nigeria, fail to understand is that the world has moved on from empire building and that we are in the 21st century, where association should be by consent not by conquest.

They denied Almajiris education and used them as herdsmen, while sending their own children to good universities abroad. They then promised them south Nigeria as grazing ground.

They have allowed fulani terrorists to engage in killing sprees, kidnapping and ethnic cleansing in Nigeria. They allow Fulanis to carry military grade assault rifles, while pursuing a program of disarming Nigerians from other ethnic groups.

These men, who also control Miyetti Allah seem to be still rooted in the days of the ideology, which enabled Uthman Danfodio to deceive the Hausas and conquer and dominate them.

They believe that they can retain their domination of Nigeria by force, intimidation and subterfuge.

This is why they have armed Fulani terrorists and protect them with Nigeria police and army. The Buhari government sends Nigerian soldiers from the south to fight terrorists without weapon. How come, Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram can buy sophisticated weapons and Nigerian army cannot, in spite of billions budgeted for the military yearly?

This is why now, they are transporting Almajiris to the south to occupy as advance army. This is the reason reason why the military is occupying Igbo land to stop the people defending themselves.

The Buhari administration has betrayed the rest of Nigeria and must resign for abusing its powers to pursue sectarian objective. It is equivalent to treason.

I pray that the eyes of Nigerians will be opened.

Yes, a mad man may shout and swear, but often, it is the so called mad that speak the inconvenient truth.

Let us listen to what those who are shouting and protesting are saying and careless how they are saying it.

Fulanis have declared war on Nigeria and Buhari is leading this war. The waterway Bill is part of this evil plan.