Monday, June 24, 2019

he call by Miyetti Allah for the establishment of Fulani militia in East Nigeria is another clear evidence that the essence of Nigeria has been lost and that the Fulanis are in arrogant and blood thirsty conquest mood.

It is clear that emboldened Fulani militia and their political wing Miyetti Allah have a sinister plan for the rest of Nigeria, which has at its Centre the establishment of Fulani colonies with armed terrorists all over Nigeria.

They are asking the government to give them permission to move their killing gang to East Nigeria to continue what they have done in southern Kaduna and Middle belt for years. One wonders the reason for the deafening silence of Igbo governors, senators and legislators in the face of this contemptuous and shameless boldness of the Fulani oligarchy. It is clear that unless Igbos and other ethnic groups have as leaders men and women, who are minded to oppose the obnoxious and nefarious Fulani and Islamic agendas of leaders like Buhari, Igbos and other Nigerians are toast in a nigeria.

Today, several Villages in the southern Kaduna and Middle belt are occupied by Fulanis from other parts of west Africa and the indigenous population are living in Internally displace people camps. This is a crime against humanity and many Nigerians keep silent.

How can a people be internally displaced in their country, while the government, army and police stand by and foreigners take up their ancestral lands? What kind of people, government and leadership allow such evil to succeed?

What Buhari and Miyetti Allah are doing in Nigeria is more than loathsome. It is treachery at its worst. It is the betrayal of democracy, equality and fairness. It is tragic failure of humanity that says something ominous about the nature of Nigerians and future of Nigeria.

Every Nigerian in leadership position, who has stood by, while Buhari facilitates this perfidy by Fulanis against the rest of Nigeria, should hang his or her head in shame.

History will have no pity on these men and women, who value the crumbs from the Fulani table more than the life, justice, liberty and dignity of all Nigerians.

Any governor, senator, member of house of Assembly and party members, who do not understand that Miyetti Allah and Buhari are working in tandem to fulanise Nigeria, is either ignorant and dumb or a coward and a traitor. In either case, unfit to occupy the offices they hold. Even T Y Danjuma and Olusegun Obasanjo have understood this reality, albeit very very late and at a time they may do very little about it. At least their assertions should galvanise Nigeria to fight this evil, which is threatening the continuing existence of Nigeria as a secular Democracy under the rule of law.

It is clear that Nigeriaís politics has broken down under the weight of sectarianism, nepotism, corruption and identity politics. Buhari has unashamedly been working only for the north and Fulanis. He has not hidden his contempt for those who do not agree with his sectarian politics and Buhari and his Fulani gang see Nigeria as a place to be exploited and dominated.

Buhari is focused on securing the primitive life style, beliefs and prejudices of the Fulanis. His has clearly demonstrated that his loyalty is to Fulani ethnic group and Islam and not to Nigerian citizens. He has continued to allow Fulanis to carry arms without licence, while cracking down on Nigerians with legitimate gun licences. This should alert people to Buhariís real intention, which is to make Nigeria easy for armed Fulanis to take over, the country, while the army and police stand by.

If not, how can an honest leaders stand by and allow the bloodbath Fulani herdsmen have inflicted on the country in the last four years. If Fulanis need arms to protect their cattle, Igbo traders and other Nigerians need arms to protect themselves from armed robbers and kidnappers.

Nigeria is dithering on a precipice with armed Fulanis posed to take over villages and a government, army and police complicit with their agenda, while majority of Nigerians appear to be asleep or are wilfully ignorant or simply playing wise idiots.

For four years, Nigerian security meetings have been conducted in Hausa with all northern members I was told. Or that there is a security meeting with only northerners conducted in Hausa, where the real decisions about Nigeria are taken.

It is sad and tragic that suspicion, ethnic hatred and religious intolerance seem to have won in Nigeria and the dream of a united Nigeria is running out of oxygen. How else can one explain Buhariís focus on connecting the north and Niger Republic by train, instead of ensuring that the East-West rail line connects Igbo states, where a significant fraction of the wealth the north exploit is extracted with west Nigeria.

After the last election, I concluded that Nigeria will not be better in my life time. It is sad, but I will never stop fighting for justice, rule of law, equity and equality in Nigeria.

For Igbos, the first step in this dangerous and unpredictable time is to choose as leaders in Nigeria, Igbos, who understand this reality and are determined to fight against it using all means possible and not those who value the crumbs from Fulani table more than liberty and justice.

There is no doubt that the most serious problems Igbos have in Nigeria today is that Igbo political leaders are coming from a corrupt class, whose loyalty is to Fulani caliphate. The result of this, is the total failure to align Igbo national interest with Igbo internal politics. The consequence of this spectacular failure is that Igbos have as leaders, turncoats, who are in the pocket of Fulani oligarchy, whose greatest achievements so far, are corruption and their deafening silence in the face of evil.

Without solving this problem, Buhar and Miyetti Allah will have their way in Igbo land, no matter how loud the people shout. No one can get to his destination, if the first step is in the wrong direction.

By coming out to condemn this perfidious plan, ADF, Ohanaeze, MASSOB, IPOB etc., have taken important step. Next, they must morph into a true political party or support a political party that share their objectives and vision for Nigeria. A political problem must be addressed politically. Such a political organisation must set as its foremost objective, the determination of those who hold political power in Igbo land, while Igboland remain part of Nigeria.

Once honest and patriotic Igbos are elected as senators, legislators, state legislators, governors and councillors, Igbos will have a future in or outside Nigeria. The alternative is simply too grime to contemplate.

It is time to tell Buhari and his Fulani gang that enough is enough and that Nigerians can no longer endure their greed, ethnic prejudice, intransigences, arrogance and murderous agenda.

Every ethnic group in Nigeria must now arm and carry arms like the Fulanis, if Buhari does not disarm Fulani militia and bring Miyetti Allah to justice.

In Buhari, Nigeria has died.