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Buhari continues ethnic cleansing in Nigeria Military, Northernisation and Islamisation


he attempt and determination of President Buhari to reshape Nigeria in the interest of the north and image of Islam seems to has shifted to Nigeria military.

In the last few weeks several senior officers of the Nigerian army and 35 cadets from the Nigerian defence Academy, who are mainly Christians and from the south have been dismissed from the army on trump up charges with all protesting their innocence.

All these are in continuation of the Buhari administration policy of north and Muslim domination of Nigeria. Nigeria under Buhari reminds me of the early days of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.


Maj. Gen TC Ude (SE or Igbo)

Maj. Gen LC Ilo (SE or Igbo)

Maj. Gen IN Ijoma (SE or Igbo)

Maj. Gen O Ejimai (SE or Igbo)

Maj. Gen PAT Akem (SS)

Maj. Gen ED Atewe (SS)

Maj. Gen Letam Wiwa -Younger brother of murdered Environmental Rights activist and author, Ken Saro-Wiwa (SS)

Maj. Gen FO Alli (SS)

Maj. Gen Mobolaji Koleoso (SW)

Maj. Gen SD Aliyu (MB)

Maj. General MY Ibrahim

Brig. Gen GO Agachi (SE or Igbo)

Brig. Gen Okonkwo (SE or Igbo)

Brig. Gen Ogidi (SE or Igbo)

Brig. Gen Koko Essien (SS)

Brig. Gen PE Ekpeyong (SS)

Brig. Gen Bright Fiboinumama (SS)

Brig. Gen. M. Onoyiveta (SS)

Brig Gen IMD Lawson (SS)

Brig Gen Oyefesobi (SW)

Brig. Gen AI Onibasa (SW)

Brig Gen Bashir Mormoni (MB)

Brig. Gen AH Sa’ad -Former ADC to late President Musa Yar'adua

Brig. Gen MG Ali

Brig. Gen LN Bello

Brig. Gen D Abdusalam

Col. CK Ukoha (SE or Igbo)

Col. OU Nwankwo (SE or Igbo)

Col. Nicholas Achinze -Dasuki’s ADC (SE or Igbo)

Col. Tonye F Minimah –Younger brother of former Chief of Army Staff, LT. General Kenneth Minimah (SS)

Col. FD Kayode (SW)

Col. Ojogbane Adegbe –ADC to former President Goodluck Jonathan (MB)

Col. Audu (MB)

Col. DR Hassan

Col. MA Suleiman

Lt. Col GC Nyekwu (SE or Igbo)

Lt. Col C Enechukwu (SE or Igbo)

Lt. Col CO Amadi (SE or Igbo)

Lt. Col Adimoha (SE or Igbo)

Lt. Col OC Egemode (SS)

Lt. Col TE Arigbe (SW)

Lt. Col TO Oladuntoye (SW)

Lt. Col Baba Ochankpa (MB)

Lt. Col DB Dazang (MB)

Lt. Col A Mohammed

Lt. Col AS Mohammed

Maj. TA Williams (SW)

This targeted dismissal of officers from south East from the Nigerian military, is coming as the ministry of education prepares to introduce Islamic indoctrination in schools, Fulani herdsmen continue their ethnic cleansing of villages in the south and middle belt region and the attempt to pass an obnoxious grazing reserve bill gathers momentum.

At the same time, the government continues to use the EFCC in its political vendetta in the name of fighting corruption.

While I support and believe that a country like Nigeria must fight corruption aggressively, the selective arbitrary and opaque way and manner it is being carried out by the EFCC under Buhari, undermines the rule of law and exposes the autocratic side of Buhari and his disdain for due and democratic processes.

A war against corruption that has disproportionately targeted southerners and those not in good terms with the president, cannot be claimed to be meeting the demand of elementary justice.

The two governors that has been convicted of corruption so far, are from the south and with the domination of the judiciary by northerners, who are also Muslims, it is not likely that any northern politicians will ever be convicted for corruption.

The question is why is it that, it is only governors from the south that have been convicted of corruption

Does is mean that governors from the north are saints?

Why is it that EFCC is targeting mainly southern politicians, who belong to other parties and ignore some of the most corrupt politicians in Nigeria because they belong to APC, president Buhari's political party?

Why is the National Assembly paralysed to discharge its constitutional duties and curtail Buhari 's dictatorial actions?

Why is the army committing crimes against humanity in Igbo land by extrajudicial killings of Igbo youth?

Why are northerners over represented in political appointments?

Why must it be a northerners that should be defence minister, national security adviser, head of customs. Head of police etc.?

Within a year, Buhari has taken nepotism to a new height and it is now threatening the existence of Nigeria as one country under the law.

Few days ago, president Buhari appointed , Mr Ibrahim Idris as the new IG of police. Mr Idris was the Commissioner of Police in Kano during the 2015 election, where Buhari got 2 million underage votes and no votes were voided.

In order to appoint Mr Idris, about 6 DIGs and 10 AIGs were skipped. This is an example of how Buhari is fighting corruption in Nigeria.

Buhari should know that, when a country is corrupt and the law impotent, men will resort to retaliatory justice as they embrace vengeance as a justified means of extracting justice for wrongs. This is what is called anarchy or the rule of the jungle.

It is distressing, that Buhari can embark on the sinister moves he has made, after what he knows about Nigeria and the goodwill that brought him to power.

I wish to condemn in the strongest of words, the continued pursuit and implementation of sectarian agenda by the Buhari government.

In particular, I denounce the President's discriminatory attitude by appointing only northerners and Muslims into senior positions at the expense of Christians and southerners. I urge him to return Nigeria to the path of equal opportunity, merit and justice as fairness.

What Buhari is doing is against the spirit of federal character enshrined in the Nigerian constitution, which seeks to ensure equal and equitable distribution of appointments and opportunities.

I also deplore President Buhari continued onslaught on South East by marginalising the region in his budget. This has now become a political vendetta.

I condemn his sacking of several military officers From South East in the army to ensure that people from his region and religion have complete control of the military. This action is unlawful, short sighted, provocative and divisive.

This action coming as the army continues to conduct extra judicial killings in Igbo land is ominous.

Below are the names of the latest victims, of Buhari's crime against humanity being committed against Igbos in south East. The is being carried out by his killing squad, made up of Islamic minded Nigerian soldiers from north Nigeria posted to East

The list covers those killed in Asaba and Onitsha on 30 May 2016, excluding over one hundred laying helpless in different hospitals.

Eastern Radio gathered that so many people are still missing, which the group cannot determine whether Dead or alive.

Those killed in Asaba include:

1. Ichoku Ndu

2. Ebere Obidike

3. Nwabueze Uzonna

4. Okey Roland

5. Chukwudi Ifenna

6. Isaac Uzochukwu

7. Eberima Aguh

8. Henry Gideon

9. Efion Apani

10. Abuchi Obi

11. Ozoemena Chukwuma

12. Lotenna Ifeajuna

13. Ifebuchi Okenwa

14. Wisdom Omota

15. Ejike Abunchukwu

16. Ozobu Ogbonna

17. Emeka Madueke

18. Paschal Gideon

19. Afam Onyeburu

20. Izu Onwubiewe

21. Okey Agubata

22. Celestine Nnamdi

23. Obieke Lotenna

24. Nwabueze Oti

25. Chijioke Ozoro

26. Nwadike Chibuzo

27. Azuka Ifeake

28. Chioma Nkemjika

29. Obiora Okonkwo

Those killed in Onitsha area include:

1. Obi Nkemakonam

2. Ubani Nwenneakonam

3. Nwuzo Friday

4. Ilo Friday

5. Olisama Chukwuemeka

6. Awah Sopuruchi

7. Okoye Chinedu

8. Ezeilo Chuka

9. Onyeduna Ifesinachi

10. Nnamani Sunday

11. Chinonso Amadi

12. Tagbo Chibuzo

13. Anyanwu Chika

14. Egbe Johnson

15. Osukwe Ijeoma

16. Nkechukwu Ikechukwu

17. Kenneth Eni

18. Orjichukwu Chigozie

19. Solomon Izundu

20. Ebili Edward

21. Gabriel Onyedikachi

22. Ilo Ozoemena

23. Nwauju Charles

24. Onuoha Chidozie

25. Onyemaechi Nwaezeoma

26. Innocent Obodoekwe

27. Ifeanyi Azubuike

28. Adigwe Chukwudi

29. Ogochukwu Mbam

30. Obiosa Chukwueme

31. Ugochukwu Samuel

32. Onuoha Chigozie

33. Maduka Egwela

34. John Onuchukwu

35. Maduabuchi Onwukanjo

36. Izuchukwu Nwaogba

37. Nnamdi Okonkwo

38. Ibekwe Okechukwu

39. Felix Odianwu

40. Okafor Moses Madukasi

41. Egwu Joseph.

It must be stated that there is no armed group in Igbo land and all the people murdered so far have been in cold blood, while going about their normal business.

These are ominous signs about the attitude and intentions of Buhari to Nigeria and what he may want to achieve with his presidency.

All these give credence to those who believe that President Buhari is an Islamist and ethnic nationalist, who sort the presidency of Nigeria to ensure the domination of Nigeria by the north and islamisation of the country.

Buhari appears to be reading from a very well known military maxim,' those with guns rule those without'.

It is on record that one of his first orders on assuming office, was to request the audit of arms in the hands of civilians in east Nigeria.

Then, he attempted to bring Boko Haram to Anambra state as Prisoners. When this failed, the Fulani herdsmen were unleashed on the people and the army killing squad on peaceful Youth protesting for self determination.

Southern Nigerians must remember that on November 16 1532, that Spanish general Francisco Pizarro with only 168 armed men defeated Atahuallpa who had 80,000 men at the battle of Cajamarca and ensured the conquest of Inca kingdom. The only reason he succeeded was because the 168 had guns, while the Indians did not.

Today, South Americans speak Spanish and are mainly Roman Catholics.

Buhari has a sense of the history of his own people in north Nigeria and may wish to repeat it in the south. To be forewarned is to be for armed.