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Continued from Part 1

Aims and objectives of the Nigerians for Change

e the citizens of Nigeria in order to form the best possible federation united on civil and democratic values, establish justice, equality before the law, ensure internal tranquillity, provide for common development, promote the welfare of all, secure individual liberty and human dignity, safeguard national unity, territorial integrity and sovereign independence of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, do ordain and establish this aims and objective for Nigerians for Change NC hereafter referred to as Ďthe Associationí.

  1. To establish a democratic political association, governed under the rule of law, anchored on justice, equality, liberty, tolerance, transparency, and good governance. An all-Nigerian socio-political organization that will transcend ethnic and religious boundaries, devoted to promoting national consciousness, integration, peace, evolving the structure for our coexistence and good governance.

  2. To become an effective democratic non-ethnic, non-religious, ideological political organisation that operates on the best of democratic principles in the best interests of the members and the people to achieve good governance in Nigeria

  3. To help establish a free, democratic and prosperous Nigeria, under the rule of law, governed according to a constitution written by people elected by the people and adopted by the people in a referendum.

  4. To promote national dialogue, a free and independent press and discourage the use of violence in the pursuit of political and religious objectives and to give every region of Nigeria a true sense of belonging, by promoting a national identity and diversity through the establishment of true Federalism.

  5. To promote conditions and an environment that would enable Nigerians embrace tolerance, civil and honest values and work together to build a new nation which would guarantee social justice, equal opportunities, and respect for human life and dignity for all.

  6. To canvass for membership all over the country and beyond and solicit for electoral support for the attainment of political power through democratic means and process.

  7. To promote through democratic means, the emergence of earnest and trustworthy candidates to contest elections on the Associationís platform and manifesto at all levels, on the platform of any other political organisation that shares the aims and objectives of Nigerians for change.

  8. To protect individual liberty, work to eliminate and or ameliorate poverty and uphold equality of all before the law.

  9. To promote the equality of all before the law and eliminate all forms of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion, indigenousness, disability, life or sexual life style preferences; a free Nigeria where all are accountable to the law and the government work in partnership for the best interest of the people.

  10. To promote enlightenment through education, encourage a reading culture, investment in research, especially scientific (Physical, Bio-Medical, technological, chemical and Agricultural) and other aspects of knowledge and learning.

  11. To organise Nigeria in the most economical and politically expedient structure that would enable the nation states to best achieve their self-determination, fight for justice and develop

  12. To pursue policies that ensure that quality education is available to all Nigerians between the ages of five and twenty-one in a way and manner that would ensure that individual ability to pay would not be a hindrance.

  13. To promote a national health and social policy that would ensure accessible healthcare for all Nigerians, where money would not change hand at the point of need.

  14. To ensure the preservation of the environment, conservation of our natural resources, wild life and national treasures; and fight environmental degradation and pollution.

  15. To promote university autonomy, academic freedom and independence of thought.

Philosophy of the Association: NC believes in the

  1. Existence of Nigeria as an indivisible geographical entity which should be governed in the best interest of the citizens under the rule of law.

  2. Right of individuals to freedom of conscience, own properties and pursue happiness.

  3. Economy in which the government works in partnership with individuals and organisation for the best interest of the country.

  4. Right of individual to freedom of thoughts, speech and expression.

  5. Existence of an independent, free, accountable and responsible press

  6. Freedom of information and transparent government.

  7. Equality of all before the law.

  8. Protection and defence of individual liberty.

  9. Promotion of civil and good moral values and principles.

  10. Creating conducive democratic environment for honest and conscientious citizens of Nigeria to offer themselves for service and leadership in order to develop our country and enable it to assume its rightful place amongst the community of nations.

  11. Principles of the fundamental human rights and sacredness of life.

  12. Believes in an effective, sensitive, decisive and redemptive criminal justice system that puts the victim of crimes at its centre, ensures justice to the accused and enables the guilty to pay the price of misdeed, reflect and contribute to the cost of justice in a fair, just and equitable manner.


The Association is owned by the members, and currently registered in Britain as a not for profit limited liability company, and membership of the association is open to all citizens of Nigerian citizens, living either in Nigeria or abroad, irrespective of their religious beliefs, ethnic group, circumstance of birth, gender, any personal preferences, social and economic status, on the payment of a registration fee of one hundred dollars or equivalent for voting members or ten dollars or nothing for nominal members and can pay their membership fee in small instalments over time to become voting members, and filling of membership application form and acceptance of the provisions of the aims and objectives and constitution of Nigerians for change; provided that:

  1. The person has attended the age of 18 years at the time of application.

  2. Serving Public Officer, a member of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, the Police or a Traditional Ruler who choose to become member can be admitted as dormant or none participatory members. They would not be allowed to take part in party electioneering activities or stand for elections into party offices while still active in their roles.

  3. Application for membership shall be on individual basis. However joint application can also be made.

  4. A prospective member shall register on line, by telephone, request for application forms by post or at any other office or branch of the party that is convenient.

  5. After registration, members would be given a membership certificate which they may be required to present as evidence of their membership anywhere.

  6. Only members who are up to date with their financial obligations to the association are eligible to stand for offices and or vote at associationís elections and every member has only one vote at all elections..

Obligations of members:

  1. Members of the Association shall be obligated to affirm the associationís aims and objectives and conduct themselves in ways and manners that shall not bring the association to disrepute, public odium or inconsistent with the associationís constitution.

  2. Shall also observe the rules and regulations embedded in the constitution of the association

  3. Members shall pay all legitimate, fees and agreed dues and levies that the organisation may solicit in the pursuit of the aims and objectives of the Association.

  4. Members are obliged to participate in the activities of the association e.g. canvassing for membership, election campaigns, rallies, fund raising functions, community services and attend organisationís meetings. It will be an offence to induce people to vote for an individual by any other means apart from persuasion and the force of oneís argument

Rights and Privileges of Membership

  1. A fully registered members of the Association, who are in good and regular standing, shall have the right to vote and be voted for into any of the elective positions of the Association.

  2. A member shall enjoy all the privileges of the Association and shall be entitled to be appointed or elected to any committee of the Association either by the executive committee or the members present and voting at the meeting or convention.

  3. All members of the association are to join at least one interest group and not more than two.

  4. All members are entitled to protection and assistance by the association in their search for justice or the enforcement of their fundamental human rights.

Register of Members

A register of members shall be kept and maintained at every level of the Associationís Secretariat, provided always that every such level of the Association shall update its membership records from time to time. It shall be the responsibility of a member to ensure that his/her name is duly entered in the associationís Register.

Termination of Membership

Membership of the Association shall be terminated by death, resignation or expulsion.

  1. Upon resignation or expulsion, a member shall be legally obliged to return to the Association all its properties in his/her possession.

  2. Upon the death of a member, his/her next-of-kin shall be similarly obliged.

Duties of the Association:

  1. To carry out the democratic wishes of the members in accordance with the associationís constitution.

  2. To provide the political environment for members to aspire to political offices to serve and change Nigeria for good.

  3. To provide support to members in attempt to enforce their fundamental human rights, fight for injustice and confront corruption.

  4. To carry out all the other duties of a political Association for the interest of the members and country.

Continued from Part 1

E O Eke is qualified in medicine. At various times he has been a General medical practitioner, Medical missionary, Medical Director and senior medical officer of health in Nigeria. He specializes in child, Adolescent and adult psychiatry and lives in England with his family. His interest is in health, religion philosophy and politics. He cares for body and mind.