Monday, June 10, 2024
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Nigeria is on life support. Those who know about intensive care would understand that life support depends on the availability of well trained and experienced critical care professionals, availability of oxygen, medicine and the various equipment working optimally.

In the case of Nigeria, the equipments are faulty the professionals rogues, the medicine cannot be trusted and the patient depends on borrowed oxygen.

The rate of inflation in Nigeria is now very high. Therefore, just increasing salaries and throwing more money at the people would not do.

However, the minimum wage( I think Nigeria should do away with the word and replace it with living wage) is scandalous and must be increase to give the workers a chance of ecking a living for some days in the month on it. This is how dare the economic reality is for those who are not politicians nor have politicians as friends or family member. The majority of the population.

The over heating of the economy by those who earn too much by doing the least must be addressed.

In this wise I would recommend immediate reduction of the stratospheric salaries and emoluments of the politicians by at least 70%. The pay of politicians in Nigeria is scandalous. It is like the politicians are drawing from the Nigerian well with drums, while public and civil servants are asked to use spoons.

What a politician gets monthly as undeserved housing allowance or car allowance is hundreds of times greater than the minimum wage.

This is as immoral as it is criminal. There is neither reason nor justification for the excessive pay of Nigerian politicians receive. It is simply greed and pathological selfishness and complete lack of ability to put themselves as human beings in the shoes of others. In other words, it is simple wickedness.

The situation is even more troubling when it is the same politicians that also set their salaries and emoluments. Nigerian politicians are simply robbing the country.

Addressing the unacceptable disparity in earnings will restore the needed discipline in power of consumption of the politician and force increase in value of the Naira. Reducing the drive to ask for more money and stemming inflation.

The savings would be used to fund a living wage for workers and other social investments in education and health.

I see no reason why the over bloated salaries and allowances of politicians should not be cut to release fund to pay those who are doing the real work in the economy.

In Nigeria politicians do least and earn most. This is as immoral as it is unfair.

I hope the APC government would take governance serious and not just see it as a means for politicians to take as mush as possible from the treasury as has sadly been the case in Nigeria over these years.