Thursday, June 10, 2021

e know the path that brought us to this point. The continuing Fulani terrorism, which Nigerian government under Mohammadu Buhari has refused to address the way an honest and sincere government would. The pursuit of Islamic agenda by the north, the aiding of Fulani land grab by the present government. The continuing marginalisation of Igbos and Igbo land and deliberate pursuit of anti Igbo policies by the Buhari administration and the failure of South East Governors to articulate effective plan to stop the killings by Fulani terrorists and their rapacious corruption.

This created the environment for Igbo youth to be seduced by the toxic rhetorics laced with utopia of Biafra of Nnamdi Kanu from Radio Biafra.

Today, we are where we are. Innocent people have been caught up in this madness, where soldiers are showing their strength in extrajudicial killings of unarmed and defenceless civilians, in the name of fighting IPOB and innocent Igbos framed as members of IPOB and slaughtered by Nigerian soldiers.

All that Nigerian soldiers have to do, to kill an Igbo today, is say that he is IPOB member. The soldiers are using all types of brutality and inhumanity, which constitutes war crimes.

This is wrong, unjustifiable, unlawful and unacceptable. This criminality and shear wickedness must now come to an end.

Nigerian soldiers, mainly Muslims and from the north are acting, not as professional soldiers quelling an insurrection to restore order, but genocidal bandits who want to intimidate, subjugate and wipe out a people from the surface of the earth.

I believe reason, civility and the rule of law must now return. Buhari has once again, shown his hatred of Igbos and his nasty side and ordered the killing of Igbo youths, which he has been itching to do, since he threatened that blood would flow if he lost the election. At the same time, he has not been able to speak frankly about the ethnic cleansing by Fulani terrorists since he came to power. It is one rule for Fulanis and another for non Fulanis.

Nnamdi Kanu is seeing the futility of his uncoordinated vocalisation, rascality and liberation though the airwaves.

We should now sit down and talk peace, peaceful coexistence, end of Fulani terrorism, end of marginalisation of Igbo land, reconstruction promised after the civil war and the type of Nigeria we want.

It is not difficult. We should talk peace now, not after the killings. Enough lives have been wasted. This pogrom in Igboland land ordered by Buhari must now stop.

Igbo leaders: Governors, senators, church leaders, traditional leaders and leaders of various Igbo organisations, must now rise up to the challenge to stop this genocidal killings in Igboland land by Nigerian army. It is for a time like this, that leaders are elected.

The violations of the law, abductions, torture, murder and arson going on Igboland perpetrated by Nigerian Army, and police is a war crime against humanity. The kidnappings, and ethnic cleansing by Fulani terrorists, must now be brought to an end.

The government of Mohammadu Buhari should be very ashamed for showing its strength in destroying the weak and innocent, while protecting the real terrorists and terrorist organisation, Miyetti Allah the sponsor of Fulani terrorism in Nigeria.

The actions of the Nigerian military is hateful, disproportionate and unjustifiable as there is no reason whatsoever to subject an ethnic group to collect punishment, because of the behaviour of a few and treat every single individual as a suspect. The army can go after the so called unknown Gum Men, without terrorising Igbos and treating every Igbo as a suspect The behaviour and conduct of Nigeria soldiers constitutes unjustifiable crime against humanity and must now stop.

However, if the truth must be told, the current security situation in Igboland is a mess of Igbo making. It epitomises the lack of leadership in Igboland and the primitivity of Igbo politics. A politics that is unashamedly selfish, self-centred, uninspiring, criminal and ignorant. Nevertheless, claims to have need of nothing. A politics that neither cares for the people nor recognise the responsibility of the government to the people. A politics that created the environment for current agitation for Biafra.

Sadly, what Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB does not seem to understand is that IPOB threw down the gauntlet, when it set up a military organisation and the federal government has picked it up.

They failed to demonstrate that they understand that the only solution the Buhari government knows is kill to victory.

Nnamdi Kanu/ IPOB , irrespective of whatever their good intentions, has done what no wise organisation should do; give your adversary who has superior military strength, opportunity to settle the problem by violence.

Syrian rebels made the same mistake in Aleppo, thinking Obama would give them support. Obama pulled his support and Russia moved in and helped Assad to waste them.

Since 2012, I have feared for this day. I prayed it would not be come. If Igbos want to limit the damage, Igbos should plead with Igbo governors to take responsibility as chief security officers and then support them to free our people from this Biafra delusion.

This is one way to stop the slaughtering of Igbo youth by Nigerian homicidal military. Igbo governors should have acted, when the federal government classified IPOB as a terrorist organisation.

If IPOB had any strategy, it would not have established a military wing in the way it did.

It cannot claim to be pursuing its objectives peacefully, which had restrained the federal government from acting and at the same time, set up a military unit and expect the government to do nothing.

If the strategy is to provoke the government to kill Igbos which would force the world to intervene. Such a strategy is naive, psychopathic and suicidal.

The question Igbos must ask and answered are: What have Igbos gained as a people since NK/ IPOB agitation started?

How many Igbo youths have been killed since Nnandi Kanu/IPOB started their liberate struggle?

Has Igbo land become safer? The evidence speaks for itself. Igbo land has been included in the list of places British and Europeans should not travel to.

There has been more capital flight from Igbo land. Igbo land is now a more dangerous place to live. What have Igbos gained by allowing one man to radicalise our youth and sell them unachievable utopia.

Some Igbos consider Biafra as an option, but no one who understands how government works and how the world thinks, would support the madness NK and IPOB has unleashed in Igboland in the name of Biafra. I do not think that many Igbos quite understand the significance of what is evolving in our region and the long term implications.

In responding to the agitation by IPOB, Igbos seem to forget that agitation is an industry and if badly managed, becomes a monster that consumes the people the groups wants to liberate. We have seen this in Northern Ireland, Syria and Iraq. It is morphing in Nigeria with the Islamic terrorists groups.

Once a region starts consuming arms, and criminal elements test the power arms give, it is difficult for a safe and civil society to return, unless the groups are crushed. The arm dealers must be laughing their way to the bank as new marked facilitated by those who claim to be fighting for Biafra, have once again, opened in Africa.

Igbos who support Nnamdi Kanu /IPOB should be aware that many countries are going the Sri Lanka way by applying the tactics they used against the Tamils.

Therefore, unless Igbos find a way to persuade those who want Biafra or death to pursue their objectives through political and democratic means, agitation for Biafra may be the sowing of seeds of intractable conflict in Igboland land.

In Igbo land there are about 5 Biafran liberation group. Does anybody think that these groups are going to disappear?

MASSOB appears to be lying low now. Does anybody think they will keep quite for ever, considering the state of war that exists between their leaders?

These are people who have chosen to make a living out of agitation and have imposed their personal views on all. This is undemocratic and unacceptable.

Letís face it, it is better to do things the right way than to cut conners. I fear, we may be at the early stage of destruction of Igbo society as we know it. God forbid.

Igbos are making a huge mistake in agitation for Biafra, when the problem is criminal leadership in Igboland land which has failed to fight for Igbos in the wider Nigeria.

It would seem that Igbos want to have their cake and eat it. We want to have two options, where only one option is required.

If Igbos want to achieve autonomy through the political , economic and legal route, there is no room for what Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are doing.

Igbos need to be honest and clear about what Igbos want in Nigeria and if Igbos want Biafra then Igbos should commit to peaceful, civil and democratic process and agitate peacefully.

The idea that an individual can usurp political power without democratic mandate in the name of liberating the people is to say the least criminal.

One cannot set up an armed security group in a democratic country no matter your grievance, and expect the government and those with democratic mandate to roll over. What Nnamdi and IPOB are doing is either extreme naivety or madness.

Imagine how the elected leaders felt, when Nnamdi Kanu declared himself supreme leader and went about insulting Buhari.

Is Nnamdi more Igbo and wiser than Ebitu Ukaiwe, General Ihejirka, Nnia Nwodo etc.

What have we been smoking in the last 10 years?

I appeal to the Nigerian government to stop the genocidal military operation and exercise restraint in addressing the challenges Nnamdi Kanu IPOB presents to the Nigerian politics and stop acting, out of prejudice and, for Igbo leaders to provide the leadership this time demands. We must bring the wasting of lives of Igbo youth to an end. Let wisdom guide.