E O EkeFriday, June 3, 2016


Beheading of Mrs Bridget Patience Agbaheme in Kano, it is time for Igbos to leave North Nigeria


hose who think that the Nigeria we see today would get better, do not appreciate that once gravity takes over, it is all the way to the bottom.

The decapitated toso of Mrs Bridget patience Agbaheme.

They fail to understand that the forces propelling Nigeria to disaster can neither purge itself nor respond to rationality and compromise.

No people with the kind of Islamic agenda that has taken root in north Nigeria and evolving and, giving rise to the fracturing violence we observer today ever gives up. Afghanistan and Pakistan are just two examples of countries that took the route North Nigeria has taken.

What has infected north Nigeria is a virus, which without the tested treatment that works, will kill what exists today as Nigeria.

Those who want a country, where their kinsmen will continue to pay the blood price because they have contracts to protect can continue, but for me, it is devolution, equality, justice as fairness and end of northern domination.

Of course, those who play divide and rule by pointing finger to those abroad, are demonstrating that they have no coherent argument for the position they have taken. They are happy that all top positions in Nigeria are occupied by northerners.

They are comfortable that Islamic minded soldiers from north Nigeria have been posted to East Nigeria, where they are brutalising the people and conducting extra judicial killings of our youth.

They are relaxed that the Fulani herdsmen equipped with assault weapon, who murder our people and burn our villages are granted immunity.

They are content that our region is marginalised and starved of development, without good international air and sea port, and that our youth are discriminated against on admission to federal government schools, employment and appointments.

They see nothing wrong that the president of Nigeria, has to be appealed to before he details his press secretary to condemn crimes against humanity unfolding in his watch.

It is hogwash, to give anybody hope that the Nigeria's Muslim north has any agenda apart from domination and imposition of Wahabi-IS type Islam, which will make beheading for blasphemy a common occurrence.

Nigeria as we had it and Dreamed it could be, died, when the north implemented sharia law and set up Boko Haram. Those who do not see the hand writing on the wall, will end up in Nigeristan.

The type of Muslims behind this evolving evil, hold their religious beliefs in exactly the same way psychotic patients hold their delusions.

This kind of Islam does not do compromise. This kind of Islam does not listen to whatever is not in the Quran. This type of Islam is drunk on prejudice and intolerance and only responds to what Mohammed said in antiquity.

Therefore, anything apart from from ensuring that one is able to protect himself, is useless. No one who does not share the same beliefs can share a country in peace with the type of Muslims, north Nigeria has produced in large numbers.

Mrs Bridget Patience Agbaheme was murdered in broad day light in a market with police and others watching. This Igbo woman was an innocent victim. Her only crime was that she was Igbo and a Christian.

Her murder was evil made visible The perpetrators and those who are behind them use religion as their excuse. We are dealing with one of the most sinister faces of evil conceived by men.

This kind of atrocity is a regular occurrence in Pakistan and many Islamic countries. It is what IS specialises in.

Blasphemy law is an evil legislation and, a weapon of oppression. It was the law the Jewish high priest used to convict Jesus of Nazareth. It is an obnoxious and ill conceived law, used to target those, religious people want to destroy and should have no place in the statue book of any civilised society.

  1. This sharia evil is not going to stop.

  2. There will be no justice for the victims in Nigeria.

  3. Those arrested will be released the same way Boko Haram members disappear from police custody in Nigeria. It is just the Nigerian way. There is no concept of justice as fairness, any thing no matter how evil and sinister, if done in the name of Allah is acceptable to the religiously insane.

The Nigerian legal system is in the hands of Muslims. The Supreme Court and Appeal court are headed by Muslims. Muslims head the courts in Kano, where this crime was committed and you will be hard pressed to find a Muslim judge in Nigeria, under the present dispensation, who will condemn the reason for this crime. This is the crux of the matter. No Muslim in Nigeria has condemned beheading for Insulting prophet Mohamned. There seem to be completely like of conceptual understanding of the evil of accepting death as justifiable punishment to exercise of freedom of speech.

Beheading has just started. Mrs Agbaheme will not be the last victim, unless this evil law is abrogated. The victims of this mad law will be Christians, mainly Igbos, who are given false hope to remain in the north Nigeria, when they should accept the end of an era and relocate to the south.

The future that is in store for non-Muslims who remain in the north Nigeria will be witnessing and being victims of cutting off of hands, for stealing, stoning for having consensual sex, public flogging for drinking alcohol, religious taxes for non-Muslims who refuse to convert, being forced to grow beads, their women forced to cover their faces with black cloth and more.

While we must work hard to bring the foot soldiers, who committed these barbaric atrocities to justice. Nigeria as a country, must, if she is serious to stamp out this medieval mind set, which Islam can instil in some already damaged minds, go after the sponsors, the religious teachers in madrassas, the Imams that preach hate in the name of God and the Emirs, who provide the religious orthodoxies and traditional narratives that give justification for violence in the name of God.

My anger with the religiously mad and the so called moderates is that they believe that those, who they claim insult their prophet deserve death.

Until we agree that no one deserves death, no matter the ancient prophet anyone may decide he or she insults, we can never have peace and, no non-Muslim can really be free in an Islamic society.

The irrationality, overvalued ideas and delusion of the religious leaders, who believe that they have the right and power to issue fatwas must be exposed so that these religious bigots can recover from their malady.

Instead of passing grazing right bills, trying to smuggle the evil face of sharia into the constitution of Nigeria and arming Fulani herdsmen, the north should be sponsoring bills to criminalise religious intolerance, uphold equality, equal representation, end discrimination on the basis of ethnicity and religion and enhancing the rule of law.

These are the values that built the countries, where many of those behind the introduction of sharia laws in north Nigeria and set up Boko Haram send their children for education in expensive private schools.

All those who continue to defend religion and use beliefs and writing of ancient books forged in ignorance to argue rationale for blind and literary interpretations of scripture, are ignorant and infected with the same disease, which compel the perpetrators of these barbaric crimes, even though they are not ill at the moment.

A man may be infected with a disease and may not yet be ill from it and, may pretend that he is well,until the disease becomes an illness.

One of the things destroying Africa and Nigeria in particular, is religion and, until we bring reason, enlightenment and empirical knowledge to what we belief about God and the mysteries of life, religion particularly Islam, will continue to be the cause of unspeakable evil, no matter what those who defend it say.

Once upon a time, Christianity was behaving the way Islam is behaving today, until the enlightenment. When Muslims allow reason and knowledge to inform what they believe about God and how they see and treat non-Muslims and women, this madness will end.

The rot is deep. I weep for my people and what used to be Nigeria.

Before the fall of Jerusalem, Jews were urged to leave Jerusalem and that the party was over. However, some urged them to stay and according to Josephus, the blood of those who stayed became a river of blood.

Those who urge Igbos to remain in the north are not doing it for honest and sincere motives, they are doing it because of either economic or political reasons and both are selfish and immoral, under the circumstance. It is time for Igbos to leave north Nigeria, a new Nigeria must now evolve.