Monday, June 3, 2024
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The murder of Nigerian soldiers is a criminal and condemnable act. It is the duty of the police to investigate such heinous crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Just like in other places in Nigeria, a group of radicalised youth are protesting and engaging in criminal acts against the people and members of the armed forces.

It is therefore rather intriguing that the government is threatening the Aba community in the way no community in the north or west has ever been threatened, when similar crime is committed against the army.

Therefore, government support of the occupation of Aba by the Nigerian army to intimidate the whole population and continue to subject them to collective punishment in the name of finding the perpetrators of the crime as unconscionable as it is unacceptable and unlawful.

One wonders why the president of Nigeria does not issue such threatening statements against communities, when Nigerian soldiers are killed in the north or west by terrorists.

Neither the Nigerian government nor the armed forces has any moral right to declare war on Igbos in the name of fighting IPOB.

Igbos and IPOB are not one and the same thing. It is disingenuous and prejudicial to think they are one and the same thing.

There is no need for Nigerian soldiers to continue to humiliate and extort Igbos as people conquered in war.

The federal government must take full responsibility for the state of Nigeria. It is the ill judged action of the federal government of Nigeria that brought Nnandi Kanu to prominence and the government’s choice to abuse the judicial process and ignore court orders and judgment has worsened the situation.

The intimidating the whole population of Aba in the name finding the criminals who murdered the Nigerian soldiers must now stopped and the state government must work with army and police to ensure security and follow due process to find the criminals and bring them to book.

Extrajudicial killings of arrested suspected IPOB members must stop and anybody arrested must be subjected to justice. This is the civilised and right way. The Nigerian army must stop killing igbo youths on the excuse that they belong to IPOB.

The violence in Igbo land was initially orchestrated when the government called the perpetrators unknown gun men. It is great to hear that the federal government of Nigeria has the capacity to crush any non state actors.

The question is why the same government has not done so and allowed Fulani terrorists to engage in ethnic cleansing of indigenous Nigerian villages and occupy these communities, while the indigenous population are in displaced people camps.

While condemning the killing of Nigerian soldier or any Nigerian for that matter by non state actors, one continues to wonder why it is only in south east and south Nigeria that the federal government of Nigeria threatens the whole community and subject them to collective punishment, any time criminal elements of the community commit criminal and barbaric acts against members of the armed forces.

Why does the federal government of Nigeria not show the same show of force when terrorists, members of Biko Haram and Fulani terrorists kill members of Nigerian armed forces in north and west Nigeria?

Why should the federal government of Nigeria treat every Igbo as a member of IPOB, when the same federal government neither treats every Yoruba as a member Sunday Idagho group nor every northerner as a member of Boko Haram and Fulani terror and kidnapping group.

I urge the federal government of Nigeria to show the same vigor it is showing in south east Nigeria against IPOB to Fulani terrorists and boko Haram members who are doing much more harm to Nigerian economy and security.

Only them, would many people stop believing that the federal government of Nigeria is complicity in the insecurity and have been selective in her responds for reasons best known to government.

When one views this against the background that same government has refused to publish the names of those sponsoring terrorists in Nigeria and recently dropped all charges against leader of myitti Allah, one would have no doubt of the partiality of the federal government in the way it is addressing the insecurity in the country.

I urge IPOB to drop its ill advised agitation and urge its members to join Nigeria politics to gain power legitimately and pursue its political objectives in lawful ways and manners and for the federal government to address the insecurity in the country evenly and ensure that Nigerian in displaced people camps return to their homes without further delay, instead of subjecting the whole community in Aba to collective punishment.

May the souls the murdered soldiers rest in peace

Long live Nigeria.