E O EkeWednesday, June 1, 2016


Remembering Bruce Mayrock, one of the finest men who ever lived


n 30 May 1969, Bruce Mayrock, a young white American student of Jewish descent at Columbia University, set fire to himself near the UN building in New York City.

He could no longer live in a world, which was prepared to accept the atrocities being committed against the Igbos in Nigeria during the Nigeria -Biafra civil war. He felt the Ultimate price was what he needed to pay to draw the attention of the world to the Biafran genocide.

It was also for the same reason that Steve Job, gave up his faith, because he could not believe in a God that would standby and allow Nigeria to commit the genocidal crime that was evolving.

Bruce died of his injuries, having given his life on behalf of a black African people, whom he had never met, thereby joining the very few who have shown the greatest of love, by giving up their lives. Jesus said, greater love has no man that a man will give his life for his friends.

Bruce Mayrock, showed the greatest of love in that he gave his life for people he did not know, for the only reason that they are human beings and share the same humanity with him.

Bruce Mayrock's sacrifice was not in vain. No act of pure love is ever in vain. It may be forgotten for a time or may even be seen as lack of judgement by some, but it will always stand the test of time as the best of humanity.

Even though Bruce's sacrifice, could not convince western countries that it was right to side with those who were fighting for freedom, Mayrock death demonstrates that in the midist of evil, there will always be those, who will chose the part of love and goodness.

By his sacrifice, Bruce Mayrock is one of the finest men who ever lived. He showed great idealism, altruism, and courage.

His memory will away remain alive as long as there are Igbos and men who love their fellow men in the world. Igbos will always mourn his death and whenever the story of Biafra is told, Bruce Mayrock will always be remembered.

To live in the hearts of those who love you, is not to die. Rest in peace, you are remembered today and always, one of the finest men, who ever lived. The struggle continues.