Friday, May 31, 2019

‘Nigeria is a joke, people get into office by corrupt and offer positions on nepotism and then serve their religion and ethnic group instead of the country’

Good morning Obasanjo.

had to rob my eyes, stand up and pinch my skin to make sure I was not dreaming, when I read the statement credited to Obasanjo Giving the keynote address at the 2019 Synod of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, held in Oleh, Isoko South Local Council of Delta State. Obasanjo said: ''It is no longer an issue of lack of education and lack of employment for our youths in Nigeria, which it began as, it is now West African Fulanisation, African Islamisation and global organised crimes of human trafficking, The statement by Obasanjo echoes what many have been saying for years. It is a welcome development, albeit belated and adds to the cry of T Y Danjuma that his people face genocide from Fulani terrorists.

It is an open secret that Fulanis are operating a terrorist organisation engaged in ethnic cleansing, kidnapping and extrajudicial killings within Nigeria without honest attempt by Buhari led Nigerian government to deal with it.

This is the most serious existential threat Nigeria faces, but Nigerians seem unconcerned.

The Fulanis targets are farmers who lay claim to lands, traditional rulers of communities they want to take over and ex military men from the communities.

Miyetti Allah is a terrorist organisation.

It is strange that Nigerian government is negotiating with the sponsor of Fulani terrorists. This lays bare the injustices and evil inherent in the Nigerian system

President Buhari, a Fulani, refuses to declare Fulani herdsmen a terrorist group in spite of the evil, terror, kidnappings and ethnic cleansing they are committing. The question is why the response of the Buhari administration to Fulani terrorism has been dishonest, ineffective, insensitive and against interest of Nigeria.

It is obvious that Buhari’s fanaticism has become a threat to the unity of Nigeria. His disregard of due process and belief that end justifies the means has exposed him as the tyrant.

His nepotism and failure to act decisively against Fulani herdsmen terrorists and his policy of actively supporting and enabling Fulani terrorism are evidence that he is an ethnic irredentist and has a sectarian agenda.

The Buhari government is offering Miyetti Allah, the sponsor of Fulani terrorism in Nigerian, 100 billion Naira and has approved a radio station for Fulani terrorists.

This is an active and audacious attempt to transfer more Nigerian resources into the hands of Fulanis and embolden and empower them in their land grab and bloody mission.

What other evidence does anybody need to decipher the real intentions of the Buhari government?

Those Nigerians who still think that there is anything like fairness, equality, the rule of law and due process in Nigeria under Buhari should wake up.

For the past 4 years, Nigeria has been under a vindictive and nepotistic Fulani irredentist and Islamist with 15th century mindset, whose aims are to impose Fulanis and Islam in Nigeria, ensure total domination and control of Nigeria by Fulanis, establishment a Fulani empire in Nigeria and transfer Nigerian wealth to the north. What Nigeria is experiencing is Fulani fascism.

For the first time in Nigeria, ethnic communities are been cleansed by Fulani soldiers and their villages occupied by Fulanis from other west African countries at an alarming rate and Nigerian government is neither able to bring the perpetrators to justice nor protect the communities at risk. The Buhari government has refused to allow the communities at risk to defend themselves, while failing to disarm Fulani terrorists.

For a country with the army and the defence budget Nigeria has, this is a serious indictment of the government.

At the same time, members of Boko Haram, said to have ‘repented’ are actively being recruited into the Nigerian army and the military occupation of South East is intensified.

Buhari is actively retiring non northerners from strategic positions in Nigerian army, judiciary, police and customs to ensure that the army, judiciary and customs are dominated by northerners, who are Moslem.

Buhari has imposed a Fulani Islamist as Chief Justice of Nigeria. Nigeria has Fulani President , Fulani Chief Judge, Fulani defence minister. Nigeria is in Fulani hands. Yet, Nigerians wonder why the Buhari administration does nothing about Fulani terrorism.

In the last four years, Buhari has been the de facto Minister for petroleum and no one knows what is happening to Nigerian oil. At the same time, solid minerals in the north are privatised. No one hears about gold, tin or columbite block.

It is obvious that Buhari sees his future in an Islamic Nigeria, closely allied with Islamic countries and China dominated by Fulanis, where Fulanis can do whatever they like and other Nigerians treated like second class citizens. Buhari prioritised extension of railway line to Niger, a Fulani dominated country over East west Rail line.

Buhari wants a Nigeria, where the presidency, National Assembly, army, police, customs and judiciary are dominated by Fulanis and Fulanis free to graze their cows in any farm without consequences.

Buhari has pursued relentlessly the establishment of Fulani colonies all over Nigeria without regard to whether the Fulanis qualify as Nigerian citizens under the law.

The one hundred billion Naira question is why are many Nigerians from the Middle belt and south supporting this toxic sectarian agenda?

Why are many Nigerians who are aware of this evil , except T Y Danjuma, and Obasanjo keeping quiet?

There are things that do not add up n Buhari’s presidency. Buhari was president of the cattle owners association of Nigeria. He wants to clean up Nigeria, but discriminates against those who did not vote for him.

He wants Nigeria to make progress, but practices nepotism, disregards merit and discriminates against those who did not vote for him. He shows no interest in research and knowledge economy, but bent on perpetuating nomadic way of life, with its adverse consequences on the environment.

He says he is against terrorism, but approved a radio station for Fulani terrorists, wants to give Miyetti Allah 100 billion Naira and refuses to declare Fulani herdsmen and Miyetti Allah a terrorist organisations.

He orders the security personnels to shoots unarmed Biafran protesters, but cannot bring Fulani herdsmen committing crimes against humanity against minority communities in the north and middle to justice.

He wants to end corruption in Nigeria, but welcomes and protects corrupt politicians in APC. He said that he is committed to Working for the implementation of sharia in the whole of Nigeria, God willing.

In his watched, El Rufai, has increased the Islamisation of north Nigeria by trying to eliminate all other religions from Kaduna state and turning a blind eye to atrocities committed by Fulani terrorists against mainly Christian minorities in southern Kaduna. Non Muslims are beheaded without consequences in the north.

Buhari has continued to detain many Nigerians, including Sambo Dusuki indefinitely, even in the face of court orders to release them. He has made nonsense of the write of Habeas Corpus, by destroying the right of prisoners to challenge their unlawful detention.

In the face of this reality one can only judge the true intentions of people like Buhari by their actions and not words or what some people think.

The question remains; what kind of Nigeria does Buhari believe in? Is it an Islamic Nigeria or a secular Nigeria? A Fulani dominated Islamic north Nigeria and a secular South Nigeria or a Fulani empire in Nigeria?

I would want a Nigeria, where all people no mater their ethnicity or religion, are equal before the law. A Nigeria where no ethnic group has exclusive right to bear arms and kill at will without consequences. A Nigeria where all are free to live in any part of Nigeria to Pursue happiness and shape their own future without discrimination or fear.

I do not want a Nigeria where Fulanis are free to carry assault weapons, kidnap, kill at will and commit genocide and graze their cows on other people’s ‘ farms without consequence and aided by the government.

It is obvious that the ethnic and religious divide in Nigeria is now too deep and the only rational thing is for Nigeria to restructured into a true federation with significant regional autonomy, where the rights of all Nigerians are respected.

All regions must have the same autonomy the north has that enabled it to impose Sharia laws, for Nigeria to survive.

The ethnic and religious minorities in north Nigeria must be free from Islamic and Fulani oppression.

People must regain the right to their ancestral land and resources beneath it. Nigerian government must relearn to govern and not to control and exploit.

Without restructure of Nigeria and a new constitution based on justice as fairness, equality, liberty and the rule of law, Nigeria will continue to drift and stagnate, the government will become more corrupt, sectarian and authoritarian , the demand for autonomy will increase and politics will become more divisive and violent.

Nigerians should wake up. Fulani terrorism threatens Nigerian unity. Our people say that good and wise men and I would add women do not allow goats to deliver while tethered.

As Edmund Burke said, The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Thank you Obasanjo for speaking out. This is not a time to be silent in Nigeria.