E O EkeThursday, May 21, 2015




he continued atrocities of ISIS, the burning alive of Jordanian pilot, beheading of two Japanese journalists, massacre of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians, and twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya shows that the world leaders have failed in containing and or controlling ISIS.

As president of US, Obama is the world's strongest leader and expected to show leadership. The world go wherever the US leads, but Obama has taken a back seat. The consequences have been grave and devastating. From Libya through Syria to Ukraine, the world has suffered from Obama lack of decisiveness and convictions.

This is perhaps the worst generation of world leaders, since the Second World War. Obama has failed to provide the leadership his position as president of America demands and this is a tragedy.

Obama must take some responsibility for what is happening in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine today. He is the president of America, the greatest country with the most formidable army in the world and he stands by, while a rag tag of Islamic mad barbarians, slaughter the innocents at will and destroy world history and heritage centres.

What purpose does a strong army serve, if it cannot be used to stop evil men from committing atrocities.

Obama has failed, not only those who believe in liberty, democracy and civil society in the Middle East, but all the world, who believe that good men must not stand helpless, while evil triumphs. This time calls for decisive men of conviction, who will do the right thing at all cost.

Under his watch Russia has outsmarted him in Syria and Ukraine and ISIS has risen and perpetrating barbarous atrocities and he stands by and watch.

Obama has consistently demonstrated lack of the killer instinct and inability to think on his feet. He has hidden behind thinking as an excuse for his cluelessness in difficult situations.

The result is that under his watch the reputation of America has suffered and many friends of America have been left in the lurch.

Today. Obama takes weeks to decide on situations, where time is essence and better informed leader would have had a clear idea of what the position of his country should be, given the options.

Instead, Obama would announced what he would do, weeks in advance to give the person he is going to find, enough time to hide.

Obama should remember what Dick Chenney said, that being American president is not for the faint hearted. There is still time for him to make a difference. Would the would join hand to ask Obama to stop doing nothing, while evil triumphs.