Tuesday, May 3, 2022
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bortion is an emotive issue and individual view is a function of beliefs, morality, knowledge and understanding. Many people do not often appreciate the enormity of the issues that need to be factored in, in the evaluation of abortion.

The questions are:

Why would any normal person want the right for her and others to kill unborn children?
When does life begin?
Is it at birth or at conception?
When does a fertilised egg become a human being?
What are the characteristics of a human being?
Has a living organism, which depends on the life of another any right above the rights, needs and wishes of the host and what obligations has the host towards the helpless organism beginning existence in side her?
Should the circumstance of the pregnancy have a determinant role on wether the pregnancy continues a

The above are philosophical questions which one must answer to begin to understand the complexity of the morality and politics of abortion.

As an individual, I do not need anybody to help me understand the evil of attacking the process of life at the most vulnerable stage.

However, I also recognise that life can be difficult and complicated. Circumstances are often different and others may have reason to choose what one may not, under the same circumstance and it is not oneís duty to judge or obstruct them.

My understanding of right, wrong and good has enabled me to make a distinction between what I know to to be wrong or immoral and the right of others to engage in them without me hindering them in any way, if it is lawful. In other words, I make a distinction between morality and lawfulness and understand that what is lawful can be immoral.

Today I know many people who drink alcohol, smoke and kill animals for food. I think they are doing something very bad and immoral, which I have chosen not to do and I will never say that they should be punished.

No one in good conscience can justify the killing of an unborn child, but it is the reality of life that human beings can find reason to justify wrong, wickedness and evil.

They tell us the issue is not whether abortion is right or wrong. It is whether a woman should have right and power to decide what happens in her womb. This is a strong argument about autonomy. But the issue is not about women having power over what happens in their body. It is about how they exercise this power which they already have because it affects something in them, which may one day, become independent.

I agree that people have the right to do evil when no one else suffers. However, in abortion. A helpless and an unborn human being is destroyed, in a society where the rights of animals and tenants are protected.

Nevertheless, I see no reason to criminalise abortion, women must have the right to decide what happens in the body. It is part of the burden of being a woman. It should be the right of a woman wether she becomes a mother or commit wickedness against the fruit of their womb. This is what advocates of abortion right believe.

The womb belongs to the woman and it is the woman who lives with the consequences of what happens in her womb or any other part of her body.

The fact is that no matter what people say, women who commit abortion know they killed a child, who would have one day became a human being. They also know that abortion is never an easy decision. It is enough price to pay for the greatest harm a woman can do to herself.

Abortion right is the a right to kill unborn babies at the beginning of their life, when their mother is the only person that can decide whether they experience existence or not. This is a privilege of being a women which no one should interfere.

Many people who support the right of women to kill unborn babies may never commit it, but they are supporting the killing of babies at the most vulnerable period in their lives, when they depend on the love of their mothers to survive.

They claim is because abortion right is issue of liberty and the limit of the power of the state to control people and enforce morality.

However, we must never forget that what is at stake is whether a woman should have the right to decide which pregnancy makes the journey to the labour room and who lives. The society must decide if this a right that should be left to an individual.

To have a right, is not a law or command to exercise it. The law is for those who may be forced to choose between bad and worse.

Such women should have the right to choose abortion, when in their judgment it represents a lesser evil to them.

Looked at closely, Abortion right is not only about the right of a woman to choose what happens in her body as no body can take that right away from any woman.

It is about those who believe in population control and think it is okay to kill unborn babies to reduce world population.

Life is a mystery and no one should have the right to stop a life unless of course it threatens the personís own life.

It is sad that some people see it as a great and honourable thing to advocate for the killing of unborn babies, instead of giving unborn babies the best chance under any circumstance.

Abortion should not be criminalise, neither should it be seen as a matter of right. Abortion is a tragedy and should always be seen as the wrong choice, which people are free to make.

Those who decide they want to kill their unborn children should be free to do so, but we must not pretend it is not a terrible thing to do.

Those who want to have sex should make sure they take precaution, if they will not welcome the fruit of their labour.

Let us end the hypocrisy and madness of abortion right and treat all lives as sacred no matter the stage.

Abortion right is right to kill the most vulnerable and helpless. It is a right to kill humans at the time they are most vulnerable and helpless and their future depends on the choices of others.

Unborn babies cannot speak for themselves. Unborn babies cannot choose for themselves. Unborn babies depend on the choices of others.

Therefore, abortion right is a sinister, dangerous and inhumane right. It is a right no human being who has the power to decide the existence of another should exercise lightly.

The route to life must be the one and only route, where no human being should have a right to play God. No human should have the right to kill. Abortion right is right to kill.

Right to abortion is an immoral right. It is like asking right to self-harm. There is no need to enshrine such right in law because every individual has the ability to self destruct and it is a matter of choice.

There is no need to give legality to evil. Every human begin can choose it. No one should have the right to abort a baby, but people should be free to do so if their life circumstance compels them. The natural instinct and inclination should be towards preserving life.

Unless of course, when a pregnancy threatens the life of the mother and saving the motherís life demands it. It becomes a medical choice in a struggle to save life. In such cases the motherís life should be paramount.

This is because no one should have the right for another to sacrifice their own life for them, unless of course, it is by choice.