Wednesday, April 14, 2021

he communique issued by governors of Abia, Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu and Anambra states after their expanded security meeting on 11 April 2021, is another evidence of the philosophical insanity and suicidal decisions of Igbo leaders in the face of existential threat.

In attendance Were:

  • Major Gen Toareed Lagbaja, GOC, 82 Division, Enugu (Southwest Muslim),

  • Brig Gen GS Mohammed (Fulani-Hausa Muslim) and Commander, 82 Division Finance Corps,

  • Brigadier Gen Ibrahim Tukura (Fulani-Hausa Muslim) and Brigade Commander, 34 Brigade, Obinze,

  • Brig Gen M. Ibrahim (Fulani-Hausa Muslim) and Brigade Commander, 14 Brigade, Ohafia),

  • Col Abdulsalam Abubakar Sambo (Fulani-Hausa Muslim) and Cantonment Commandant of the 302 Artillery Regiment, Onitsha,

  • Lt Col O. Sadiq (Muslim) and Commanding Officer, 24 Army Support Engineering, Abakiliki,

  • Nasiru Mohammed, Commissioner of Police, Imo State (Fulani-Hausa Muslim),

  • Aliyu Garba, Commissioner of Police, Ebonyi State (Fulani Hausa Muslim),

  • Mohammed Aliyu, Commissioner of Police, Enugu State Command (Fulani-Hausa Muslim),

  • Monday Bella Kuryas, Commissioner of Police, Anambra State (Hausa Christian) and

  • Janet Agbede, Commissioner of Police, Abia State.

  • Police Zones 9 (Umuahia) and 13 (Ukpo-Anambra) are also in the hands of same Fulani-Hausa Muslims and as at weeks ago, were headed by AIGs Zana Mohammed Ibrahim and Hafiz Mohammed.

The only Igbo amongst top security leaders in Igbo land is the newly posted Air Officer Commanding (AOC) Air Force Ground Training Command, Enugu, Air Vice Marshall Frank Oparah , who took over from Air Vice Marshall Idi Amin (Fulani-Hausa Muslim). Considering how Nigerian soldiers treated Igbos during the civil war. This is dangerous, naive and reckless.

Igbos are grossly under represented in Igbo states, in the top echelons of the security architecture on which their security depends.

At a time Igbos face existential threats from the Fulani terrorists and Boko Haram, almost all security agencies in Igbo land are headed by northerners and Muslims. This is beyond nativity. More troubling is that fact that not a single Governor has raised the issue.

This is in a country, where the ethics group from which majority of the security chiefs come is the same ethnic group from which fulani terrorists and Boko Haram come.

How can the heads of sheep hold security meetings with wolves security chiefs to protect the sheep from attacks by wolves? How can the sheep feel safe, when the security is headed by wolves?

At the end of this meeting it was decided that more money would be diverted from Igbo states to the same security agencies headed mainly by northerners who are Muslims.

These are the same security chiefs who have done nothing to improve security in Igbo land, and presided over the occupation of Igbo land and worsening security situation of the region. They are the same security chiefs, under whose watch extrajudicial killings of Igbo youth and the intimidation and extortion of Igbos are going on.

To describe the position of the governors as insanity is to understate the unundertandability of the logic and gullibility of Igbo state governors.

The governors failed to demonstrate in their communique that they understand that the aim of the Fulani government of Nigeria is to force Igbos to accept the ceding of their land to nomadic Fulanis from other African countries. Something the Fulanis would never accept, if the roles were reversed.

The governors seem oblivious of the fact that what Igbos want is an end to the military occupation of Igbos land, exploitation and extortion of Igbos by the Nigerian police, army, customs and judiciary discrimination against Igbos and marginalisation of Igbo land.

It is unthinkable that governors of Igbo states do not understand that Igbos can no longer accept a country, where northerners who kill Igbos out of ethnic prejudice in the name of Islam are told by the court that they have no case to answer and soldiers and police from the north, who engage in extrajudicial killings of Igbos on trump up charges of being members of IPOB, are not a held accountable.

The governors failed by their communique to demonstrate that they understand the seriousness of the existential threat fulani terrorism poss and that Igbos do not want to be part of a Nigeria, where they are hunted like preys by the police, army and customs and treated as conquered people.

Today, Igbos find themselves in a country where a group that neither originate nor create nothing, are using religious fanaticism and control of security agencies and federal government to take control of the resources of others and unleashed terror.

The people who posted mainly northerners to head security agencies in Igbo land want Igbos to accept the right of the north to dominate Igbos and decided what happens in Igbo land. They are the people who are responsible for the current insecurity in Igbo land.

The fact that most of the head of security agencies in Igbo land are from the north should have made the governors to understand that Igbo land is under occupation. This should have compelled them to hold the security chiefs accountable for security in Igbo land. This is the least they could have done under the circumstance.

Instead, the governors are colluding with those whose failure to discharge their duties honestly are at the root of the insecurity in Igbo land. This is scandalously tragic.

The question are: 1. Would any region of the north accept all the security chiefs to come from one ethnic group?

2. Why are Igbo governors colluding with the plan to emasculate and conquer Igbos.

I will not waste time with the first question because the answer is obvious.

It occurs to me that the one of things that can throw light into the second question is the understanding of the behaviour of the Emperor in the famous book, “The Emperors New New clothes “by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen,

In that story, some swindlers sell nonexistent garments to the Emperor by asserting that the garments’ unusual beauty makes them invisible to those who are morally deprived at heart.

The Emperor, afraid to be seen as morally depraved, agreed to walk naked denying the evidence of his own eyes and believing the lie in his heart.

The Emperor valued the judgement of two scoundrels over and above the evidence of his own eyes and his God given reason. As is usually the case in authoritarian states, everyone joined in this self deception and delusion, until a child cried out that the Emperor is naked.

This is exactly the same game being played by Igbo governors. They have been intimidated by the ad hominem fallacy, that those who oppose fulani terrorism are against the north and unity of Nigeria. Not wanting to be seen as against the unity of Nigeria and enemies of the same people who are sponsoring Fulani terrorists and Boko Haram, the governors have fallen for arguments from intimidation.

Governors of Igbo states are prepared to pretend that they are unaware that the security chiefs failed in their duty to protect Igbo land and are not minded to treat Fulani terrorists the way terrorists are treated in countries sincere with their war against terror.

For fear of being investigated and tried for corruption, they are prepared to allow the build up of Fulani Terrorists in Igbo forests and accept the failure of the security agencies to act against them.

The governors are willing to pretend that they are unaware that the aim of the Fulani government of Nigeria is to allow Fulani terrorists to displace indigenous population and occupy their villages.

It is very sad, that at a time like this in the history of Nigeria, when Igbo nation face an existential threat, that Igbos have as leaders, people who value filthy lucre more than the life, dignity and culture of their people. People who are prepared to walk naked and pretend that they are wearing invisible clothes, which only wise and moral men can see.