Thursday, April 8, 2021

condemn in the strongest of words the recent bombing and burning of police stations in Imo state. I hope that those responsible would be fished out, subjected to justice and punished. No one has the right to use force against others in the pursuit of his self defined objectives.

What should not happen is for the Nigerian police and army to use it as excuse to continue to hunt down innocent Igbo youth who they claim are IPOB members.

Besides, the military precision used in the attack raises valid questions about the capability of IPOB to carry out such operation, considering that IPOB deplores the use of violence and was declared a terrorist group by Buhari unjustifiably.

Moreover, it is not uncommon as was the practice in Iraq during the reign of Saddam Hussein, for the government to stage terrorist attacks to find justification for its murderous actions.

This is why I am alarmed at the statement attributed to the IG of police to the police to crush IPOB because it blames IPOB for the orchestrated bombings in Owerri .

This action betrays the prejudice of the IG and the Nigerian government against Igbos. Particularly coming without any evidence that IPOB is responsible.

Since Fulani terrorists started committing pogrom in Nigeria, the IG has never ordered the police to crush them. Instead the IG and his police have aided and continue to aid them.

The police refuse to arrest fulani terrorists. In fact, on occasions when citizens have made arrests of Fulani terrorists, the police have acted to facilitate their release and disregarded evidence that they are responsible for crimes.

The IG, the police and military, treat fulani terrorists and Boko Haram with kids gloves, while using sledge hammer against IPOB. Fulani clerics negotiate with Fulani terrorists and plead for the government to grant them amnesty. At the same time, Nigerian government are hunting down Igbo youth who they claim are IPOB members.

The fact is that IPOB has denied responsibility for the mayhem in Imo state and in the absence of evidence to prove that IPOB is response, the IG is acting out of prejudice, unlawfully and ultra vires.

We cannot allow the Nigerian government to continue to manufacture reasons for its unjustifiable military occupation of Igbos land and attempt to subjugate Igbos.

The government has been provocative in its actions. It unjustifiably declared IPOB a terrorist group and has been conducting extrajudicial killings of Igbos suspected to be members of IPOB. The police and the military have occupied Igbo land and have been intimidating and extorting Igbos. The Nigerian government has never described Fulani terrorists, the world 4 deadliest terrorist group, a terrorist group.

The federal government of Nigeria is using its power to pursue a sectarian objective. By all standard this is treasonable.

The plan of Fulani terrorists responsible for the mayhem in Igbo land is to occupy Igbo forests, drive Igbos away from their villages, and burn the villages, force Igbos to live in displaced people camps, while Fulanis from other African countries occupy Igbo villages.

The time for action must come. Nomadic Fulanis have been causing problems all over Africa. They are not content to live peacefully with others. They want to invade and occupy and they see Fulanis in power in Nigeria as a good opportunity to achieve their aim.

Igbo leaders must now for once, act like men and stand up for the life and future of their people. Igbo land must not be turned into a war zone.

No betrayal can be worst than the betrayal of a people by the very leaders they elected to protect and defend them.

What Igbo leaders do or fail to do today will determine the future and fate of Igbos in Nigeria for many years.

We cannot afford to gamble with our future. The time to stand up against hate and injustice is now.