Monday, April 5, 2021

Umar Danladi

ulani terrorists invaded Enonyi state and massacred villagers. The response of the governor is not to take responsibility as the chief security officer and say never again. He is not calling a state security meeting to set up the security apparatus that would keep the people safe. He is not discussing with the people how he can help them protect themselves against AK47 carrying terrorists, whose aim is to cleanse them from their ancestral land.

This is because if he takes any meaningful step to fight fulani terrorism, his fulani masters in the north will be displeased.

Instead, he is asking local government chairmen without providing the necessary fund to use vigilantes to fight back.

How can people with machetes fight terrorists with AK47 supported by Miyetti Allah, the police and army? How can the people protect themselves from enemies who want to hunt them like wild animals?

For those who may not know what is happening. This is the beginning of ethnic cleansing in Igbo land. The same kind of devastation that the fulani have pursued in southern Kaduna and middle belt.

The problem is existential and unless Igbo leaders see it as such, Igbos are doomed. These Fulanis are trying to conquer territories

Igbo leaders do not seem to understand that as long as a fulani is President and minister of defence in Nigeria, Fulani terrorism will never end and Fulani terrorists would continue to get the support and resources they need to pursue their ethnic cleansing for land grab,

Nigerians have no choice, but to fight fulani terrorism. Why should Igbo leaders stand by, while Igbo land is turned into a killing field? If Nigeria army and police have become instruments in the hands of fulani oligarchy, why can’t governors in Igbo states set up a security out fit to protect the people? What are the governors doing with the security vote?

This insecurity and massacres undermine the most important right of human beings, the right to life. This is what is being violated in Nigeria and those in position to protect it are failing.

“The necessary consequence of man’s right to life is his right to self defence. In a civilised society, force may be used only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use. All the reasons which make the initiation of physical force an evil, make the retaliatory use of physical force a moral imperative. If some “pacifist” society renounced the retaliatory use of force, it would be left helpless at the mercy of the first thug who decided to be immoral. Such a society would achieve the opposite of its intention: instead of abolishing evil, it would encourage and reward it” Ayn Rand.

Igbo politicians are failing in their duty to fight for the interest of Igbo land and the future of a free and fair Nigeria.

They are quiet about Fulani Jihad

They are quiet about Buhari nepotism, which has resulted in most senior positions in Nigeria being occupied by Muslim Northerners and Fulanis.

They are quiet about the registration of under age voters in many northern states.

They are quiet about selective war against corruption which spares those in APC and the friends and relatives of the president.

This is the reality of Nigeria today, and those who should be speaking out and leading the war against injustice, inequality, nepotism, insecurity, sectarian government etc, have chosen indifference and silence.

The Fulani terrorists and their sponsors Miyetti Allah are pillaging Nigeria. From Buhari to the last fulani terrorist, the aim is the same, to take as much as possible from Nigeria.

It does not matter whether it is through government corruption stage managed hostage taking, criminal hostage taking, terrorism or ethnic cleansing. Nigeria is under siege by fulani bandits.

The masacare in Ebony must be the wake up call. No other person need to die. Igbo governors must now do what they should have done years ago. Take steps to ensure that Fulani terrorists do not turn Igbo land a killing field.