Monday, April 5, 2021

Umar Danladi

he video of Danladi Umar assaulting a member of the public makes a difficult watching. It once again exposes the level of decadence and barbarism amongst those in positions of power in Nigeria.

Things like these are happening in Nigeria because a lot of people in important positions have no clue about how people in such positions should behave, and what they should do for their country.

This is because they were appointed to the position not on merit and qualification, but because of their religion and ethnicity.

Every day, we see the evidence in the conduct of those in positions of authority in Nigeria that Nigeria is decadent and have left the path of civil society.

We see this in the greed and rapacity of elected officials, their abuse of their powers, their unlawful use of physical force, their corruption and nepotism, their use of the police and army to intimidate and their total disregard of the laws, which guarantee a free and fair civil society.

We see this in their lack of sense of responsibility and stewardship. We see this in their lack of sensitive and total lack of moral compass. We see this in their lack of principle and total lack of insight into the fact that true governments are set up to protect and promote individual right.

Most Nigerians in position of power behave like bandits.

We cannot wonder what the outcome would be for a country like Nigeria. The final destination of Nigerians is very clear, it is the same destination where all societies, which abandon civility, justice, equity and rule of law, ends.

The video of the chairman of Nigerian code of conduct bureau assaulting a member of the public sums up the state of Nigerian polity and society.

One cannot call his behaviour irresponsible, because it is devoid of relationship to normal conduct and cannot be concretised.

It is like calling sexual assault of children by priest and imams misconduct. It is beneath contempt. Something that should not happen and whose occurrence automatically disqualifies the individual from holding public office.

The man by his behaviour demonstrates that he is a brut , who has no understanding of civil conduct and his responsibility to the people whose taxes pay for his office.

He is a man who has not internalised the fact that the precondition of a civilised society is the barring of the use of force from social relationships.

He is a man who believe in the use of force to subjugate and intimidate. A man, who does not see the wrong in the use of police to intimidate citizens.

He does not yet realise that in a civilised society that men are only free to deal with one another by means of reason, by discussion, by persuasion, and by voluntary and uncoerced agreement.

The chairman of Nigerian code of conduct bureau has no business in the position. His behaviour is unconscionable and beneath contempt, and has brought the bureau and the country to disrepute. He must resign.