E O EkeWednesday, March 8, 2017
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have watched the Voice of America documentary on Boko Haram. It left me numb, to say the least. It was evil made visible.

Islamic extremism brings out the very worse in human beings. Its prejudices, brutality and ignorance mixed with wickedness, produce evil in its purest and most grotesque form.

The idea that a good God would sanction the senseless slaughter, barbarism and utter depravity of these men deluded by beliefs and hate, is perverse.

To even think that any rational mind would be compelled by any of the reasons Islamic extremists and in fact, any extremists, give for their evils, is unthinkable.

Their attitude towards actions and behaviours, many of which are direct result of genetics, is incomprehensible.

Their attitude to women, and understanding of equality before the law, which are necessary ingredient for a peaceful society is beyond comprehension.

Their wanton disregard for human lives, rights and dignity and, their utter hatred and contempt for anything they do not understand or approve of is beyond belief.

It might seem surprising that many 'moderate Muslims', from which they mutate, still cannot see how Islamic orthodoxy lays the foundation of this monstrosity.

However, when one views it against the background that they differ, not in content of beliefs, but in extend they are prepared to go in imposing such beliefs on others, the attitude of moderate Muslims will become understandable.

Moderate and extreme Muslims share the same mind dumbing teachings of Islam, its hatred of what it does not approve, literary understanding and interpretation of its ancient scriptures, its treatment of women, attitude to sex, and justification of violence against people as acceptable means of punishment.

The extremists have only taken Islamic orthodoxies to their extreme and logical conclusion. What 'moderate Muslims' hold with moderation, extremists hold with fanatical Delusional intensity.

Extremists lack tolerance, where moderate Muslims preach tolerance. They show contempt and intolerance to other religion, where moderates show tolerance and accommodation, in societies, where Muslims are not in Majority.

Extremists have no respect for the views of others and believe that God only approves of Islam, the same belief held by many moderate Muslims.

Islamic extremism and by extension all extremities, is a scourge, which should have no place in a civilised world. The world must rise up to confront this arrogant barbarism, which deludes itself and debases and destroys humanity.

This is a battle the civilised world cannot afford to lose. There should be no letting off, until the very last extremist is made to accept civility and the rules of peaceful coexistence.

Victory over Islamic extremism cannot be achieved by hauling the oxymoron, 'islamophobia' at any one, who suggests that Islam has a role in what is done in its name and often compels some ignorant and unstable mind to do.

Islam must reform its orthodoxies to end terror in its name. It is the only way.