E O EkeMonday, March 6, 2017
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here is no reason for anyone to die because of the choice of his religion. Discriminating or killing people because of their religious beliefs or ethnicity is something ignorant and primitive people with undeveloped intellect do.

The ethnic cleansing of Christian communities in southern Kaduna presided over by the pro Sunni Islam federal government Of Nigeria and Kaduna state government, is a crime against humanity.

Allowing this crime against humanity to occur at a time, the government has all it needs to prevent it is unacceptable. It is tragic and bewildering that there is mounting evidence of the complicity of the federal and Kaduna state government in this pogrom.

Today, many Christian villages in southern kaduna have been cleansed and taken over by Fulani herdsmen, whose militia is responsible for this on going killings and displacement.

At the same time, both the kaduna state government and federal government of Nigeria, headed by Fulanis have mounted a campaign of misinformation, which blames cattle rustlers for these crimes committed by Fulani herdsmen.

The kaduna state and federal government of Nigeria have also shown no intention to prosecute the perpetrators of this heinous crimes.

They have not acted in anyway to stop them from benefiting from their crimes and remain reluctant to approach the problem in the way and manner any honest government, which is not complicit, would, under the circumstance. These are evidence of possible complicity.

We are witnessing the development in southern kaduna of the same events that led to the Darfur crisis.

The Kaduna state government and federal government of Nigeria are acting exactly the way the Sudanese government acted, when the Janjaweeds were displacing and ethnically cleansing The people of Darfur from their ancestral land.

What is happening in southern Kaduna, would seem like a well planned and orchestrated attempt to displace a people from their ancestral land because of their ethnicity and religion.

The questions are;:

Are the Nigerian army and police still institutions of the federal government of Nigeria or are they now instrument in the hands of Islamic north used to advance the spread of Islam and Fulani domination of Nigeria?

Do the people of southern Kaduna and south East Nigeria, where the police and the army are also being used to pursue sectarian objectives, deserve justice, entitled to the protection of their fundamental human rights by the government of Nigeria?

The above and more, make the case for urgent restructure of Nigeria to secure the rights of every citizen to live wherever they choose, practice any religion of their choice anywhere without molestation.

There is need to strengthen the rule of law in Nigeria to end discrimination against citizens o on the basis of religion or ethnicity and allow each region, the autonomy it needs to develop at her pace.

These are the fundamental changes that needs to be made in Nigeria. There is still time to make these rational changes to the way Nigeria is governed and her citizen treated by both federal and states governments.

This is one way to stem the tide of religious and ethnic collectivism, under which the government of Mohammadu Buhari has weaponised Islamic region and uses the army and police to Pursue northern domination.

It is still possible to save Nigeria, if we try.