Thursday, February 11, 2021

nce again, the Nigeria government has responded with the same worn out mantra of Nigerian unity being non-negotiable to the growing demand to restructure Nigeria and end the current injustices, inequalities, and chaos.

The Nigeria of today is a country where impunity, injustice and crimes against humanity are running riot.

It is a country dominated by the atrocities of The Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, corruption and lawlessness of Nigerian leaders, Nigerian army and the Nigerian police. It is the making of avoidable tragedy.

It is a county where many Igbo youths accused of being IPOB members are locked up in detention centres without Trial, while the government defend and protect Fulani terrorists.

It is a country where many villages in southern Kaduna has been cleansed of their indigenous ethnic Christian population and occupied by Fulanis from other African countries.

Since Buhari came to power there has been an increase in ethnic cleansing in South Kaduna and extrajudicial killings and detentions without trial in Igbo land. Since then, the Yorubas have formed a security outfit, ,Amotekuní and the Middle belt is crying out for help.

This says one thing that Presidrnt Buhari and El Rufai, Governor of Kaduna state learnt nothing from the holocaust and Rwanda genocides and, are determined to continue the pursuit of their Islamic and Fulani domination agenda, no matter the cost.

I wonder why Many Nigerians keep silent, while these crimes against humanity are take place.

I hope President Buhari and Governor El Rufai Know that those who make peaceful change impossible by adopting a fixed and impervious ideological position that does not respond to reason, make resistance a moral duty and violent change inevitable.

This is exactly what Buhari is doing by sticking to the line that Nigerian unity is not negotiable and recruiting those who cannot tell him the truth to defend his uninformed position.

Buhari is like the captain of a ship taking water, who insists that the ship will head to its destination, forgetting that the destination is irrelevant, once a ship states taking water.

Nigeria's unity is irrelevant at this time because the country is already falling apart and can only be stopped from disintegrating violently. Buhari is trying to preserve a Nigeria which can no longer exist. A Nigeria struggling under the weight of its contradictions.

If Buhari is not aware that the Nigeria, whose unity he sings about, has ceased to exist, why is he busy taking over the country with his fellow Fulanis?

Why is he building a rail line to Niger Republic, while neglecting roads in south East? Why has he filled most important positions with Fulanis and Muslims.

Is Buhari's behaviour the behaviour of a man, who believes in the country whose unity he claims is non negotiable?

Why does he not border to be fair to all Nigerians and parts of Nigeria?

Why does he allow Nigerians to live in displaced people camps, while nomadic Fulanis from other African countries occupy their villages?

Buhari is attempting to Build a new Nigeria dominated by Fulanis and focused on Islam. This is the inconvenient truth and the elephant in the present Nigeria politics. He is building a Nigerian based on 15th century world views.

It is the same dream, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Mummar Gaddafi, Mobutu Seseseku, Idi Amin, Pol pot etc, once had. All such dreams as history tells us eventually fails, because they are pursed at the expense of justice and equity.

I do not see the Nigeria, whose unity I once believed in, under the leadership of Buhari.

Buhariís nepotism, Islamic and Fulani agenda and, Fulani ethnic cleansing, killed Nigerian unity.

Under Buhari, Nigeria is existing only for what is in the best interest of Fulanis. Water way bill, cattle ranches, Railway line to Niger etc.

At the moment, Buhari is using his power to restructure Nigeria for the best interest of Fulanis and this is what needs to be challenged at every level.

Buhari is sowing the seeds of intractable conflicts in Nigeria by appointing disproportionate number of Muslims and northerners into strategic positions.

The result is that today in Nigeria, the Nigerian judicially is swift to convict those who kill Fulanis in retaliatory response, but refuses to bring Fulanis who commit crimes against humanity to justice.

This is why the government is imposing a retrogressive Fulani world view, which does not recognise the right of people to their ancestral land by introducing grazing land bill, water way bills, etc.

This is why the Nigerian defence minister a Fulani, wants Akure airport to be relocated to make space for grazing ground for Fulani herdsmen.

This is why the army and police refuse to confront Fulani herdsmen terrorists and Nigerian government under Buhari is encouraging nomadic Fulanis all over Africa to come to Nigeria to occupy villages in southern Kaduna and Middle belt ethnically cleansed of their indigenous inhabitants.

What we are experiencing in Nigeria is the same abuse of statutory powers to advance the sectarian interest of a group, that has created many of the problems we see in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Congo etc.

Buhari and his Fulani supremacist elites, who are driving this quest for Fulani colonisation of Nigeria are reading from the British book of conquest.

Nigerians of conscience and integrity must rise up to resist this evil.

We need a Nigeria under the rule of law, where merit and competence mean something, the rule of law sacrosanct, justice extended to all and no Nigerian can be discriminated against on the basis of ethnicity and religion.

This is the only thing that will defeat the Fulani conquest.

The peaceful and democratic mechanism for achieving this is through the political parties.

Nigeria needs one of the political parties to articulate this fair, civilised and progressive future for all.

It would be a monumental failure and betrayal of Nigerians and future generations, for Nigerian politicians to continue politics of selfish interest, instead of ceasing the moment to map the path for liberty for all, a greater and better Nigeria, which gives all the opportunity to reach their potential and pursue happiness.