Tuesday, February 11, 2020

ew weeks ago, the country was near boiling point following the formation of Amotekum by western Nigerian states.

The Minister of justice and Attorney General went into over drive. As the dust began to settle, the north has lunched its own sectarian security outfit saying it will complement the army and police. This is in spite of the fact that the north have had regional security outfit since it declared Sharia laws in the region.

I just no longer understands the way Nigerian leaders are reasoning.

If the army and police are failing and there are surplus young people in all regions, I would think that the reasonable thing would be to think of ways to make the army and police effective by Addressing the recruitment problem, dealing with corruption and reorganising the institutions.

The police can be decentralised with three regional police forces, which would be further resourced with the money being spent in setting up ethnic police force and sponsoring Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists. These regional police forces can then compete on which would be the best at maintaining order.

I almost forgot, it is the Nigerian way, irrational problems provoke irrational responses.

There is no doubt that Nigeria is staring disintegration along ethnic fault lines in the face, unless the north gives up its Fulani domination agenda and embrace equality, merit, justice as fairness and the rule of law.

The attempt to run Nigeria as estate of the north is the real reason why Nigeria will disintegrate.

People like Buhari and his other ethnic nationalist and religious extremist are doing the most to ensure the disintegration of Nigeria, by pursuing their toxic sectarian agendas.

The declaration of Islamic laws in the north was the begging and Buhari’s nepotism, disregard of the rule of law and open pursuit of Fulani agenda the latest straw.

Buhari has been busy transferring National resources to coffers of Fulanis and ensuring they dominate the polity. No body talks about the foreign scam that see Fulanis given millions of foreign currency by the central Bank only for them to sale to those who need foreign currency to run their business.

The actions of the Buhari’s government have resulted in other ethnic groups hardening their positions and making the break up of Nigeria inevitable, unless there is an honest attempt by the government to build an open free, equal, fair and accountable government under the rule of law.

Take administration of justice for instance and the quality of judgements coming out of Nigerian apex court headed by a Fulani.

It is clear that the Nigerian Supreme Court is now a tool in the hands of those seeking to dominate Nigeria.

When a court sees its duty as the validation of injustice and helping criminals succeed, justice is murdered and the court looses its relevance.

It is always dangerous when the court takes it upon itself to determine the winners of elections, instead of ensuring that the voters determine the winner.

Winners of elections should be determine by the ballot box and not the court. The duty of the court is to ensure that winners win fairly by validating the correct result of elections and not to validate injustices and legitimise deceit.

Nigeria will disintegrate along ethnic fault lines unless the north gives up its Fulani domination agenda and embrace equality, justice as fairness and the rule of law.

No civil society should tolerate the kind of recklessness, impunity inhumanity, insensitivity, and greed displayed by President Buhari and many governors in Nigeria.

Escalation of detention without trial and arbitrary detention and harassment of opponents are not feature of civil democracy under the rule of law.

What is playing out in Nigeria is not democracy, but a power game played on the basest of principles and values.

Greed, selfishness, nepotism and sectarianism are what seems to compel Nigerian leaders.

Nigeria has one of the most unjust constitutions. Election malpractices turned into art with under age voters and rigging.

At the same time Nigeria has as a Vice President a professor of law. Osibanjo is a disgrace to the rule of law.

No court can stop the executive from carrying out its constitutional functions.

The role of the court is to examine if the executive carries out its functions under the law and determine and if the actions of the executive are lawful.

The idea that a court can restrain the police from investigating corruption is the height of judicial opprobrium.

It is sad that the incompetence of ihedioha’s legal team in failing to file a charge for the court to declare the votes in dispute illegal provided the loophole the court exploited to achieve the aim of the puppet master.

The best the court would have done is void the election instead of helping those who rigged the election to succeed. This would have been justice.

The court would then make it clear that returning officers cannot reject votes, but can file a report explaining why the vote should be invalidated.

All these cases demonstrate the depth into which legal jurisprudence and justice have sank in Nigeria.

Today the Nigerian army, police and judiciary are firmly in the hands of Fulanis and it seems their aim is to aid Fulani conquest of Nigeria.

The Fulani terrorists are free to carry arms, while it is a criminal offence for other Nigerians to carry arms. It is now one rule for Fulanis and another for Nigerian.

Fulani herdsmen terrorists, the fourth most dangerous terrorist groupie in the world is not declared a terrorist group by a Nigerian government headed by a Fulani.

The Nigerian army and police protects them and very few of them face justice when they are arrested. Nobody knows what happens to the terrorists after they are paraded. They are not seen appearing in court.

Under the circumstance, it is therefore right that western Nigeria is trying to set up a security outfit to help it stop the menace of Fulani terrorists, since Nigerian army and police have failed to protect them.

I believe eastern states should set up its own regional security outfit, ‘Otawaike’ as Nigerian army and police have become an occupation force and firmly in the hands of those prosecuting sectarian agenda.

The die is cast, the crack in the Nigerian polity has become a fissure . Is there a way back for Nigeria? I pray Nigeria survives.