E O EkeMonday, February 5, 2018
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ince the election of Mohammadu Buhari, an arch Islamist and a Fulani supremacist as president of Nigeria, Nigeria has become a house of horror for those who have been at the receiving end of the fall out of his sectarian polices, nepotism and, Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorism.

When One looks at Nigeria under Buhari, two words that come to mind are Guignol, the blood thirsty character in a French puppet show and comprachichios described by Victor Hugo in 'The Man who Laughs'.

The only difference is that the character Guignol is fictional and a caricature, while Buhari represent unfolding nightmarish reality, which is costing the lives of many innocent Nigerians, eroding the unity of the country and threatening its continued existence.

In his novel, 'The Man who Laughs', Victor Hugo referred to various groups in folklore, who were said to change the physical appearance of human beings by manipulating growing children.

The most common methods said to be used in this practice included stunting children's growth by physical restraint, muzzling their faces to deform them, slitting their eyes, dislocating their joints, and malforming their bones.

The resulting dwarfed and deformed adults made their living as mountebanks or were sold to lords and ladies to be used as pages or court fools.

'The Comprachicos worked on man as the Chinese work on trees. A sort of fantastic stunted thing left their hands; it was ridiculous and wonderful. They could touch up a little being with such skill that its father could not have recognized it. Sometimes they left the spine straight and remade the face. Children destined for tumblers had their joints dislocated in a masterly manner; thus gymnasts were made. Not only did the Comprachicos take away his face from the child; they also took away his memory. At least, they took away all they could of it; the child had no consciousness of the mutilation to which he had been subjected. Of burnings by sulphur and incisions by the iron he remembered nothing. The Comprachicos deadened the little patient by means of a stupefying powder which was thought to be magical and which suppressed all pain. Victor Hugo, The man Who Laughs.

Like the comprachicos of Spain, Buhari set out to deform Nigeria in his bid to transform it in the image of Islam and bring it under the control of the Fulani oligarchy. He has deformed the army, the police and the customs, with many Nigerian unaware that these institutions are national only in names. Buhari is presiding over the disfiguring and deformation of Nigeria.

Thousands of Nigerians have been displaced from their homes and ancestral land by Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram. Their land are now occupied by Fulani herdsmen from different countries in west Africa. The Buhari government is in effect facilitating ethnic cleansing in parts of Nigeria so that Fulanis from other countries can occupy it.

The refusal of federal government of Nigeria to classify Fulani herdsmen as a terrorist group and treat it as an existential threat, is evidence that the government of Mohammadu Buhari is complicate in this pogrom.

Why has the government refused to disarm the Fulani herdsmen?
Why does the government misinform the people about them?
Why does the government justify their actions?
Why does the government not care about their victims?

Buhari is destroying the rule of law, in the same way comprachicos deform the face and body of their victims and his action is encouraging the emergence of a police state. Under Buhari, the Nigerian army and police are free to arrest citizens, detain them without trial and engage in extrajudicial killings without consequences, it would seem.

Few months ago, the Nigeria army invaded the home of Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB and destroyed the compound. Since then, neither Nnamdi Kanu nor his parents have been seen or heard from. The Nigerian government quickly declared IPOB a terrorist group and and this is in spite of the fact that Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB were agitating peacefully.

However, the same government has refused to declare Fulani herdsmen a terrorist group. even though the Fulani herdsmen are committing crimes against humanity. Sadly, those who should ask questions and hold the government to account have chosen to keep silent. These are indeed, ominous time in Nigeria. Things like this can only happen in a police state under a dictator.

Buhari ignores court orders and makes appointment without respect to constitutional provisions on equal representation and federal character. The sectarian seeds he has sowed is fracturing the Nigerian society along ethnic and religious fault lines. He puts his will and convictions over and above the rule of law and the constitution.

The internet is awash with pictures of Fulanis being trained in weapon handling in different locations in Nigeria. The Fulanis are allowed to carry arms in Nigeria, while the government aggressively stops members of any other ethnic groups from carrying arms to protect themselves. In spite of the army knowing where these Fulani herdsmen terrorists are based, they have refused to disarm them and impose the rule of law. Nigeria is sitting on a keg of injustice

The arming of Fulani herdsmen by mayetti Allah and the refusal of Buhari government to disarm them and condemn their crimes against humanity, is a serious threat to the continuing existence of Nigeria as a United country.

The arrogance of minister of defence, and contempt of the members and Trustee of Miyetti Allah, demonstrate how determined they are in imposing their will on all. Why should any group of people have the right to graze their cattle on other people's farms and land? Why should there be a justification for pogrom agains people in the 21st century? Why should the minister of defence say that the reason for crimes the Fulani herdsmen are committing is because of anti grazing laws being passed by states. which have been at the receiving end of their terror?

The government of Nigeria should act justly and fairly by declaring Myetti Allah and Fulani herdsmen terrorist organisations, if it is governing for the best interest of majority of Nigerians. Their members and Trustees should subjected to due process. The Fulanis behind this pogrom are succeeding in Nigeria because the government of Nigeria under Mohammadu Buhari is complicit. This is both wrong and unlawful.

Moreover, the abysmal quality of leadership in the south has meant that the excesses of the Buhari administration are unchallenged. Southern leaders have shown lack courage, conviction and disregard for the lives of their kins and, are behaving as stooges of members of Miyetti Allah and Fulani oligarchy.

The question is why are southern leaders and objective minded northerners not doing anything to protect the people at risk of Fulani herdsmen terrorism and, why are they not compelling the army and police to discharge their constitutional duties? Why should Nigerian army stand by while Fulani benefit from terror?

Progressive Nigerians need an organisation like ANC, which will focus on ending Fulani hegemony and achieving equal, free and democratic Nigeria under the rule.

Without this, Nigeria will disintegrate as Fulanis, driven by born to rule mentality launch their final war to take over Nigeria from the colonies, which Buhari wants to establish with the help of Nigerian army and police.

By refusing to demonstrate that he abhors the actions of Fulani herdsmen and failing to treat them the way a sincere, honest and just government would treat a terrorist organisation, which poses an existential threat to the people, Buhari gives credence to the allegation that he is complicit in this evolving crime against humanity.

The question remains. Why is Buhari aiding the ethnic cleansing of Nigerian villages by Fulani herdsmen?