Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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Buhari swears in Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed

n Friday 25 January 2019, President Buhari suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen and swore in Justice Tanko Muhammad, as the Acting chief judge.

Justice Tanko is a northern Muslim with training in Sharia law and has 32 children, I was told. I also understand that his legal qualification is suspect.

By this appointment President Buhari has completed the take over of all government agencies in Nigeria by Fulanis and Sunni Muslims from the north. How can anybody think that it is acceptable in a multiethnic democracy for one ethnic group to be in charge of the country?

This action of President Buhari has raised furore over the the Presidentís respect for due process and separation of power in a secular democracy.

The president suspended the Chief Justice in spite of court order restraining the government from suspending the substantive Chief Judge.

It is indeed, a violation of due process and not the first time Buhari will put his personal motives and convictions, over and above the law; demonstrating his autocratic nature, and contempt for the rule of law.

This action, when viewed in connection with Buhariís previous actions and utterances, gives credence to the claim that President Mohammad Buhari is a Fulani supremacist pursuing an islamisation and northern domination in Nigeria.

However, Buhari maintains that he is fighting corruption, even though the evidence would suggest that he is targeting only corrupt politicians, who are not in his political parry.

At a recent political rally, where the president was present, the National chairman of APC Adam Oshimole, said, Ďif you join APC, all sins are forgivení. He and many in APC are said to be fantastically corrupt.

The current Chief Judge is facing serious allegations of corruption and it is right to bring him to justice. However, what is unacceptable is the total disregard of due process, resort to subterfuge, arm twisting and brute force in the attempt to do so.

In the early 1990s Justice Kayoed Eso panel recommended some judges for dismissal or compulsory retirement.

I understand that that names of those judges were sent to National Judicial Council NJC, which approved the recommendations of Justice Eso panel and sent the names of the judges to General Abacha for action.

However, General Abacha died without taking action. Abachaís successor, General Abdusalami set up another panel to review the matter. The review absolved most of the judges because due process was not followed.

The panel found out that the national judicial Council did not first send the recommendations of the Justice Eso's panel to the affected judges for their comments before sending the names of the judges to General Abacha.

This was why judges described as "corruptible" and had appeared before the Eso's panel escaped accountability.

One of those judges is the present Chief Justice, who was suspend by Buhari. One wonders why successive governments have not care to close the loopholes that allowed the current Chief Justice to escape justice in 1994.

Most Nigerians believe that the Chief judge is corrupt and indeed would love to see him brought to justice.

What is contested is the disregard of due process, by the Buhari administration in its attempt to remove the Chief judge and the discriminatory and selective way and manner Buhari is pursing his war against corruption.

When Buhari and APC members where showing Nigerian four fingers and a flexed and adducted thumb, many thought it was the new sign of APC.

What many Nigerians did not know is that it is RABIA sign, an Islamic sign of defiance and intolerance first brought to the political arena by Muhammed Morsi, the fundamentalist former President of Egypt ,whose radical Moslem-only party, Moslem Brotherhood gained political power in Egypt a few years ago and attempted to foist an Islamic Republic on the country.

The RABIA sign has since been adopted in Turkey by President Erdogan, who has been working hard to foist a one-party state in the country in the last few years.

Nigeria, under Mohammadu Buhari is finally on board to become an active member of Organisation of Islamic (countries) cooperation OIC. They changed countries to cooperation to mask their real intentions and make it easy for Nigeria to rectify her membership.

The appointment of a man who previously headed sharia court and holds higher qualification in Islamic laws as chief judge of a secular democracy is insensitive and contemptuous and has finally completed the Islamic take over and domination of Nigeria.

The jihad is now completed and the Sunni Islamists are now in complete control of Nigeria. Buhari can be rest assured that the result of the next election is a foregone conclusion.

Therefore, anybody who thinks that the election of Atiku Abubakar, also a Sunni Muslim, if that miracle is possible will make any difference is simply a prisoner of hope.

Nigeria has ceased to be a secular democracy and those who believe in the rule of law, irrespective of political affiliations, ethnicity and religion must now join forces to fight the Islamic extremists and Fulani supremacists behind this take over, otherwise Nigeria is doomed.

Nigerians should ask Obasanjo and his generation some serious questions on how they handed Nigeria over to Islamic extremists.

I want something better for Nigeria or self determination for the different regions by political process.

I do not wish to belong to a Nigeria, which is an Islamic Republic and administered as estate of Fulanis.

I cannot see how APC or PDC would make any difference to the real problem of Nigeria.

The next election has become a choice between 4 more years of Buhari to consolidate,islamisation of Nigeria and Fulani terrorists ethnic cleansing for land land grab or 8 years of Atiku Abubakar , which will permanently institutionalise corruption in Nigeria and unable to reverse any of the steps Buhari has taken.

This is a choice Nigerians do not have to make, as there are other more qualified candidates, who can put Nigeria on the road to recovery. Sadly, I do not see Nigerians seeing beyond the two bad options.

Buhari got the National Executive Council NEC to approve fund for Fulani colonies. will Atiku stop this, if he wins?

Buhari has refused to order the disarming of Fulani terrorist who continues to stock pile arms and prepare for land grab all over Nigeria. Will Atiku disarm Fulani herdsmen if elected president ?

Buhari has refused to bring Fulani terrorists to justice and declare the group a terrorist group. Will Atiku bring Fulani terrorists to justice and declare them a terrorist group?

Buhari declared IPOB a terrorist group.

Will Atiku reverse this injustice?

Atiku has investments all over Nigeria. In fact Atiku Abubakar and Olusegun Obasanjo became the largest land owners in Nigeria after 8 years in power.

Will Atiku change the land use Act, which the Buhari Administration is using to take over ancestral lands of communities in Nigeria for the exclusive use of Fulanis?

Will Atiku Abubakar take Nigeria, a secular democracy out of OIC?

Moreover, I do not see how Buhari will allow a free and fair election that would allow Nigerians to elect Atiku Abubakar as president of Nigeria.

Fulani terrorist and the Miyetti Allah are ready to restart their ethnic cleansing.

The army has declared loyalty to Buhari. Buhari controls the police and his relatives are in charge of most important institutions in Nigeria.

How can they let their benefactor down? Nigeria is already in the pocket of Fulanis and Islamic extremists.

Nevertheless, what is playing out is a struggle for power and not a moral crusade.

Tragically, Buhari has weaponised corruption, ethnicity and religion in this struggle and unfortunately, his opponents underestimated his contempt for due process and determination to stay in power.

In view of the way Buhari has gone about removing the Chief Judge, it is difficult to imagine him losing the next election and accepting the result. He is a man, who is neither magnanimous in victory nor gracious in defeat.

If the people whose responsibility it is to hold Buhari to account did their work, Nigeria will not be in this mess today.

The question remains, what is the National Assembly and progressive Nigerians going to do? Will they stand by, while Buhari rapes Democracy, destroys Nigeria unity and tramples on the rule of law?