Friday, January 24, 2020

n 13 January 2019, a friend asked me to contribute ideas to a paper he was preparing to present to a presidential candidate. I believe it is time to make the ideas I contributed public.

Thank you for asking me to contribute ideas to the paper you want to present to One of the presidential candidates.

As a Nigerian, I am always ready to give my time and means for the good of Nigeria . However, I would start by disclosing biases.

I do not believe that anybody from the Obasanjo generation has what it takes to help Nigeria, talk-less of saving her, for the simple fact that they have had many opportunities to do it, but failed. Moreover, they have all, without exemption proved to be takers and moochers.

Nevertheless, I send you these ideas in the hope that you may find them useful as you attempt to provide the resource you have been tasked.

1. The reality in Nigeria today is that anybody inheriting power, would be confronting a failed state, where all the organs of a state, are functioning in a perversive way and an abused, disappointed, disgruntled and restive population, which has lost faith in government.

2.Therefore, the challenge is to confront the failed institutions and restore the faith of the people in government; a Herculean task I would suppose.

3. Such a leader must have big ideas on how to restore, reorganise and reform the failed and corrupt institutions and create a free and civil society under the rule of law.

4. The issue of corruption in all its ramifications must be confronted honestly, objectively and lawfully with determination to end people benefiting from corruption.

5.There must be a very clear plan and programs to address the culture of corruption and impunity that has permeated all the fabrics of Nigerian society.

6.EFCC must be sufficiently funded and independent from the executive and with power to investigate corruption allegation and recommend prosecution of corruption cases, without fear or favours.

7.In this wise, such a leader may consider starting by setting up a public judicial commission of inquiry into corruption in Nigeria, which would make recommendations on how to address corruption in government, and the polity, with commitment to implement the recommendations of the committee as honest and truthful as possible.

Set up judicial commissions of inquiry into Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorism, corruption in army and police, with the view to finding out the underlying reasons and mechanism for corruption, how police and army aid Fulani terrorism and spend their budgets in the last 40 years.

For Nigeria to endure, the criminality at the heart of Nigerian police and criminal justice system must be address. A program of reform of Nigeria police must be undertaken. No country can survive, when the police openly abuse its power to extort money from the public.

Abrogate the land use Act.

The Nigerian land use Act is one of the most unfair theft of indigenous rights. The federal government of Nigeria promulgated the land use Act and confiscated all land in Nigeria. It went ahead to allocate oil blocks to those in government and in a twinkling of an eye, few people acquired community asserts.

11.For peace to reign in Nigeria, Nigeria must return to the state of affairs before 1967.

Disarm all Fulani herdsmen

The election of Buhari has witnessed an increased Fulani terrorists activity in Nigeria. The ethnic cleansing by Fulani terrorists in pursuit of land is one of the greatest injustices in Nigeria and it has laid the foundation for intractable conflict between Fulanis and those who they are attacking and taking over their land.

Devolve power to the regions so that every region can have the freedom to develop at its pace in line with her culture.This is the most important step that would give Nigeria a chance as a multi ethnic democracy.Without the restructure of Nigeria under a new constitution that ensures justice and guarantees justice as fairness, agitation for independence would increase and there is no way the Nigeria army can fight all the communities when the decide to exit Nigeria.

14. Ensure equal representation at all federal level and end northern domination. A new constitution would address the unfair and unjustifiable advantage to the north embedded in the current constitution.

15.Ensure adequate compensation to the victims of terror and end police brutality, extrajudicial killings, executive lawlessness and political impunity.

16.Make massive social investment in education and health to widen access and ensure that no one is denied opportunity to quality education and good health care.

17. The current state of affairs in Nigeria where the rich, are able to send their children abroad to get education and also travel abroad for medical care, while majority of Nigeria are unable to obtain quality education and good health care is unacceptable.

18.The leader must ensure even development by addressing the infrastructure deficit in East Nigeria as a result of policy of marginalisation of Igbos. This will involve giving Enugu, Port Harcourt and Calabar Airports the same status Lagos, Abuja and Kano Airpots enjoy and giving Onne and Calabar sea ports the same status Apapa sea port enjoy.

20. These are the direction in which if any leader moves, will give Nigeria a chance. If theses issues are not address, many ethnic groups will see their future outside Nigeria and Nigeria will experience worsening ethnic nationalism, which may lead to her balkanisation. This would be sad unfortunate and a tragedy.

Nigeria must now restructure or collapse under the weight of its contradictions

Fulani influx into Nigeria will now set in motion an intractable conflict as they, with help of Buhari, Fulani President, Fulani headed Supreme Court, and Fulani government attempt to take over vast arable farm lands belonging to other ethnic groups.

The reason why Buhari unleashed Fulani terrorists on Nigerians and the army and police looked the other way is now obvious.

The reason why Buhari ordered the disarming of other ethnic groups, while allowing Fulanis to carry arm is now clear.

The reason why Buhari wants all important positions in Nigeria to occupied by Fulanis is clear.

The reason why Buhari is asking Nigerians to carry identity card is clear.

Everything Buhari has done since he came to power, which is not in the best interest of Nigeria is now clear.

The north wants to alter the demography of Nigeria so that it can claim power permanently.

This selfish, unjust and facist dream will never succeed.

Nigeria must now restructure or disintegrate.