E O EkeWednesday, January 24, 2018
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thnic cleansing of predominantly Christian Nigerian villages are going on at accelerated rate at a time a Fulani is president and all members of the security council Fulanis, muslims or from the north.

Does anybody need a extraterritorial intelligence to understand why the army, police and the government have refused to do what an honest and sincere government would do?

Nigerians are sitting back and watching the most sectarian minded and unrepresentative government in its history. The government will soon claim that the atrocities been committed by Fulani herdsmen sponsored by members and board of Miyetti Allah are carried out by IS terrorists.

The emergence of APC as the ruling party in Nigeria via the north west alliance was predictable. However, no one could have predicted that Buhari would have been so audacious and contentious in the pursuit of his sectarian agenda.

What was not known is the extent to which the alliance would be anti Igbo and how far Buhari' ethnic prejudice would compel him to punish Igbos and standby, while the blood of other Nigerians who are neither Muslims nor Fulanis are shed by Fulani herdsmen.

It is not unusual in a multi-ethnic democracy for two or more ethnic groups to Align to gain power. What is unique about the Buhari led APC is extent it is has deviated from norms by violating the constitution, disregarding the rule of law and pursuing sectarian agenda. We can blame PDP for lack of vibrant and effective opposition. Buhari is metamorphosing back into the blood thirsty tyrant he has always been.

It is the targeting of Igbos and Igbo region for punishment and accelerated ethnic cleansing of the middle Belt that has changed the tempo of Nigerian politics and driven home the need to restructure Nigeria.

By giving in to his ethnic prejudices against Igbos, and his disdain for non Fulanis and non Muslims, Buhari has done an irreparable damage to Nigerian unity, and made restructure of Nigeria inevitable.

Nigerians have learnt an important lesson. No one can share power as equal with the northern Nigerians and northern Nigerian leaders have a toxic Islamic and domination agenda. It is a lesson we must find the best way to learn.

The right response at this time is not to demand for Biafra. What it offers is opportunities for the other ethnic groups to recalibrate their politics by focusing on addressing the inequalities and injustices the Buhari administration is entrenching in Nigeria.

Each region should seek to be treated as equal with the freedom to develop at its pace. We must demand for the government of Nigeria to reflect the people of Nigeria.

This will create a healthy completion which will drive development and innovation. Each region should aim to become the best part of Nigeria to live and do business.

Once we embrace the right values and policies with a representative government that respects human rights and the rule of law, it will not matter which party is in power and investors will pour into Nigeria. We need to address our local politics, but think global.

It is however our responsibly to fight for the factors that will make this possible, like opening up Port Harcourt and Calabar sea ports and granting Enugu, Calabar and port Harcourt Airport the same status as Lagos, Abuja and Kano airports. These are achievable no matter what the north thinks. The tactics is to win small battles at a time.

We need to focus on getting our politics right. With Buhari very focused on the north, pursuit of jihad, and Fulani empire, it will not be easy.

It is up to Nigerians to play the right politics by electing the people,with the right, knowledge, understanding and passion to get the best for our people in Nigeria and prepared our people for the future.

Nigeria needs real change.