Sunday, January 15, 2023
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t is now clear that the current Nigeria constitution has not achieved peaceful, equal, free and prosperous country the writers intended.

This is not surprising having been bequeathed to Nigeria by military junters, many of who are from the north and are hardline Islamists.

They wrote a constitution that legitimised autocracy and imposed the north on Nigeria with disproportionate advantage to the north, when the wealth of the country comes from the south. This is as unfair as it is unworkable and unacceptable. It has gone on for too long and must now end.

First the Military junters moved the capital from Lagos and built Abuja with oil money from the south.

Then they started a program of underdevelopment of the south believing that is the way to catch up.

The result has been a disaster with calls for separation from Nigeria echoing from the south and Islamic and Fulani herdsmen terrorism taking root in the north.

The architect of this sectarian agenda have dug in by monopolising power and controlling the army, police, customs etc., transforming Nigeria into a country ruled by force instead of by consent.

They have stepped up military occupation of south east believing that the people would yield by force.

Unfortunately, their tactics only exposes their lack of understanding of how the people they seek to conquer values freedom and justice as fairness.

Nigeria must write a new constitution that guarantees equality of all under the law and freedom of press, expression, religion and protects fundamental human rights of Nigerians. The attempt to muzzle the presses by hate speech bill is disgraceful and dystopic to say the least.

It is not if, but when this new constitution would be in place as it is the only way to prevent the balkanisation of Nigeria.

Having made government a fearful thing, which no rational people should trust to do what is right, Nigerian politicians have no choice, but to yield to change that would deliver a better society, free from the prejudices, with strong institutions to confront corruption and abuse of power.

If we have learnt anything in the last 50 years, it is that government must be compelled by law and prevented by all means from exercising unaccountable power.

This is one of the fundamental things lacking in Nigeria. Leaders see coming to office as licence, both to loot and do as they please. They see no role for the law in the way and manner they exercise power. To them rigging an election means licence to do as they please. This is the tragedy of leadership in Nigeria.

No county should have as leaders men who behave the way Buhari does and many of his predecessors did. To think that the current Nigerian constitution protects them is simply insane.

Constitutions are meant to protect the people from leaders like Buhari, but the Nigerian constitution was written to give such leaders the right to oppress the people in the name of governance. This is as wrong as it is unacceptable.

Nigeria must start on the road to a system of government rooted in equality, which guarantee the freedom and rights of all and where no leader can behave in the way majority of those who have held power in Nigeria have behaved.

The era of government becoming a gold mine for thieves, who seek power to loot must be brought to an end. Nigeria must end legislature that behave like Nigerian senate, which is a paradise for those who should be locked up in prison for their heinous crimes against the country and people.

At the moment, Buhari pretends to be a saint, but lives extravagantly, while his relatives loot the country dry. He has entrenched nepotism and taken defending of ethnic interest to the hilt by his response to Fulani herdsmen terrorism.

He has failed to improve the quality of governance and respect for the rule of law. He continues to preside over a government which locks people up arbitrarily and refuses to yield to the decisions of the court. He continues with his autocratic ways and is driving Nigeria into a ditch by his lawlessness.

Today in Nigeria, it is as if the government have bequeathed its responsibilities to Dangote and a few bankers

Someone put it in a way I could not.

“The Refineries are not working. Solution; *Dangote* to build a world class functional refinery for the country.

Nigeria is importing a lot of tomato paste. Solution; *Dangote* to build a tomato paste factory.

Oshodi/Apapa road is no longer motorable. Solution; *Dangote* to intervene.

Nigeria is spending huge sums in milk importation. Solution; *Dangote* to start a dairy farm.

There are no world class rice mills in Nigeria. Solution; *Dangote* to build the largest rice mill in West Africa.

The recently named MKO Abiola stadium in Abuja is in a state of total disrepair. Solution; *Dangote* to renovate the stadium.

*Dangote* has already solved cement, sugar, salt, spaghetti, flour and pasta problems.

Almost every other Police Vehicle on the road is branded *Dangote*.

Since government has clearly abdicated its responsibility to *Dangote*, should we not just hand over the country to him officially? Maybe, just maybe, *Dangote* maybe the missing piece in this puzzle”

The reality today in Nigeria is that Dangote is busy taking over Nigeria with the assistance of Government and Banks are raping Nigerians, with extraordinary charges.

The Banks in Nigeria are making a killing. Not through helping to build and grow the economy by lending to entrepreneurs, but by saddling the customers with many criminal charges, which do not exist in any other country in the world.

Nigeria has become a country run by a few for the benefit of a few. The Banks charge customers for depositing their money and then charge them when they withdraw it.

The government passed a law for the Banks to charge customers Withdrawal/Lodgement charges of 2-3%. There is no other democratic country in the world where a government elected by the people would act against the people in this way.

This is a punitive and crippling tax on people living in the cities, where people are making effort to earn honest living.

Maybe, because politicians, police and military chiefs make their money by taking bribes and embezzling state fund, they do not understand the injustice of Banks charging customers for depositing and withdrawing their hard earned money, after paying punitive taxes and bribes imposed and demanded by the same people who approved these unfair charges.

In deed, Nigeria has become a criminal enterprise, whose sole aim is to enrich a few and avoid accountability.

A country which is working for the enrichment of the few and impoverishment of the many

What the government, Banks and a few business men and women are doing to Nigerians is tantamount to rape.it is simply wrong and evil.

It is another reason why Nigeria needs a new constitution, where government, business men and women and the Banks will behave in the way and manner governments, Banks and business men and women do in developed countries .