Sunday, January 13, 2019
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he most important reason to reject both APC and PDP is because neither of them is capable of providing democratic opposition, which is very important in a democracy.

Moreover, both political parties have demonstrated that they have no respect for the values that ensure the evolution of civil societies where the law, truth, justice and accountability are cherished.

They are parties of kleptocrats and lack both the moral authority to hold a government to account and obey the rules of civil societies. Many of them became millionaires by serving in government. Obasanjo and Atiku both own universities and schools after 8 years of running down the administration and access to education in Nigeria as president and Vice President. They could only afford what they have today because they are fantastically corrupt.

APC could not provide constructive opposition to PDP, when PDP was in power and when APC came to power, PDP could not provide democratic opposition. How can people be blind to this reality.

APC and PDP are the same. They are like two cars owned by the same people which can only accommodate a limited number of passengers at a time.

Both parties are incapable of leading the reduction of cost of government in Nigeria by reducing remuneration of politicians and restructuring the country into regions as true federation. Both lack the moral courage to fight corruption.

APC and PDP like a country, where they fight for who controls the centre, knowing that it comes with unprecedented power of patronage.

Nigeria needs a real ideological political party, committed to restructure of Nigerian into a true federation, defence of the values of democracy and civil society, reformation and reorganisation of state institutions, initiating institutional reforms, respecting the rule of law and ensuring accountability. These are what no society can ignore and develops.

What many Nigerians ignore is that without constructive and honest opposition, men would abuse power, the way Buhari has and Trump want to, but unable. This is why making the coming election an opportunity to elect the lesser of two evils(APC orPDP) is both dishonest and a betrayal of the people.

People should vote for those people and political parties, which would uphold the values of civil societies, the rule of law and fight corruption.

The opposition parties becomes the moral conscience of the country and ensures political accountability. Voting for a lesser evil, ensures that there is no strong opposition and whoever emerges as leader would be able to use the power and office of the president in exactly the same way Obasanjo did and Buhari has done in the last three and half years.

When we think about the future of Nigeria and realise that the future of Nigeria does not lie in the hands of two gangs of thieves, we will find the reason to reject both APC and PDP.

These two political parties have tested power and proved that they are not interested in fighting corruption and building a civil and equal society, but in using power to accumulate wealth and controlling those who are in position to hold them to account.

If Nigerians want a future, they should vote to ensure that a new party, capable of holding either PDP or APC to account emerges. It does not really matter who wins the next election, what matters is the direction of the political evolution of the country.

If Buhari wins, he would do either of two things. Continue pursuing his Islamic and Fulani agenda, which would mean more killings, burning of villages and more money to Boko Haram through ransom payments or continue harassment of his political enemies and militarisation of south Nigeria. APC by adopting the RABIA Sign, leaves no one in doubt about its Islamist root and intentions, and it does not augur well for a secular democracy like Nigeria.

Buhari lacks the capacity to solve the problem of Nigeria for the simple reason that it is his kind of mindset that created them in the first place.

Nigeria has political parties and people like of Oby and Moghalu to choose from. If the progressive candidates do not win, they will at least provide enlightened constructive political opposition, which has been lacking in Nigerian politics since 1983.

In fact, the progressive political parties should consider merging, if they want to help democracy in Nigeria. It is madness to continue to choose between bad and worse, when there is better.