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n November 2016, after Fulani herdsmen attacked innocent villagers in Benue and Anambra stares, I wrote the article below. I asked if Nigeria is still a democracy.

16 November 2016, 03:39. Is Nigeria still a democracy?

This is the worst of times, this is the best of times. This is a time to think, this is a time to prepare.

You murder peace, when you kill justice. You end unity, when you justify discrimination. You lose the trust and confidence of people, when you practice nepotism. You invite violence, when you make peacefully change impossible. You provoke violent response, when you brutalise people by responding to peaceful protest with disproportionate force. These are natural imperatives which hold constant as the law of gravity.

A man who takes a child's toy and raises his hand above his head, will bring it down, when fatigue of the raised hand sets in. The wise child will just sit down and wait for the hand that took the toy to come down.

The lamentation by Benue and Enugu state governors about the activities of Fulani militia in their states is pathetic to say the least. I do not know wether to pity them or think them fools.

My sympathy, empathy and thoughts are with the victims they have failed and continue to fail by their lack of leadership in this dark hour.

Their apparent helplessness in the face of the law, should give insight into what they knows about the forces and power behind those, who oppress and dispose their people of their ancestral land. Never in history, have a people being so docile in the face of existential threat.

These are chief executives of states, who collects millions of Naira in what is called security votes, playing helplessness in the face of overt aggression against their people, which has resulted in loss of lives and unlawful occupation of their lands.

One wonders why the governor of Ekitt state can respond and governors of Benue and Enugu state continue to behave as if someone has tied their hands behind their back and blindfolded them.

The Fulani land grab in Benue and Enugu states is a bold, audacious and contemptuous take over of other people's land and, a violation of their political liberty, and the governors have chosen to lament in a country, where there are courts, police and army.

No man may do whatever injures another man in the exercise of his natural right, the the French said in their declaration of the rights of man. That right includes the right to survive.

That this overt aggression, injustice and crime by Fulani herdsmen is being aided to succeed by the governors and the same security agencies, whose duty it is to give security to the rights of the disposed, is puzzling.

We are witnessing in Nigeria, an army and police, which are supposed to give security to the people, acting for the benefit of those who threaten the people and undermine their security.

This is a serious abuse of power, which should worry all those who know the colour and symptoms of tyranny. Is Nigeria still a democracy?

What is the true intention of Buhari for Nigeria? Why is he not touched by the genocidal crimes being committed by Fulani herdsmen?

Why has president Buhari refused to do the right thing by ordering the disarming of Fulani herdsmen?

Who are those behind this war against peaceful living Rural communities?

No nation with right thinking people, should be silent, when the wicked are in power.

The continuation of the war against Nigerians by Fulani herdsmen has compelled me to ask the questions below;

How many more people need to die before Buhari realises that he is the president of all Nigerians and not just of Fulanis and Muslims?

How can we live in country, where armed Fulani herdsmen supported by the cattle breeders association are at liberty to kill those who protest the grazing of cows in the farms?

How can a county tolerate the systematic ethnic cleansing of citizens to create grazing grounds for cows?

Why is Buhari, the army and police keeping quiet?

Are Fulanis fighting to conquer Nigeria?