Tonye David-West, Jr., Ph.DMonday, February 16, 2004
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Political Scientist



BB, the "International Bad Boy", the self-proclaimed evil genius, is at it again. He has pulled out the old trick in the bag by lodging his membership with the PDP, thus, taking a step to declaring his candidacy for the presidency in 2007. Never mind what they say that he is not interested, it's all a ploy to distract attention until he is ready to pounce on the Nigerian people for the second time. Ironically, the number given to him at the time of registration was "007". This might very well become the campaign slogan for those who want this "International Bad Boy", IBB, to run for the highest position in the land to ruin Nigeria yet again.

Even after eight years of his ruinous reign, there are Nigerians out there who believe that IBB has done much to help the Nigerian polity. There are those shameless IBB apologists who believe that in spite of his devilish acts while in office which include murder, terrorism against innocent Nigerians, mindless raping of the Nigerian treasury, popularization of 419 crimes, indulgence in illicit drugs, IBB should still reign over Nigeria. But I ask, what did IBB do when he was in office from 1985 to 1993? What are his achievements? What are his accomplishments? What is his legacy? I'm very hard-pressed to believe that anything positive emanated from the IBB regime. This point can be hardly contradicted.

IBB is a man who has refused to succumb to the law of the land. He refused to appear before the duly constituted Oputa panel, giving assorted reasons for his refusal. He is yet to explain to Nigerians who killed Dele Giwa, he is yet to tell his story about the events of June 12, 1993. He is yet to explain how he got his billions and was able to build a hilltop mansion worth millions of dollars. He is yet to explain his ruinous economic policies, including SAP, which plunged the country into the abyss of economic denigration from which we have not recovered. The country is still reeling from the aftermath of the annulment of the June 12 elections in spite of his many attempts to appease the Yorubas by buying the presidency for them by way of his 'appointment' of Obasanjo to the throne. In terms of structural and psychological damage, there is no single ruler, not even the doltish Abacha, who has done more damage to the Nigerian than IBB.

We should also recall that he was the one who enrolled Nigeria, a country where there are more Christians than Muslims, [never mind the voodoo population statistics conducted by Muslim rulers claiming there are more Muslims than Christians] in the Organization of Islamic Countries in 1986, without regards to this fact. IBB is one of the most selfish rulers of all times. When he raped the treasury, he ensured that nothing was left. He is now one of the world's richest men. Nigerians would be very foolish to vote this smooth but deceptively ruthless dictator back into office. They would deserve no pity, no sympathy and no consideration whatsoever if they are so blind to vote him in if he runs for office again. If IBB loves Nigeria so much, as they say, why did he not show it in eight years? What kind of love was it to rape a country bare? What kind of love was it to kill its citizens? What kind of love was it to subject the citizens of a nation to economic hardship while he enjoyed his looted billions? What kind of love was it to execute or retire innocent soldiers because they opposed his devilish reign? Let us not forget the case of his first vice president, the Igbo man, who refused to be initimidated by his shenanigan and had to resign honorably rather than be subjected to IBB's dirty ways.

If Nigerians have not learnt their lessons yet, they should learn them now. If they do not know who IBB is, they should learn about him now. If they are not sure what he did while in office, they should talk to people who were there, now. If they do not know that he has killed so many Nigerians, they should talk to the widow of Dele Giwa, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, they should talk to the widows of Major-General Mamman Vatsa, Lt.-Col Mike Iyorshe and many others who were killed on trumped up charges. IBB was bad news for Nigeria when he ruled, he is still bad news. His handlers had the guts to say he wants to be president again because he had very good ideas for Nigeria. Let him shove it, what good ideas does he have now that he did not have when he had what was equivalent to two-terms in Western democracies? What ideas could he implement in eight years and need more time? No, thanks, Nigerians are not interested. The ideas he is talking about are all fraudulent ones, he wants to clean up the treasury once again and finish off the country.

Let us remember that IBB is as smooth as a bottle and a snake in the green grass. Let us remember how he deceptively won the hearts of Nigerians when he was in office. Let us remember that he is the Maradona of Nigerian politics and as such, has the wherewithal to massage his way back into the national scene. Let us also remember that while he was charming Nigerians with his pseudo democratic posture, he was gradually turning the country into an Islamic state with his surreptitious enrollment of Nigeria into the community of Islamic States. Nigerians must reproach this evil. Only they alone have the power to tell IBB no. They must fight him with their last breath, otherwise, if he assumes the mantle again, we might as well revert back to the Stone Ages. Not to forget the title of this offering. Yes, IBB, should be president again, president of the KMPIA, that is, Kirikiri Maximum Prison Inmate Association, for that is where he belongs.