Sam AwedaThursday, December 28, 2017
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Lagos, Nigeria


isten to what God is saying to Nigerians as we begin the journey of 2018.

God has said it before and He is repeating it that Nigeria has no business with poverty. The wealth, which He gives us is sufficient to make every Nigerian comfortable. But our ungodliness is our obstacle. Our greed, selfishness and inconsideration to fellow human beings, every one of us except a few, are our undoing.

God says that He sees how religious we are in Nigeria but we do not obey the tenets of the religious books, so the majority of us are worse than infidels. God says, it is yourself you are fooling and not Him with your eagerness to go to prayers.

The Politicians and Preachers on both sides of the isles are insincere and do not have the love of their people. They are only concerned about their pockets.

But God says that you members of the public even have the greater fault as to how the politicians reap and rape you because your behavior is not different from that of Esau, who sold his birthright for a piece of meal. You sell your fortunes and the fortune of your generations to the politicians, for the cost of a few peanuts.

Besides, you are very selfish and wicked to yourselves. You do not show mercy to yourselves. You sing praises of those who decimate you. You prefer to be second class citizens in your own country. You worship and respect human beings, His own creation than Himself.

God says that you ignored His counsel and wisdom and you have decided to heed the counsel of the Devil.

You do not believe that you can prosper through the path of godliness except by the way of duping, defrauding and cheating others.

God says that of course you may prosper through these means but such prosperity does not last. Moreover, it will lead you to judgement of hell.

God says that except we immediately, every one of us convert our religiosity to godliness, we shall die in our poverty, we shall run Nigeria aground.

God says that except we immediately, every one of us convert our religiosity to godliness, armed robbery by the jobless youths will escalate as well as kidnapping of human fellows for ransom and we are certainly on our way to hell; no matter what number of times we pray in the day, even should we convert Churches and Mosques to our bed rooms. God says that we need Inter Religious Solemn Assembly in every towns and cities of Nigeria

God says He gives us a President who is godly and who loves the nation but we have handicapped Him with our ungodliness. You are running to the hills and the mountains and highways looking for miracles at the expense of your souls. The greatest miracle you need is for your soul to be right with God. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you

The summary of our way out is to love other human fellows as ourselves. This is the only option left for us, which can allow the national wealth to go round every one of us.

God says that the British Colonial Masters left us with strong economy. The founding fathers who took the reign of the government from them maintained it. They realized that the prosperity of the nation is the answer to the prosperity of the individual citizens.

The founding fathers knew that the greatness of the nation depends on its man power.

So the founding fathers took building of manpower very seriously. And the walls of Nigeria were satisfactorily strong.

Today as we enter 2018, the walls are not only weak but collapsed.

When the walls were strong, University students studied under luxurious environment in spite limited resources.

There was no revenue from oil.

But their love for the country was greater than their personal selfish interest, so they did not convert the commonwealth to their personal use.

They had their reasons for making the tertiary education luxurious and appealing.

The founding fathers wanted us to be self reliant soon as possible.

They were eager to make us catch up with the developed world.

They wanted to eradicate hunger, illiteracy, sickness and hardship in the country, very quickly.

It was their belief that education will solve the myriads of our problems.

Education, they believed will industrialize us.

And we shall stop tilling the land with hoes and cutlasses, rather we shall be able to practice mechanized farming, which will make us to produce food in large quantities and every citizen will have access to food, we shall have access to good health, good roads and other modern appurtenances as available in other parts of the world.

Other than the University and other tertiary institutions, which they made luxurious, high school education was also not behind.

The military trainings also were luxurious.

As University undergraduates, they ate three course meals thrice a day, at government's expense. Few salary earners could afford the kinds of meals they ate.

For their breakfast, tanks of boiling water and hot fresh milk were placed across the Dining halls. There were beverages; Ovaltine, Bournvita. There were tea leaves and coffee. Sugar was not in want.

There were boiled eggs. There were sufficient sliced bread.

There were the appetizers; Corn Flakes, Quaker oat, Custard, local porridge (akamu), akara etc. All these were placed, scattered in the Dining Room in each Hall of residence.

No one served any student with any of these. Students served themselves like a buffet.

A brother and his wife added to it as we discussed recently that even if one had no scholarship, he had free breakfast because nothing prevented any student from entering the Dining rooms. Only stew and steak (meat) were served and except anyone wanted those, students needed not approach the counter, when he must show his ticket.

Lunch and Dinner were equally three course meals; appetizers, main meal and deserts of various kinds; yoghurt, assorted ice cream etc.

There were fruits and juices at every meal. In addition, there were coffee, tea and beverages at every Dinner.

There could not be a complaint of insufficient food All you heard from different counters, for example at the University of Ibadan Dinings was "He do" meaning the waiter should add no more food into their plates.

One highly respected man of God recently said that on a visit to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, he observed that two students shared a chicken on Sunday afternoons and that was the reason for his decision to enroll at UNN. Had Baba known that at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), a student had a chicken to himself same Sunday afternoons, he could have changed his mind for ABU.

As students, they were robust, elegant and beauties to behold.

Students counseled themselves under jest to intentionally fail their examinations, so as not to graduate at the appointed time in order to continue to enjoy the meals.

Housekeepers prepared their beds. Water ran freely in their bath/toilets. Their rooms, bath/toilets were kept by housekeepers. The University laundry laundered their beddings and a limited number of their personal clothing. Facilities for quality education were abundant.

They had vacation jobs during the 3 month summer vacation.

Many of them secured jobs while still writing their final examination. They had loans to purchase vehicles soon as they resumed work.

Any student from the Northern states apart from Kwara and Kogi reading Medicine were placed on University salary scale in their 4th year of study; once they started the clinical studies. They were also granted car loans.

Those of them who attended Government Colleges, Government Technical Colleges, Craft Schools and Provincial Secondary Schools, later renamed Government Secondary Schools in the old Political North (including present Kwara & Kogi states) lived in boarding houses free of charge, received monthly pocket money. They received transportation allowance at each school vacation. Books and uniform were supplied free. Boarding was free. No brilliant student was denied education even if the parents were poor.

I even learnt that women in those Government schools were supplied with sanitary towels on monthly basis.

Nursing Students, Medical Laboratory Students across the country as well as Students in Northern Pharmacy Schools not only did they not pay fees but received salaries.

Yet there was no oil revenue.

Grade three certificate teachers got jobs promptly and were able to take care of their younger ones, including children of relations. Jobs were waiting for anyone who finished secondary school education and did not want to study further.

God says it saddens Him that those who enjoyed all these luxuries as students and military trainees, took over the helm of governance and blew up the bridge, which they crossed. They not only collapsed it but also sat at each end of the bridge, mauling and wasting anyone who wants to repair it.

Rather than doing all that it takes for continuity for those coming behind, selfishness and greed would not. They convert the treasury into their personal use.

They did not consider it that if the founding fathers had been selfish and greedy, they would have rotten up on the farms of their parents.

God says that He is equally angry with those who enjoyed those luxuries, though never in government but fold their hands, without making any serious effort to fight for the necessary repairs to the damages done by their colleagues in government.

God asked me to tell every one of you who fall into any of the categories of the people who have just been described, who enjoyed luxurious education in Nigeria, who went into employment and had car loans soon as you graduated, to call assembly of yourselves and build the walls, which you collapsed because the cries of those who cannot receive quality education and those who cannot even be educated at all, due to your greed when you have your own children schooling in the best schools across the world have reached Him and you are already in danger of His judgement.

God says that the blood of those who are being tortured and killed as they try to run out of the country are crying unto Him and He is holding you responsible. Their blood is on your head. He says that if however you can immediately restitute and build the fallen walls, He will forgive you.

God says that the blood of those who died and are dying of hunger and starvation in a country, which He endowed with plenty are crying unto Him for vengeance against you.

God says that the blood of those who died and are dying of illnesses that could easily be treated, were the hospitals maintained are crying for vengeance against you.

God says that the blood of citizens who die on daily basis due to bad roads are crying for vengeance and judgement because you visit other countries where you can almost drive with your eyes closed but you divert money for road maintenance of your country into your private pockets, buying houses in cities across the world.

God says that the blood of those who died in the hands of armed robbers are crying to him for vengeance because you made the armed robbers due to joblessness.

God says that the blood of all those who died of burn from fire outbreak from public power supply and private generators are crying to Him for vengeance against you.

God says that the blood of children who lost their parental care after the marriage of their parents crashed, due to hardship are crying against you.

God says that in order to be free of judgement, all of you who have been luxuriously educated and trained one way or the other, with the state money, and failed to allow continuity due to your greed, should immediately behave like Zacchaeus of Jericho, who enriched himself in the Roman tax collecting business and who after He met Jesus, instantlyreturned half of his wealth to the poor. Not only this, he penalized himself by giving four times as much, to those he had overcharged in their taxes. And instantly Jesus promised him salvation i.e eternal bliss (peace and happiness) in heaven (St.Luke 19: 1-10).

God says He is appealing to you to be a Zacchaeus so that you do not perish.

God says Nigerians in uniform are in danger of His judgement because they display wickedness to weak citizens and make life difficult for them by using the instrument of government to oppress, cheat and defraud citizens. God is annoyed with service providers, who do not provide services yet give outrageous bills.

Someone while travelling for a long period of time, switched on the lights of her house from the mains, puts the house under lock and key, returns after a year and half and meets a bill of over two hundred thousand (N200k) naira. God is asking you all to restitute or else you will not escape His judgement. He will strike you with diseases and plagues.

God is annoyed with the state governments who are tasking citizens with all kinds of taxes, milking citizens to the bone yet do not pay salaries of workers as of when due, and citizens do not see the dividends of the taxes they are forced to pay and the allocations from the Federal government.