Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Lagos, Nigeria

ot too long ago, World Internal Security & Police Index (WISPI) rated our Police Force, the worst in terms of corruption in the whole world.

I myself have been a victim of how terrible and extorting Nigeria Police Officers can be. There was one Collins who stole $300.00 from me in broad day light in July of 2008 as we wanted to hit Lagos-Ibadan Express way.

Two of my biological boys were in my company.

I arrived Lagos from Jeddah the previous day with my younger son, who had left Nigeria as a toddler.

My elder son was driving.

Collins, the Police Corps stopped us and opened my brief case. He found envelopes containing Dollars. I explained to him that I was a health worker in the Middle East and the money he saw was not solely for me but for my other colleagues, which I am to pass to their relations in Nigeria. In short, He took $300.00. Imagine the story, which Collins, created in my little boy about Nigeria. The curse of God is on him and his generations forever except he looks for me and returns my money.

At the same time I have come across some God fearing Police Officers. Mr. Akinwale, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) as of 2017 is one, with his staff. I encountered him at the 'F' Division, Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara State.

I was almost killed by a drunk Law enforcing officer; not a Police however. And rather than being sober and apologetic, he thought that being a highly ranking Law Enforcing Officer he could intimidate me but DSP Akinwale insisted that the law must take its course. He displayed rare courage of honesty in the midst of intimidation by this superior Law Enforcement Officer though not a Police corps.

But what can we learn from how the October 2020 street protest, to end the Police Brutality?

So the topic of my sermon today is "Lessons of October 2020 Street Protest against Brutality of Police men in Nigeria.

But let us pray first.


Lessons of October 2020 Street Protest against Brutality of Police men in Nigeria.

A noble protest was high jacked by hoodlums, who went on rampage, slaughtering human beings, burning others alive, and looting shops, thereby turning the business owners naked.

Are these the youths, which many Nigerians are advocating that the nation is handed over to?

Do they not know that what they were doing was evil and wicked?

I would not even want that notorious Police corps, Collins who stole my $300.00 to be so brutally murdered, the way I saw a Police corps bungled in a wheel barrow and butchered mercilessly. Unfortunately, it would be a level headed corps, like Akinwale, who would fall victim of such a brutal murder.

We may argue that it may not totally be their fault, but whatever their grievances may be, they have no excuse to go such length.

I believe that the hoodlums committed those atrocities and not the End SARS organizers. However, if the so called hoodlums were gainfully employed, they would not have had the time for such acts as they will be occupied doing their legitimate daily business. The killings of fellow Nigerians, the wanton destruction and looting of properties of innocent people by hoodlums, which we witnessed in October 2020, confirmed what I have been preaching over the years that those who have been made miserable by the system of bad governance can make life difficult for those who are comfortable in the society.

Those hoodlums had the boldness to do what they did because they have not witnessed anything better in all their days on earth. They never knew godliness. And we adults must take responsibility. I however take exemption of the generation of senior citizens, who are 85 years old and above in 2020. I take pride in that generation. Most of them lived for the nation and mankind.

What those hoodlums have been exposed to, all their lives is fraudulent practices. They have witnessed how Politicians and Civil Servants are enriching themselves from the commonwealth purse. All they have witnessed are people who have made it through fraud and cheat.

They were not witnesses to the days when integrity had high value, respected and honoured.

But they have heard stories about the present leaders how the governments of their time were responsible and how they went through their education with ease.

They have heard that there was no person who completed high school in those days, who wanted to work and did not get job

At those times, there were employments for everyone, whatever his/her level of education. Workers received their wages promptly.

They have heard that Teachers with just Grade three certification lived like kings, taking care of their relations and relations' children unlike today when University graduates roam about the streets without jobs.

Now they have not only completed high school but university, yet they have no jobs and they return home to be fed by the parents who have struggled to educate them.

They have been told that the then University undergraduates ate three course meals, thrice a day, at a very cheap cost. Few salary earners could afford the kinds of meals they ate. Housekeepers prepared their beds. Water ran freely in their baths & toilets. Their rooms, baths & toilets were kept by housekeepers. The University laundry laundered their beddings and a limited number of their personal clothing. Facilities for quality education were abundant. As students, they were robust, elegant and beauties to behold. All these luxuries have become story.

Today, there are instances where University girls squat with their co-male students in the same room, where the boy is a bit financially buoyant.

These youths have heard that the present leaders when they were under graduates, under responsible governments secured jobs while still writing their final examinations. They had loans to purchase vehicles soon as they resumed work.

In fact, they got jobs during the summer vacations.

Unfortunately, those who were beneficiaries of the sacrifices made by the forefathers of the country, took over the reign of the government and they ruined the whole system with their life of profligacy, selfishness, greed, wickedness and shamelessness. They could not be bothered to provide what they enjoyed in their school days for the coming generation.

And what is the result of the life of the profligacy of today's leaders? These youths went through their education with all difficulties and after they graduated, had no jobs and they returned to their poor parents to be fed.

But the children of the people who enjoyed the painless education, provided by the responsible government of their time experienced nothing of such; their parents have the money either by fair or crook to send them abroad for their studies.

If these people still have their conscience, they are the ones who should call a meeting of themselves, wherever they are located all over the world to repent of their evil deeds and organize how to restore the nation to the situation they once enjoyed.

Only after this, can we work on the mindset of our youths to be re-directed to the right, appropriately. They must be given a total orientation.

They need a change of mindset; all these, which can only be achieved through experience and this is why my campaign targets people who were beneficiaries, of responsible governments, when the government was honest and dedicated to the nation to come together and repair all which they have damaged and set the space again.

There is a Road map for our prosperity, which I found in the only wise book ever known; the Bible, God's word. It is Godly living, which involves doing unto others as you will want others to do unto you.

The good thing about it is that, Godly living as the requirement to the prosperity of the nation is not an un-familiar terrain to our nation. It is the path, which our fathers tread in the past and which made the country to be progressing at the time.

But we children think we are wiser than God and the fathers, who laid the foundation of this country and we in our own case decide to follow the path of greed, lack of consideration for the other fellow and this has resulted in chaos, where a few people, are able to condone the wealth of the nation leaving the majority to live in misery.

If our youths will give only a tenth of the attention they use in following European Soccer league to my vision for this nation, a campaign that will change their destiny, very soon they will be smiling as they will be gainfully engaged and protests will no longer be needed.

What this nation needs is a transformation of the hearts of all citizens and not sleeping in prayer houses or mountain tops"

Sermons that ought to be Pronounced, Emphasized and Re-Emphasized on Nigerian Pulpits on both sides of the Isle is "Righteousness"

Hammering Godliness in all our endeavours must meanwhile flood the pulpits on Sundays and Fridays. Hammering good behaviour and Godliness must be more pronounced, emphasized and re-emphasized until our religiosity translate into Godliness and righteousness; until we have a country, which we can be proud of. That is very urgent. Righteousness alone exalts any Nation"

This campaign is a better alternative to street protest and no blood will be lost.

Very soon, our organization; The inter-Religious Organization for Rehabilitation of Nigeria through Righteousness, will call out every lover of themselves for a walk of righteousness, where we shall all commit ourselves to Godly living. The day we are able to do this truthfully, comes the end to our misery in this country.

Let us pray.