Tuesday, November 1, 2022
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Lagos, Nigeria

here was once a country, Nigeria, without oil money, yet those who went to Nursing Schools received monthly salary consistent with the remunerations of the certificate with which they were admitted, which could be Primary School, School Certificate attempted or School Certificate.

School Certificate graduates who pursued Pharmacy at either the School of Pharmacy Zaria or Yaba received School Certificate pay every month. Those who studied Medical Laboratory Technology (Science) received monthly salary. Nigerians who pursued teaching courses at the Govt Teachers' Colleges received monthly salaries. All graduates of Teachers' Colleges whether grade 3 or 2 received job postings the same month they graduated. Yet no money from oil. Those things happened because the only concern of the leaders of old was to build the nation including the training of necessary manpower. They were Godly, which was the only requirement needed to be leaders. They possessed nothing beyond what their income cannot explain. Remember "Righteousness exalts a nation while sin is a reproach (Proverbs 14: 34). Remember also "When the Righteous rule, the people rejoice but when the unrighteous rule, the people groan" (Proverbs 29: 2).

2. Fifty years ago, the slogan was that a Nigerian University graduate is an averagely rich person. Today, millions, graduate and return to their parents to be fed.

Is it not strange, abnormal and shameful today, to see Nigerians hail some of the leading Political candidates!!! The same people who decimate the citizens. What is their dossier? Righteousness or unrighteousness? So what do you expect of their reign? Shio as Yorubas say. Peculiar mess!!

3. Selfless leaders who took the reign of power after independence educated them robustly, in fact pampered their education and trainings in their different fields including military, police etc. Religious differences were not at play. Today, after becoming wealthy with the state money, the best way they think they can pay back the country is to destroy it. They divert our attention from our basic needs, they introduce religious sentiments and tribal wars. They import and sponsor terrorists and banditry. Worse, with our money, they are biting the fingers that fed them. God is merciful but He will judge. He will judge everything.

4. Nigeria can be pleasant again like the other countries, which we envy and desire to migrate into, it is simply in the hands of everyone of us. It is not in the number of times we pray but by being obedient to God's plan for our greatness. God says that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to a people (Proverbs 14:34). It was said by the wisest man who ever lived, King Solomon. You cannot argue with him. He spoke the mind of God. Nigeria was pleasant in the past when righteousness reigned in the hearts of the people. Cheating of one another was not rampant. Everyone was his brother's keeper. That was when University students lived like kings. That was when those who attended Government sponsored High Schools or Colleges lived like kings because money budgeted for the running of the institutions were not cornered. That was when Nursing students took monthly salaries. Unfortunately today, we make heroes of those who corner the budgets and even glad and excited to enthrone them into positions of authority while we feed from the crumbs that fell of their tables or falsely hope that one day it will be our turn to also be able to steal from the commonwealth. The reality is that such a day may never come. Let the truth be said, as long as we scorn God's plan for ourselves, we are ruining the future of our descendants and their future generation because the thought of Nigeria becoming like UK or US will be a mirage.

5. I wonder if there is any of our leaders; Executive, Legislative and Judiciary members who have not studied and lived in the countries of the world, which we all want to migrate to. It is however sad that they return to Nigeria and cannot make into use what they witnessed abroad, which made the citizens of those countries live comfortably. Instead, they use our money to divert our attention from what is valuable to us and divide us on religious lines and import terrorists. Yet they are eager and enthusiastic to attend all prayer times. They hardly miss any. But God's position is different. His position is to be obedient to His counsel. Obedience, meaning doing what is righteous and Godly is better than sacrifice (prayers).

6. They want to offer themselves for service, yet they are harassed in no small measure. The deepest secrets of the history of their lives are searched and scrutinized very thoroughly. It is all for the purposes to enthroning the best of characters whose sole purpose is to make their country great. What then is the outcome? The citizens rejoice because their lives are not only comfortable but good and great. So Nigerians do or die, try to escape there. But in their country of birth, they fight themselves to enthrone the worst of characters, who buy their ways with stolen money. Even those in Diaspora who are enjoying the dividends of having people of highest integrity in government still support the crooks in Nigeria based on religious sentiments, tribe etc. Shame on them. I weep for my country Nigeria.

7. Good grades in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are required to read any engineering course. Good grades in Biology, Physics and chemistry are the requirements to read Medicine. The requirement needed by anyone who desire to administer government and make all the citizens of any country happy is "Righteousness" thus says the wisest man that ever lived, King Solomon. He proclaimed in Proverbs 29 vs 2 that "When the righteous are in authority the People rejoice but the people groan when the unrighteous govern. Why then does the largest proportion of Nigerians groan? It is because the ungodly persistently govern us. The ungodly govern us because the largest members of the populace ourselves are ungodly who do not know better.