Saturday, October 8, 2022
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am going to continue my message on the topic "A Nation not Short in Prayers yet with no Significant Improvement in the living Condition of the Common People" So this is Part 2.

In the part 1 of this message, I have identified one crucial point, which the prayer warriors in the different prayer houses, hills and mountains ought to have focused their prayers on.

Fifty years ago and beyond, when life was livable in this country, it was because the righteous people by far outnumbered the evil, greedy, selfish, self- centered citizens; thieves.

Because the number of the Godly people outnumbered the evil people, the evil people had great fear to perpetrate their evil desires. Besides, the law was effective. So the level of righteousness made life bearable for the citizens.

Anyone caught messing with the government money was given appropriate punishment as the law required.

The society itself frowned at them, they were not accepted.

So, the money, which the government budgeted for projects did not go to private pockets but used for the purpose for which they were budgeted. The Politicians of the time were not greedy, they did not appropriate the commonwealth to their private pockets.

Their remunerations were modest. It was rare to find public officers have properties, which their income could not explain.

The common people in the society did not dupe one another. Alas, today, we accommodate and give great respect to the treasury looters and other thieves.

Even the various bodies that are commissioned as watchdogs for the thieves themselves compromise in no small measure. It is like the Yoruba proverbial saying "Asa gbe, Awodi gba" meaning the "Hawk stole it and the Eagle commandeers that which the Eagle stole" The common citizens dupe themselves like no man business. So, the focus of the prayer houses, hills and mountains should be a return to a Godly life by everyone.

I concluded part 1 thus

My believe is that we can bring those days back. All that is required is to mobilize ourselves to the path of Godliness, which the fathers walked, which made the nation livable in the past. It can be done if those who God charges with the responsibility will act. Those who control large pulpits on both sides of the isles can do it if they have the understanding and are willing and are prepared to let go some of the benefits, which they meanwhile enjoy as priests of large congregations.

Every citizen must be involved in the call to Godly living. All, which those owners of the big pulpits on both sides of the isles need to do is to liaise among themselves to call a solemn assembly in every State and Local Government of the Federation. The real source of our different problems is ungodliness and this is what must be addressed and what ought to be the prayer focus on the mountains, hills and prayer houses. After Godliness returns, when the number of the Godly in the population by far outnumbers the number of the ungodly, one will be amazed how the various problems for which solutions are sought for, in the prayer houses and mountains will disappear because looting of public fund will cease or at least minimize. The country has money to make everyone happy but the money is cornered by the ungodly people. We read in the newspapers every day how the commonwealth is looted, right, left and centre. Prayer that Priests on both sides of the isles who have large followers, mobilize the nation to Godliness ought to be the prominent prayer, which should be uppermost on the lips of the people who gather on the hills and mountains and other prayer houses.

Today I will be addressing another incorrectness of the prayer focus of the prayer homes, hills and mountains.

Let us pray.

Though the people pray, there are no significant results because they are ignorant of how to pray and what to pray for or how to direct their prayer.

James the elder wrote "Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts (James 4:3).

"Concentration on for self" stemming from ignorance is the major reason, I want to submit, as another reason as to why, though people pray, their problems remain unresolved.

Concern for 'self-interest' has blocked the minds of many people as to know how to effectively direct their prayers, which can lead to positive results.

The reason why in the past, Secondary school graduates and those who attended teacher training colleges got job promptly and University graduates had 2 or 3 jobs waiting for them before they even finished writing their final papers is because the number of job openings by far exceeded the number of people looking for job. So, the applicants had variety of choices.

Therefore, what will have been an effective prayer in Nigeria of today is to pray for a return to that situation when job opportunities were larger than the number of applicants.

At the time past in question, there were so many job opportunities, which Nigerians could not totally fill and expatriates had to be brought in from the countries of India, the Philippines, Egypt, Sri Lanka and from many other countries of the world.

If in 1980, someone had prophesied that by the year 2000 AD, there would be thousands of unemployed Nigerian University graduates roaming the streets of Nigeria, such a person would be tagged a prophet of doom.

Let me ask you, which is more beneficial; to have a thousand job openings with just 20 applicants or to have 20 job openings with 1000 applicants?

Certainly, the first option is preferable and I can bet it that once we are able to get back to that state, many people will automatically pick their mats in the prayer places and mountains and return to their homes, because businesses will also automatically thrive.

And who is benefitting from all the prayer cells operating in every nooks and corners of the towns and cities but the owners?

The sweeter the mouths of the owners of those prayer houses and mountains, the bigger the audience/attendants and in return, the bigger the financial gain.

The sweeter the prayer language of the operators of the prayer houses, the larger the number of people who attend their prayer sessions and in return the bigger the offering. But does God answer prayers based on eloquence and sweetness of mouth?

The larger the boasting capability of the operators of those prayer houses, telling stories of how they can turn mountains and hills to low grounds, the larger the attendants and in return, the larger the offering collected.

I do not intend to bring the effort of anyone down with this thing I want to say. Not at all! But the truth is that I can count tens of people who I know, who have been attending these prayer lands and mountains, weeks after weeks, year in year out, yet they remain jobless or let me say that their different situations and problems have not improved.

But imagine if all those prayer houses, join forces together, make a list of those things that are responsible for our set back, why we have retrogressed, why our recent governments are not able to fulfill, all the obligations, which the government immediately after independence used to provide, make a list of them and then pray against those things, which are working contrary to us. It is not enough that we pray, we must pray to seek God's face for His direction in order to pray appropriately to the root of our needs and take actions wherever necessary.

This is the only righteous and wise thing for us to do i.e confront the problem headlong, going to the root of the problems and seek collective solution to unemployment, non-thriving businesses, late marriages banditry, kidnapping for ransom and all other problems, rather than each one petitioning God to give him a place in a situation where there are ten openings for a thousand applicants.

God does not play favoritism. Consider a situation where there are only five job openings with 2000 applicants or none job openings at all. Is it not going to be like a camel going through the eye of the needle for any of the applicants to pray for a job where there is none?

The thousand applicants attend the same prayer sessions, with the owner of the prayer house asking God to make all of them get the job. Is that not laughable when a prayer warrior is praying that the same God makes all the 1000 applicants to get the job, for which there are only five openings? Laughable indeed!

What all the prayer houses need to do is to pray for job openings that by far outnumbers the number of applicants. Actually, God has blessed us enough. Our economy is good, sufficient, to take care of us all but it is often stolen by self-centered, greedy people, citizens who have no concern for the prosperity of the nation, who have no shame as regards the reproach of the nation in the comity of nations, thereby decimating the larger population. The need is to pray ferociously against all the factors, which prevent us from sharing in the wealth of the nation, affecting private enterprises negatively. The summary of our prayer is for Nigerians to return to the path of righteousness and Godliness, which the fathers walked, which made Nigerians of then happy.

Prophet Hosea said "My people perish because they lack knowledge" (Hoshea 4:6).

Anyone who has the understanding of the Bible will realize that God has no intention that we suffer deprivation.

He actually worked out a detailed plan of our welfare but it is a collective one.

You can request for my sermon titled "The plan of God for the Welfare of His creation"

You can also request for a copy of my book titled "Prosperity of the Nation; Answer to Individual Lasting Prosperity" Same book is titled "Except a Nation Prosper, Individual Prosperity is Short lived; Can't Last"

Anyone, any prayer house, any prayer warrior who sincerely wants us to return to the good old days, when Nigerian citizens had a good life, only need to concentrate on ONE prayer item; that the character of Nigerians; government and governed should be restored to the position, which it was as of the time when Nigeria was livable, which is Godliness. The return to Godliness must be, by everyone and not a few individuals. We all prayerfully must acquire the right mind-set towards Nigeria and work for her prosperity once again. Every citizen must understand that individual's lasting prosperity hangs on the Prosperity of the nation.

Once we are able to return to that life pattern, our woes will be gone in a flash.

Unfortunately, what those prayer houses continually engage themselves with, is raining Holy Ghost fire on perceived and imaginary enemies, who are thought to be responsible for the difficulties of their audience.

I do not deny that there might be witches, working against anyone but the misappropriation of the nation's resources is the major cause and root cause of the individual's headache. And it is this, which the prayer houses and prayer vigil houses ought to confront.

Consider a 35year old woman, praying for a husband. But are there no men in the country? Yes, there are thousands of young men out there, who also want to marry but they are jobless, therefore incapable of proposing marriage to any woman. Fifty years ago, the immediate agenda after anyone, woman or man graduates is to marry. They married because the means to do it was there. So the root cause of the collapse of our economy should have engaged the attention of the people who are behind the 24 hours blaring megaphones and loudspeakers and not one woman or witch.

Let us pray